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Luo Hesui then reviewed himself and felt that he could not be left behind.

With a modest attitude of asking for advice, he specifically asked Lu Xia and Chen Xiangtao to find out the secret of their friendship with Director Xiao Chu, but the answers he received were extremely unified.

Lu Xia: “Oh, it’s not what you think.”

Chen Xiangtao: “Oh, it’s not what you think.”

Luo He: “…”

Under the conscience of the universe, Luo Hesui asked the two people separately, but how could their answers be as accurate as if they were right answers! If that was not a grouping, what else could it be called Luo Hesui firmly believed that Lu Xia and Chen Xiangtao deliberately avoided talking and wanted to take the opportunity to gain the upper hand in the group and keep their advantage.

He must not let their treacherous tricks succeed and intended to take the initiative.

On the other hand, Lu Xia of the Technology Group was a bit distressed.

Every year, in the annual meeting he had to report and summarize and this year would naturally be no exception.

Chu Chu’s equity incentive plan was initially effective and the technology group seemed to be rejuvenated, with a large number of active working talents and good transcripts handed in.

Although the expense of equity incentives was so high that Lu Xia was feeling pain, he could still accept it in terms of the effect.

What Lu Xia cared about was another thing.

As Director Xiao Chu joined the technology group, who should report and introduce this year

In the office of the Technology Group, after hearing Lu Xia’s words, Chu Chu refused firmly, “I will not report.”

Lu Xia breathed a sigh of relief.

Director Xiao Chu should be ranked above him, but other directors would report.

If he didn’t, this was not a good feeling.

Lu Xia first thought that Director Xiao Chu didn’t like to show off, but in the next sentence she said, “As the grades are not good, reporting it will not be interesting.”

Lu Xia: “…”

If someone else said that, Lu Xia would immediately blow them, but the person was the young chairman.

He could only try to explain, “Compared with last year’s data, this year’s growth rate…” is obviously not bad.

Chu Chu simply said: “This is the worst company I have ever seen.”

Lu Xia: “…”

Lu Xia thought about Light World Entertainment and Micro-eye Technology, and was a little speechless.

Sure enough, there would be no harm without comparison.

The strong rise of “Win the War” and Micro-eye that year had enabled both of them to develop rapidly.

Micro-eye had just set up a special plan for “Jichuan Wasteland Reclamation” and released a large number of short videos of Jichuan Town and volunteers, which not only responded to the national call, but also appeased cloud development users.

At the same time, it continued the popularity of “Boss’s Holiday” in disguised form and continued to attract tourists, not to mention “Win the War”.  It was good enough for ordinary people to get a good company, but Director Xiao Chu got two in a year.

Chu Chu flicked the report and said with dissatisfaction, “Look at Shenghua Payment, other businesses are still growing at a fast rate, it is really as stable as a mountain and can’t be carried.”

Shenghua Payment was managed by Yuan Benchu.

The Technology Group completed the account interoperability.

Under the internal stimulation of equity incentives, there should be growth.

But it did not respond even under such strong medicine.

That was like rescuing someone with a complete set of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, but they were not even breathing out.

It made Chu Chu very puzzled.

Lu Xia reluctantly explained, “Electronic payment itself is the first start of South Wind.

We entered the market late and now it is not easy to expand.”

Nanfeng Group had been focusing more on the Internet and financial fields, and occupied most of the electronic payment market.

Qisheng Technology Group’s Shenghua Payment started a little later and naturally had a low market share.

Recently, it had been squeezed out of breath and it was difficult for new users to grow.

Chu Chu was filming a show not long ago and now saw the year-end data, only to realize that the last ranked student in the class was Shenghua.

However, it was not suitable to implement the new deal at present.

She could only shelve the matter first and plan to talk to Yuan Benchu ​​after the annual meeting.

Chu Chu: I must encourage the underachievers to transform!


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