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After Lu Ren learned the meaning of the halo, he was very depressed, because he found that the dream of defeating his mother was far away, after all, the other party had the brightest halo in the family.

He silently sealed his philosophical books, gradually lost his dream of saving the world, tried to forget that sad memory, and accepted that he was an ordinary person.

Although Chu Chu teased her son from time to time, she was very sensitive to his emotional changes.

She discussed with Zhang Jianian privately and muttered, “I feel that Lu Ren will want to be named Zhang when he grows up, and he may change jobs and follow your path.”

Zhang Jianian wondered, “What is my path”

Chu Chu: “It’s just a blind and erroneous cognition, feeling like he’s only an ordinary passerby.”

Zhang Jianian: “…” What theory is this

Sure enough, after understanding the halo, Lu Ren became a lot more humble and restrained, and he lost a bit of the rashness and stupidity of the past.

He hid his grievances in his heart, and decided to work hard to become an excellent person and try not to be just a passer-by.

Chu Yanyin simply admired the changes in his grandson, and wished to praise Lu Ren to the sky.

Of course, as a grandfather, Chu Yanyin always brought his own filter, thinking that his grandson was the best child in the world.

If it wasn’t for Lu Ren being a minor, he even thought of transferring his assets to his grandson, and he didn’t want the equity to be handled by Chu Chu.

When Lu Ren got a little older, he was sent to the noble bilingual kindergarten to study.

Although the Chu family could arrange expensive professional private education, the family still sent Lu Ren to ​​let the child have more contact with his peers, also to prevent him from inexplicably digging into the philosophical pit again.

Chu Yanyin: If he can get to know more children, my grandson will not be bored with philosophy.

Lu Ren’s kindergarten was quite advanced, and most of the children in the kindergarten were either rich or very rich.

The driver of the Chu family was relatively low-key, and Lu Ren’s small nameplate only read “Lu Ren” instead of “Chu Luren”, which made it less noticeable.

Chu Yanyin covered the child tightly.

Every time he took his grandson out, he brought two rows of bodyguards.

In addition, Lu Ren had a magical halo effect.

Few people knew what the name of Chu Chu and Zhang Jianian’s child was.

Chu Chu was not a person who showed off her child.

Occasionally, there were photos that leaked out and Old Chu’s public relations suffered, which made Lu Ren’s childhood very peaceful.

Lu Ren spent a semester in kindergarten peacefully.

The teachers and children in the class didn’t even know his true identity.

He was so invisible.

Although the children were still in kindergarten, the children of rich families were abnormally precocious, and the small society was already turbulent.

It was inevitable that the children were mixed with the characteristics of some parents, and there was no shortage of greetings and comparisons.

The one in the class to show off the most was a little fat man.

Because his real name was not easy to remember, Lu Ren secretly named him “Fat Tiger”.

Fat Tiger sat very close to Lu Ren, and liked to be beside him when he had nothing to do.

That day, Fat Tiger was also hanging out as usual.

He showed off a bunch of keys and said proudly, “Have you seen it”

Lu Ren glanced at Fat Tiger and remained silent, not knowing what the other party was going to do.

Seeing that the little invisible boy didn’t speak, Fat Tiger mistakenly thought that Lu Ren didn’t understand, so he said, “My dad gave me a car yesterday, here’s the car key!”

Lu Ren thought about the small wooden box at home full of car keys.

He was even more puzzled by Fat Tiger’s actions, and hesitantly said, “Congratulations”

Although he didn’t understand where the other party’s joy came from, receiving a gift should be given congratulations, right

Fat Tiger wanted to attract his envious gaze, but he didn’t expect that the other party’s attitude was so flat, and he instantly had the illusion of hitting the cotton with a punch.

He was about to add two more sentences, wanting to emphasize the value of luxury cars, when he heard a young girl’s taunting voice next to him, “In our house, the driver holds the car keys.”

Fat Tiger said impatiently, “Wu Lin, you are so annoying! I didn’t talk to you!”

Wu Lin, Lu Ren and Fat Tiger were seated very close together.

The little girl had the arrogance of a swan, and she raised her chin to speak to everyone.

Wu Lin put her arms around her chest, and said condescendingly, “This little thing is worth boasting And you can’t drive a car.”

Fat Tiger was a little furious.

He was concerned about Wu Lin’s influence in the class.

Finally, he said, “Good men don’t fight with women,” and returned to his seat angrily.

Wu Lin kicked Fat Tiger away, and saw Luren with a calm face, raised her eyebrows and said, “Do you have to talk to him every time Didn’t you see that he just wanted to show off to you”

Lu Ren said truthfully, “He took the initiative to talk to me…” As a civilized and polite child, of course he could not ignore the initiator.

Seeing Lu Ren’s dazed look, Wu Lin hated that iron for not becoming steel (not meeting expectations).

Although Lu Ren had no sense of presence in the class, Wu Lin found that he always got good grades and learned things the fastest, but he didn’t like to be in the limelight.

Although his family was not very prominent, he was also qualified to be her little friend.

Wu Lin weighed it and simply sent out an invitation, “Mom and Dad are going to take me to Qisheng Virtual Studio on the weekend, are you interested in joining us”


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