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Chu Yanyin even suspected that Zhang Yafang had blown up the kitchen.

Otherwise, how could the taste be pervasive He risked his death to enter the kitchen and tactfully advised, “Jianian can’t eat such spicy food…”

As his mother, Zhang Yafang waved her hand, “Then he will not eat!”

Chu Yanyin: But my taste is similar to Zhang Jianian!

Chu Yanyin was embarrassed to say that, so she said after a while, “I may not be able to eat…”

Lin Mingzhu happened to enter the kitchen, she said, “I can eat spicy food.”

Chu Yanyin was debunked by others and was quite annoyed, “Didn’t you say that eating spicy food increases the chances of getting acne”

Lin Mingzhu frankly said, “But it smells quite fragrant…” She used to abide by professional ethics and focus on Chu Yanyin’s taste.

But the people in the family obviously had another set of standards.

Zhang Yafang agreed, “It’s delicious.

You will find out later!”

Chu Yanyin was stunned by Lin Mingzhu twice.

He was feeling suspicious: I always think you’ve been a knife pusher lately.

Is there something wrong with standing in line

(TL note: knife pusher: to make a bad situation worse in a deliberately malicious way..)

Lin Mingzhu was quite a chicken thief, she pushed the knife secretly and then softly persuaded Old Chu to go out to take medicine, which looked the same as before.

Her current position was very clear.

Every time she faced a dispute between Old Chu and Chu Chu, she mostly agreed with Chu Chu’s intentions on trivial matters.

As for issues of right and wrong, it was even more important to support Chu Chu and strictly follow the principle of “majority wins”.

Lin Mingzhu: Don’t talk about feelings with me, I’m just an idol’s money-making machine.

In the yard, Chu Chu and Zhang Jianian were running pitifully with the energetic poodle.

The poodle had been hooligans with his toys recently.

It was okay but he loved howling a few times, crying about the sadness of a single dog, disturbing the people around him.

The poodle didn’t run very far, then started groaning again, moved randomly and even rushed toward Zhang Jianian.

Seeing that, Chu Chu moved Zhang Jianian aside and said earnestly: “Little brother, what’s the matter with you In broad daylight, you are molesting a woman from a good family”

The poodle pounced for a moment, grieving, “Woo Woof…”

Zhang Jianian, a woman from a good family, was not polite.

He squeezed President Chu’s face and punished her for her nonsense.

Chu Chu said with emotion, “If you two are of the same gender, why is it attacking you” She was puzzled.

The poodle was obviously a male dog, did he like the same gender

Zhang Jianian pondered for a moment and tentatively said, “…Perhaps because you are his sibling” After all, Chu Chu and the poodle were a bad combination.

Chu Chu felt that the amount of information was quite large, but before she could react, the poodle continued to hum.

She frowned and said, “Okay, “Okay, do you still think about it every day”

Zhang Jianian squinted at her, always feeling that the amount of information was quite large.

The poodle, “Woof! Woof…”

Chu Chu stretched out her hand to touch the dog’s head and said proudly, “Hey, you can’t, you are just a child, right”

Zhang Jianian: “…”

The poodle was angry that he was ridiculed, “Woof! Woof!”

After Chu Chu bullied the poodle, she took him with Zhang Jianian and went back to the house to eat.

The maid had already placed the food on the table.

Zhang Yafang did show off her cooking skills and cooked a good table of Sichuan dishes, including Duck Blood Curd, boiled fish, bean curd rice, etc., all of which were delicious.

The appetites of the three women were obviously very good, but the two men on the table were embarrassed and had to survive the spicy and strong fragrance.

Chu Yanyin looked at the table full of vegetables with anxiety.


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