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Since his net worth had declined, had his status at home changed

Fortunately, Chu Yanyin had a gentlemanly demeanor and did not complain too much, but he still couldn’t change the bad habit of being a leader.

Just after eating a few bite, he said, “In a blink of an eye, the children got so old…”

He still remembered the appearance of Chu Chu and Zhang Jianian when they were little.

He didn’t know that there would be a day when they would become the same family. 

As the head of the family, he must use this to establish family rules, unite family members and inspire people.

It felt like no matter how delicious the New Year’s Eve dinner was, one had to say something before starting.

Zhang Jianian raised his head.

His face also showed nostalgia.

Chu Chu silently ate rice, bowed her head and said nothing.

Chu Yanyin glanced at Chu Chu who was indifferent and said, “I didn’t expect to have this day…”

Chu Chu continued to eat her rice, and still didn’t support Old Chu’s recollection of the past.

Chu Yanyin couldn’t bear it and reminded her, “Is it so delicious”

“It’s delicious, delicious!” Chu Chu responded happily and then quickly said respectfully, “Director Chu, you continue, continue…”

She said to him with the usual posture of Qisheng’s old foxes, but her actions didn’t match her words.

Director Chu, who had been perfunctory, had nothing to say.

He simply angrily picked up two chopsticks and swallowed food wholeheartedly.

After eating, he paused for a few seconds.

He smacked it for a moment, then recalled the taste.

It seemed really delicious Although it was not like the usual healthy and exquisite dishes, it was good.

Chu Yanyin looked at the family who was laughing on the table.

He wasn’t sure whether the dishes were delicious or the atmosphere was lively, which caused him to have an illusion.

The house that used to be slightly cold and quiet was full of laughter and warm life.

This state was not rigid and serious when socializing with outsiders, but it made his mentality a little soft.

Chu Yanyin also began to silently pick up rice and even grabbed food from Chu Chu.

Chu Chu was dissatisfied, “You said you don’t like to eat spicy food.”

Chu Yanyin was confident, “I can’t eat my food”

The father and daughter became noisy again, which drew unpleasant laughter from others.

Chu Chu tutted and instead of quarreling with Old Chu as usual, she accelerated the speed of picking up vegetables.

As long as her chopsticks were fast enough, Old Chu couldn’t rob her!

After the meal, Chu Yanyin, who felt comfortable at home, relaxed for the first time.

Facing Chu Chu next to him, he chatted, “May I retire now”

He had been struggling for so long in his entire life and he rarely had the idea of ​​rest.

He had always been working.

When he returned home, he realized that his hair was gray, his children had grown up and his family was complete.

Chu Chu was picking up fruits to eat after dinner and nodded her head, “Yes, even if Qisheng will collapse, others will not be able to rely on you.”

Chu Yanyin: “”

Chu Yanyin said, “Qisheng will not collapse!”

Chu Chu raised her eyebrows and coaxed, “Hmm, it won’t collapse…” 

She recently learned the old foxes’ tricks.

In short, she didn’t need to be stubborn with Old Chu, she just needed to nod her head when he said anything and strive to speed up the conversation.

Chu Yanyin thought for a while and then said, “When I have grandchildren and then retire, I will still have work to do then.”

Chu Chu: “Hmm, you let Zhang Jianian work hard…”

Chu Yanyin looked strange, “…Jianian” This seemed to have something to do with him, but he felt that something was wrong.

Chu Chu waved her hand and said, “The capable person works harder.

He is more capable than me and you trust him, there is nothing wrong with giving it to him!” She highly praised Zhang Jianian’s business ability.

“Come out to take a photo.”

The two were talking and Zhang Jianian came to call them out.

As it was rare for a family to get together, they decided to take a family photo in the yard.

Chu Yanyin looked at Zhang Jianian and patted him on the shoulder with responsibility, “Jianian, work hard.” His retirement plan depended on Zhang Jianian’s progress.

“” Zhang Jianian was a little puzzled.

He didn’t know what Chu Yanyin was talking about, but he answered, “Okay.”

In the yard, the sun was shining and the family gathered together to capture a beautiful and warm shot in warm sunlight.

This photo was hung in the Chu Mansion for a long time and even witnessed the birth of the new prince.

Many years later, the little prince Lu Ren held the family portrait photo and asked Chu Chu in doubt, “Mom, why am I not in the family portrait”

Chu Chu said blankly, “Because you are a passerby.”

Lu Ren: “”

Lu Ren: What kind of parents name their child a passerby

——The END.


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