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The Qisheng annual meeting was held as scheduled.

The meeting place was in the Qisheng Building.

The building located in the CBD rose into the sky, and looked magnificent.

Chu Chu used to avoid Old Chu.

This was the first time she came to Qisheng Building.

She looked at the building and exclaimed, “When will Yinda have a building”

She still didn’t have the mentality of a nouveau riche.

Although the economic foundation had been improved, the supporting facilities had not yet been established.

Yinda was now renting an office building and couldn’t own a building like Qisheng.

Zhang Jianian didn’t know to laugh or cry, “But the company doesn’t have so many employees and doesn’t need too much space.”

The number of Yinda employees was not large and the number of people was not different from that of a subgroup of Qisheng.

Yinda was only a single company capable of fighting.

Its size was not huge.

Chu Chu was eloquent and planned with aspirations, “Although there are few people, if there is a lot of space, we can allow Chenxing, Light World and Micro-eye to move over.

Laughter Culture can also come if it’s willing.

We can have a restaurant, gym and conference on the first floor.

Rooms, theaters, game halls, libraries, small theaters, lunch break places… Then I have to have an entire floor and you can come to the floor if you want!”

Zhang Jianian: “…Thank you, I don’t need it.”

Chu Chu: “Then you can share a floor with me, this is fine too.”

Zhang Jianian: “…”

Did that even seem like a place to work seriously That was simply the establishment of a strange giant city complex and a “city within a city”.

He seriously suspected that Chu Chu had a sequel after returning from Jichuan Town.

She wanted to do urban construction and wanted to be the lord of the city madly.

The Qisheng annual meeting was divided into day and night.

During the day, it was mainly for debriefing and presentation and at night was the awards party.

Chu Chu and Zhang Jianian came in and she asked curiously, “What happened in previous years Is it interesting”

“Usually the head office will speak, the group will report and then there will be awards and commendation parties…” Zhang Jianian patiently answered her.

When he remembered something, he showed an indescribable expression, “…Maybe you may find it boring because there are a lot of people.”

Zhang Jianian worked in Qisheng before and he basically understood the attributes of the Qisheng annual meeting.

He speculated that Chu Chu would not like it.

Chu Chu thought Zhang Jianian meant that they had to greet a lot of people, just like an engagement banquet.

She never expected that there would be a lot of people giving long speeches.

Chu Yanyin first spoke as the representative of the general group, followed by the directors and representatives of major sub-groups, such as Yao Xing of the cultural and entertainment group, Chen Xiangtao of the cultural tourism and real estate group, Lu Xia of the technology group and Luo Hesui of the business group.

When Chu Chu heard the report, she felt wrong and wondered, “Why do entertainment and business claim to be one of the three pillars If real estate and technology are added, isn’t it the four”

Zhang Jianian pursed his lips and said in a low voice, “Well…Because Mr.

Yao doesn’t have a good relationship with other directors.

The other three have no links to entertainment, but in recent years, the entertainment revenue was at the top of the sub-groups.

It joined the name but remained out of three pillars.”

Yao Xing was a typical pro-imperial faction.

In the past, he was squeezed out by the old three.

However, Luo Hesui had been declining recently and everyone had begun to see the change.

Chu Chu said heartily in her mind: Don’t look at these old gangs with old faces.

They still perform the kindergarten-level palace fighting.

What’s the difference between “The Axe Gang” and “Balala Little Demon Fairy” created for children They even expelled people from the gang without saying a word!

Chu Chu quickly grasped the report sentence, basically “Qisheng xx Group has revenue of xx billion yuan, completed 105% of the plan at the beginning of the year, an increase of xx% year-on-year”.

Each sub-group completed more than 100% of the plan they set at the beginning of the year.

They couldn’t wait to sing and dance to gloat.

The leaders’ speeches were long, which couldn’t make people concentrate.

Before long, Chu Chu was sleepy and half awake in the hypnosis meeting.

She tried to straighten her back and didn’t want to fall asleep on Zhang jianian, but with little effect.


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