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In Yan Han, Chu Chu scratched her cheeks in front of the computer, unable to form a word at all.

Zhang Jianian came over with the fruit.

When he saw her as if she was squeezing toothpaste, he felt funny and advised, “In fact, if you find it difficult, you don’t need to write too much.”

When Light World Entertainment is listed, company leaders always send out some inspiring open letters, not of gratitude, but looking forward to the future.

Liang Chan shunned this kind of writing work, so he kicked the ball to Chu Chu.

Chu Chu sullenly said, “I’m like a student writing essays, even writing 800 words is difficult…”

Zhang Jianian suggested, “You don’t have to write too formal, you can write a simple letter”

Chu Chu: “Then I will write a sentence,’I don’t want to say much, just buy it’, can I” After all, they just want everyone to recognize Light World Entertainment’s price and then go up all the way.

Zhang Jianian: “…I’m afraid it won’t work.” That was a perfunctory open letter, without even the slightest desire to sell.

Chu Chu let out a long sigh, she continued typing hard while lying on the sofa.

Zhang Jianian couldn’t help but remember a past event and smile, “Can you just write it down like the pie you threw at me”

Chu Chu said in surprise, “What pie ” She thought for a long time.

He couldn’t help but squeeze her face and remind her, “I mean what you said during the visit to the class.

Who originally said that Yinda’s thinking mode should penetrate everyone’s lives”

Zhang Jianian still remembered her speech that day and it was the first time he had seen the power of her brainwashing words.

Chu Chu seemed to be in recollection.

She blinked and said weakly, “Isn’t that when I was afraid of you resigning and deliberately stabilized the military’s morale So you would believe it after working for so long”

She thought that Zhang Jianian was innocent and cute, he had a lot of experience but could believe in the nonsense of capitalist bosses and he was really kind.

Now the relationship between the two was different.

Zhang Jianian: “…”

He looked at her face and he squeezed her cheeks again to express a silent protest.

It took a long time for Chu Chu to finish.

Zhang Jianian returned to the living room after handling official duties, only to find that she was actually sleeping on the sofa.

He whispered to her to go back to the room to sleep, but when he saw that there was no response, he had to reach out and sneak her into the bedroom and put her in the quilt first.

He returned to close the computer, but saw Chu Chu’s manuscript on the lit screen.

She had already finished most of it and it seems that it needed a little bit of polish for the final draft.

After reading it through, Zhang Jianian fell into a long period of thought.

He helped Chu Chu correct some typos, added some data paragraphs and clicked save.

Before Light World Entertainment went public, Chu Chu also issued a statement on Weibo.

[Dear colleagues in Light World and game tycoons:

Tomorrow is a special day and Light World Entertainment will be listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Through long-term struggle, we have finally completed the stage goal.

This is a day worthy of excitement (after all, we can start to make further money).

The development of Light World Entertainment is like a miracle.

The precarious “Win the War” has become a popular overseas game through the efforts of the professional team (circling money) and the hard work of the players(krypton gold).

“Mysterious Mountain Residence” and “Rouge” bring a beautiful fantasy world and build a world unimaginable in reality for all of us…

In the past year, we have achieved many extraordinary achievements and created amazing data (the following is ghostwriting content):…

I believe that Light World Entertainment is a dream maker.

It creates a dream world that recalls innocence, allowing us to find the fun that we have long forgotten when we grew up.

You have been tortured for a long time, climbed the glacier of truth and fought the devil for many years outside, but you are still a teenager when you return…

Tomorrow is not the end of the story, it may be the beginning of a new story.

The fire of unblocking from the ice just ignited, encouraging the people who are fighting with the windmill to continue forward…

I am not a person who is good at sensationalism, but I am very proud today, proud of having participated in creating the world you yearn for.

Tomorrow, let us witness our dream world.

(Ps If there is a big man who wants to get rich, I suggest investing and buying early.

It is not a dream to buy great skin in the future.

There are not many opportunities for me to help everyone.

Finally, this is an open and legal way to make money.

The opportunity if lost will not come again.)]


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