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Little Creek Water: This family is supported by VIR.

In addition to fishing, President Chu is stalking strawberries.

Her living ability is similar to my cousin in third grade.


Clouds come and go: President Chu always stays at home during vacations and VIR is my dad who is busy at home during vacations.


Bellflower: Oh, oh, oh, it’s really going to end.

I feel that the VC couple has been farming in the village and it’s also very fun.

They are so happy doing everything.

Makes me want to escape Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou and like a slow-paced life.

Holding their heads and crying wildly: They didn’t do anything every day, just walked and ate together.

The big geeses were so sweet.

[Tears] There was no need to talk specifically.

Consistency: This reminds the large number of single dogs that they will be happy even to farm in the village with the people they like, but it is desperate to farm alone in the village.

[Goodbye] The key point is to look for a partner, but no partner willing to stay in a village.

Tian Ni: Who said I like to work and farm I like to stare at others’ work and farm like President Chu.


Pippi Prawns: Who will be the protagonist in the second season of “Boss’ Holiday” I recommend Director Big Chu.


Xiaolu: Q: Which one sentence angered President Chu Answer: I took away your strawberry and kimchi pots! [doge]

Spring Impression: Team up to steal kimchi pots 1

Just after Chu Chu and Zhang Jianian finished recording the show, they received a call from Old Chu from the mansion.

Because Chen Xiangtao returned first, he resisted most of the rain of bullets, but there were always some shots to hit Chu Chu.

Chu Yanyin recently talked with leaders at all levels and finally passed the construction plan of Jichuan Town.

At the same time, the group received policy support, but he still had a grudge about Chu Chu’s reckless way of doing things.

Not long after the two entered the house, Chu Yanyin fired at her fiercely:, “Your wings have hardened*.

(You have really grown up!) You built a tourist village without even telling me”

Chu Chu muttered, “I am a normal person and do not have wings.” 

Since she had no wings, they would not harden.

Chu Yanyin said angrily, “This is not the point! I want to talk to you seriously!”

Chu Chu blinked, “I brought you a special product.”

Chu Yanyin’s anger was instantly turned away, his voice’s volume lowered a lot and he hesitated, “…Oh, what did you bring”

Chu Chu took out the carefully preserved strawberries and said, “The strawberries I planted.”

When Zhang Jianian heard the words, he silently corrected it in his heart that they should be the strawberries she was staring at and not planted.

Chu Yanyin got angry when he heard about Jichuan Town, but he had cursed Chen Xiangtao a long time ago.

After such a long interval, his mood was almost calm.

Anyway it was a done deal.

As a successful entrepreneur, it was reasonable for him to help the country do something.

He should have a sense of social responsibility.

Now Chu Chu took out the special products and took the initiative to show that she still remembered her old father.

Chu Yanyin’s expression relaxed.

He said awkwardly, “Since you insist, then I will reluctantly try it…”


Chu Chu had washed her hands.

She slowly opened the fresh-keeping box with strawberries, generously picked out a full and bright red fruit and handed it to Chu Yanyin, “Here.”

Strawberries had been washed long ago and Chu Yanyin could eat them in one bite.

After he ate one piece, Chu Chu closed the box carefully.

Chu Yanyin: “”

Chu Yanyin: “What are you doing Why close the box I just ate one.”

Chu Chu: “You have already tasted it, right”

Chu Yanyin: “…” Unfilial daughter!

However, that wasn’t the thing that saddened Chu Yanyin the most.

The number of strawberries Chu Chu presented obviously represented their importance to her.

As an actual worker, Zhang Jianian had unlimited power to get strawberries.

Lin Mingzhu got one strawberry, but the poodle ​​got two!

The poodle happily ate his share.

He barked in excitement and ran to the garden to play sandbags with Chu hu.

Chu Yanyin: I am actually no better than a dog

In the end, Zhang Jianian couldn’t stand it.

He reluctantly activated the “Infinite Strawberry” skill and gave Chu Yanyin some strawberries to dominate the family war.

It didn’t take long for Chu Chu and Zhang Jianian to come back.

In addition to dealing with the accumulated affairs, they also had to join the annual meeting.

That was undoubtedly the busiest time of the year.

There were a lot of things to be dealt with at the end of the year.

Chu Chu had to attend the two big annual meetings of Qisheng and Yinda, as well as many small annual meetings such as Light World and Micro-eye.

The Qisheng annual meeting was scheduled before Yinda.

According to common sense, the general group would first let the sub-groups report and summarize and then there would be a high-end evening party, of course, there was also the annual fixed devil singing of Director Chu.

As a director of an e-commerce group, Luo Hesui deeply felt like he was plunged into a cold winter that year and became isolated and helpless within the group.

He didn’t know when he was left behind by other directors.

Lu Xia took the lead to please Director Xiao Chu and Chen Xiangtao came from behind to support Jichuan Town.

Everyone had established close ties with the group’s successor, but he was left behind.

Cultural tourism, real estate, technology and e-commerce groups were originally the three pillars of the headquarters, but he may not have strong political consciousness, so he was inexplicably not liked by Director Xiao Chu.

Luo Hesui, who was squeezed out, was sad.

He couldn’t help thinking sadly: When will they find out that there is someone missing


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