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“…” Zhang Jianian said helplessly, “I will just go to the next room.”

Chu Chu: “No, I am an honest person.

If I go back on my word, how can I face people when it spreads out”

Zhang Jianian: “…” There are too many flaws and I don’t know which one to tell you first.

Chu Chu saw him hesitating at the door and dispelled the nervousness.

She grew out of the gall and stepped forward to comfort him, “Don’t be afraid, I will be very gentle.”

Zhang Jianian looked at her innocently and smiled without anger, “Am I afraid”

Chu Chu pulled him into the room and responded, “Yes, don’t be nervous.”

He looked at her tense little hand and said, “Your hand is shaking.”

Chu Chu was unprepared to go to the examination room, but her confidence was good.

She said, “I’ll warm up first, can’t I exercise my ankle” 

Zhang Jianian: “…” Well, well, you are the best.

Zhang Jianian was wearing pajamas.

He had just finished taking a bath and there was still some moisture in his hair with a light fragrance.

Chu Chu pushed him into the bed and then fell silent, facing the beautiful and delicious Mr.

Zhang, she didn’t know how to start, especially the other party’s expression was peaceful and seemed tolerant to her touch.

Chu Chu had a tensed face.

Zhang Jianian suppressed his smile and took the initiative to pass the steps to the spoiled brat, “I will do some psychological construction…”

Zhang Jianian could see that she was just a babbling little counselor, with a set of theoretical knowledge and a complete set of practical skills.

He saw through her, leaving her a bit face, but in fact he almost laughed.

Chu Chu resolutely said, “No, do what I say!”

Zhang Jianian kindly advised the little tiger, “In fact, you don’t have to force yourself…”

Chu Chu: “No, I can!”

She stepped forward and kissed his face, then kissed his lips, like a cat making trouble in the morning, dawdling away from the ground.

He was obedient at her mercy, not only thought she was a little cute, but also a little… funny

After Chu Chu was done, with her head held up and her hands on her hips, she asked, “Are you convinced”

Zhang Jianian concealed his smile with a fist and soothed, “Clothes (baby talk)…” 

“Okay, let’s go to sleep.” 

When Chu Chu heard that, she immediately retracted into the bed and curled up into a ball and instantly entered a state of pretending to be dead.

Anyway, Zhang Jianian begged for mercy (), so she won, which was definitely not the spirit of Ah Q! (self -comforting spirit, novel)

Zhang Jianian finally couldn’t help laughing.

After receiving Chu Chu’s irritated gaze, he converged and turned off the light in the bedroom, letting the bluffing fake driver escape.

As soon as the news of the Yinda Annual Meeting held in the gymnasium came out, countless netizens asked whether they could buy tickets, so that everyone could feel the atmosphere of the scene.

Yinda Investment’s official blog received countless private messages, all of which were asking for admission to the annual meeting.

Huangcheng: Yinda’s annual meeting (concert) in the gym is too extravagant.

I will voluntarily send money to President Chu to reduce the pressure on the company’s expenditure!

Chiba Cao: Going in is no loss, ASE’s group singing and dancing, Laughter Talk Show, Light World design sets, micro-eye full live broadcast, VC live dog food… this is definitely worth the price! If you can’t buy it, you won’t suffer, you can’t be fooled!

Fragrant Tea Family: ASE’s in-field tickets are now thousands of yuan which is profitable.

[doge] It seems that President Chu’s dream is bigger than that of Old Chu.

It is not enough to play at ordinary venues; she wants the concert level meeting!

Blizzard: Yinda employees are dissatisfied with the stadium, we can see from afar.


Braised Shrimp: So someone better invite Director Chu to sing a song at the Yinda Annual Meeting.


Yinda’s staff reflected the voice of the masses to the director group of the annual meeting and the director started to make trouble.

They had not seen anyone who would let netizens rush to the venue every year.

Was this a keyboard employee or cloud employee So actively responding to company activities

(Keyboard Man is someone who is timid in real life, but occupy the moral high point on the Internet by “personal justice”)

The director did not dare to make a decision blindly and reported the matter to Chu Chu and only informed after getting feedback.

Yinda Investment: Thank you for your enthusiastic support, but considering the nature of the company’s annual meeting, ticket sales are temporarily closed.

We will draw 10 loyal fans of Yinda products and give them free admission tickets (rare items that Director Chu can’t own).

Other friends can watch the live broadcast through the micro-eye, and comment in real time.

Micro-eye short video: The live page of Yinda Annual Meeting has been officially launched and everyone can vote for the best annual meeting program online.


Qisheng Group: What’s the matter with you, brother

Qisheng Group: [I think you are embarrassing my fat tiger.jpg]

Green pressure: Hahahahahaha publicly take your boss name, discuss Director Chu’s voice in disguise, this is absolutely unbearable, fight! @Qisheng Group

Xiaofu: I found that you have become very dignified since you were assaulted.

Your emojis are getting more and more showy @Qisheng Group

Huarao: The love-seen battle for being the father is staged again! I can watch this drama for 800 years!

Yinda Investment: [Why, is there something wrong with my fat tiger.jpg]

Qisheng Group: [You mean to fight against my fat tiger.jpg]

Yinda Investment: [My fat tiger is going to kill her father today.jpg]

Little Curly: Do you both use only fat tiger emoji packs internally Could it be the same in the Chu family group @FanActionAward


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