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Qisheng’s news picture summarizing the conference was quickly posted on the Internet.

The directors were all well-dressed and sitting tightly.

It seemed that there was nothing wrong, but some careful netizens immediately discovered the problem.

Shan Dye: It is recommended to enlarge the picture and focus on Director Xiao Chu.


Spring Branch: This is exactly what I am like in the morning class, [doge] I can’t open my eyes at all.

ours: Hurry up and help President Chu to close her eyes, and don’t let Old Chu find out!

Baba Orange Juice: [I’m so sleepy that my eyes disappear.jpg]

Forest Wind: The frontline reporter sent a report.

President Chu was found on an errand and now Old Chu asked her to speak on stage!

Chu Chu’s sitting posture was actually very standard.

She just accidentally closed her eyes.

It was reasonable that other executives would not look at her and find her distracted, but who made Chu Yanyin look at her from time to time.

Old Chu found that the evil woman was sleeping publicly and his heart got furious.

He felt like a stern teacher and called her suddenly, “Next, I ask Chu Chu, the chairman of the financial technology group, to talk about the future prospects of the group.”

Chu Chu was still dozing off like a chicken pecking rice (nodding off) but she woke up instantly when she heard her name.

Zhang Jianian was also surprised.

He did not give Chu Chu a prepared speech.

The secretaries of all major directors had prepared their speeches in advance.

Would she go freestyle without a script

The other directors were also a little surprised.

There was no such thing in the meeting.

They didn’t know that Director Xiao Chu was distracted, and only thought that Old Director Chu attached great importance to his daughter and gave her a chance to perform.

They felt that her weight in the group was heavier than imagined.

However, the truth of the matter was that Old Chu deliberately made things difficult, trying to punish the unfilial daughter.

When Chu Chu was named, how could she not understand Old Chu’s warning She could only bite the bullet and go on stage, coughed and calmly said, “Ah, the speeches of all the directors just now were very wonderful.

I will be different.

On the one hand, a simple chat…”

Chu Chu looked down at the white paper in front of her, making others mistakenly believe that she had a draft and waited for her to speak.

Chu Yanyin knew that Chu Chu was not prepared and stared at her blankly: Speak, then speak, let me see how many sentences you can speak!

Chu Chu cheered up and talked loudly, “The topic of my speech is “Bureaucracy Kills People, Seeking Truth from Facts and Preventing Unhealthy Trends”.

The Qisheng Group should not only strive for efficiency and development, but also pay attention to problems in its work style.

The essence of bureaucratic formalism is also the source of its growth…”

Chu Yanyin: “…”

“Some leading cadres pile up materials and create data when they speak.

Each group claims to have completed 100% of the plan at the beginning of the year, but avoids talking about actual projects.

Does this make sense Of course, the directors are forced by their superiors, which will lead to dealing with the report, avoiding the important matter, and neglecting it.

This can’t be blamed on them,” Chu Chu shook her head imperceptibly and said seriously.

Senior bureaucratic representative Chu Yanyin: “”

Everyone felt the breeze of her work style and were refreshed for a while and at the same time they were suspicious.

Was this the meaning of streamlining reports in the future

Chu Chu earnestly said, “Some comrades still have the problem of using that against their superiors, which has intensified the evil trend.

A typical representative of this is to say,’I will simply say three points’…”

She looked down at her watch and sighed with faint emotion, “But as a result, it led directly to 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

If the meaning of this sentence is from the early nineteenth to the present, it can barely be regarded as seeking truth from facts.”

“Three points in brief” represents Chu Yanyin: “……”

Chu Yanyin: Look at your mouth, where is the chairman of the sub-group Those who don’t know you would think you are the secretary of the branch!


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