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The cooperation between Qisheng and Duqing was naturally carried out with the consent of the strongest father (Chu Chu).

After all, cross-border e-commerce involved many things and required strong referees and guardians.

The long-lost meeting of the two parties together again was a boost to each other and stimulated Qisheng and Duqing to regain some vitality.

Although the prospects for the two major groups were good, the leaders of both sides still disagreed with each other and it seemed that the relationship had not been repaired.

Hu Dong of Duqing Group commented on cross-border e-commerce cooperation: “I am a trustworthy person, but I am just fulfilling a gambling contract.”

Director Chu of Qisheng Group commented on cross-border e-commerce cooperation: “I can’t stop Director Hu and his child’s play.”

Director Chu of Yinda Group commented on cross-border e-commerce cooperation: “The awkwardness of two arrogant ghosts, I don’t quite understand the current elderly.”

The three companies had three opinions about cooperation, which made the outside world dumbfounded.

Although the cooperation between Qisheng and Duqing was a win-win situation, Chu Chu was a little regretful.

It meant that Qisheng was unlikely to go bankrupt in a short time and her daydream of acquiring Qisheng at a low price had also been shattered.

As Qisheng’s connection with the strongest father deepened, it would not fall down too easily when it embarked on the road of a company that shoulders social benefits.

What happened in Jichuan Town was a misunderstanding.

Shenghua Pay was Chu Chu’s desire to seize the market.

Cross-border e-commerce took the matter to a new level and gave this established company a new turn.

Chu Yanyin was annoyed at Chu Chu’s lavishness at first, but it was done and he could only go with the flow.

Instead, he embarked on a good path.

Although Qisheng had yet to see results in revenue, the vitality of the company had been extended.

The direct cause of the collapse of the Qisheng Group in the original book was Old Chu’s death, which led to the collapse of the group.

But now there was Old Director Chu who had stabilized their spirit and Director Xiao Chu who had gradually made the group atmosphere quite stable.

The original female partner was scandal-ridden and her management methods were quite extreme, unable to gather people’s hearts and naturally unable to control the situation after the death of her father.

Although Chu Chu often spent a lot of money and did things silently, her main direction of doing things was correct.

Zhang Jianian and Chu Yanyin were supervising behind her and she hadn’t made any mistakes.

As for the internal collapse of Qisheng, of course it no longer existed.

The old fried doughs that were stuck together in silence after being brutally entrapped by Chu Chu, all wanted to stay away from the motormouth (her hehe).

Lu Xia even had the idea of ​​retiring early, mainly because he had a lot of dealings with Chu Chu and was afraid of a heart attack.

Of course, Lu Xia was born with the idea of ​​retirement and it was indispensable to beat Lu Shu ahead of time and pass on his lifelong career experience.

Lu Xia said earnestly, “If I really retire, my family will rely on you… You have a good relationship with Xiao Director Chu, don’t always let Yuan Benchu ​​sway in front of her, instead make her forget other people.”

Lu Shu asked sincerely, “Uncle, isn’t it a good thing to be forgotten by Director Xiao Chu”

In Lu Shu’s view, everyone who was remembered by her didn’t end well.

They were either stumped by words or crushed by work.

Lu Xia thought about his own experience and was speechless for a moment.

Finally, he waved his hand impatiently, “Forget it, forget it! You can figure it out, you are a grown-up!” 

Director Xiao Chu and Old Chu were not the same kind of people, perhaps his experience was not applicable at all.

When everything in Qisheng Group was on track, Zhang Jianian and his team’s efforts had also produced results.

Light World Entertainment was expected to be listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange soon, priced at 18 Hong Kong dollars per share.

Yinda Investment had a very high proportion of shares in Light World Entertainment and it had won most of the core layers of Light World Entertainment such as Liang Chan.

Therefore, Light World had always been regarded as a Yinda company.


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