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The listing of Light World Entertainment naturally had pre-publicity.

As soon as Chu Chu’s post was published, it immediately appeared on the hot search.

She wrote long eloquently and if the content in brackets were deleted, it would have been a decent announcement.

Jin Tian: Except for the content in brackets, I think everything else is written on behalf of her.


Xiaoye Butter: The data column is definitely VIR ghostwriting, not President Chu’s style, hahaha.

Meatball sauce: Other than the brackets, it is as positive as a composition for the college entrance examination.

Inside the brackets, you can switch to business and get rich.


Ten: President Chu, of course I want to buy, but I have no money, otherwise can I borrow some [doge]

Stamp Fan: Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule.

We will immediately arrange money to buy.


Muto: I guess the content in the brackets is what President Chu secretly added [doge] after VIR checked the homework.

Some netizens guessed very accurately.

Zhang Jianian saw the content in brackets when he read.

Who would have thought that after he finished making changes, the spoiled child turned her head and did naughty things.

Fortunately, the ridicule in Chu Chu’s brackets was harmless and even really gave Light World Entertainment a good head start.

It didn’t take long for Micro-eye to go public and it ushered in the new daily limit.

Many bigshots subscribed, as they were obviously extremely optimistic about the company’s prospects.

Among them were Director Nan, who was silent and Hu Daqing, the old adversary.

Although some people had a conflict with Chu Chu, they were unambiguous when it came to buying and subscribing.

Obviously, they all wanted to make a profit after seeing the strength of Light World.

The strong rise of Light World Entertainment once made everyone think that its stock price had reached a high level, but it would not be long before it would create a new high again, which made the late players regret.

Chu Chu’s networth also skyrocketed because of that and she leaped into the top ten of the richest people list, reaching 18.6 billion U.S.

dollars and this was the data after removing her equity in Qisheng.

In the past, Chu Chu did not see her name on the richest people list, at most it was ranked after Chu Yanyin, collectively known as the Chu family.

However, the listing of Light World finally forced outsiders to face up to her achievements and separate her from Chu Yanyin.

This person who looked rebellious, dared to speak whatever and dared to do things, seemed to be able to make money

In the Chu Mansion, Chu Yanyin watched the news on TV with a rare expression of relief and mixed feelings for a while.

Lin Mingzhu smiled and said, “You don’t have to worry about it now, right”

When Light World Entertainment went public, Chu Yanyin was even more nervous than Chu Chu, which also made Lin Mingzhu puzzled.

She may only be nervous when Chenxing Film and Television went public.

After all, the idol she was supporting may hold employee equity, which could be regarded as extra income.

Chu Yanyin turned off the TV and said awkwardly, “What are you talking about It has nothing to do with me.”

He said so, but took out his phone again, wanting to read the news comments after the listing of Light World Entertainment.

Unexpectedly, he saw a strange point of view.

Netizen 87294: Light World is listed so fiercely.

After Chenxing and Micro-eye are all listed, Xiao Chu should be able to stand up and become Old Chu’s father, right Didn’t she say that one could decide with their battle strength

Chu Yanyin, worth 31.3 billion U.S.

dollars: “”

Do you think this is a game and you will rank according to the combat power

Chu Yanyin felt that his position was in jeopardy.

He had never had such a strong feeling before.

Now that Micro-eye was listed, and netizens wanted to compare Qisheng and Yinda, he had a sense of crisis.

Chu Yanyin: I must maintain the dignity of being a father and strive to improve the efficiency of the group.

The listing of Light World Entertainment was something to be happy about.

Chu Chu and Zhang Jianian celebrated with Liang Chan and others.

They also received a new wave of blessings in the Chu Mansion.

Chu Yanyin, Zhang Yafang, Lin Mingzhu and the poodle gathered together for a meal to share the good news.

Zhang Yafang was in a good mood.

Although she didn’t understand the professional terminology such as listing, she simply understood that Chu Chu and others had made money.

So she took the initiative to propose cooking and controlled the kitchen.

Before long, a spicy aroma came from the kitchen, which made Chu Chu hooked and choked Old Chu to death.


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