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Lu Ren lurked quietly in the kindergarten for a long time, and finally had a special day.

The head teacher stood on the podium and issued a notice to the children, “Next week is the time for the parent-child sports meeting.

Don’t forget to prepare in advance…”

Parent-child games were a regular event every year.

Children and their parents participate together to cultivate a harmonious parent-child relationship.

After the head teacher informed the children, she would also send a message to the parents to avoid absence.

Lu Ren left Zhang Jianian’s contact information in the kindergarten.

He thought about his father’s reliability and felt that there was nothing wrong, so he waited to go home as usual.

Surprisingly, the person who came to pick him up that day was not Zhang Jianian, but Chu Chu.

Chu Chu waved to Lu Ren, then led him into the car and let the driver drive away.

Lu Ren couldn’t help but be surprised, “Where’s Dad”

Chu Chu: “The company has an issue and he has to work overtime recently.”

Yinda companies have been listed one after another.

At that special time, Zhang Jianian would be very busy and needed to work for a while.

Lu Ren immediately became worried, “Will he be busy for a long time”

Chu Chu was surprised by her son’s reaction, but she still replied, “He will be very busy these two weeks.”

Lu Ren’s face got gloomy, and he thought of his grandfather Chu Yanyin in the next second, but wasn’t it inappropriate to let his grandfather participate in the sports meeting Although the grandfather was in good spirits and old-fashioned and strong, it was not good to make him come.

Lu Ren said, “Next week is the parent-child sports meeting…”

When Chu Chu heard the words clearly, she nodded calmly, “Oh, then I will come with you.”

Lu Ren: “”

Chu Chu: “What’s your expression Your dad doesn’t have time to go, so can’t I come”

Lu Ren: “…Isn’t there a grandfather or grandma”

Chu Chu: “Are you going to let your grandfather clear the kindergarten grounds and hold an exclusive sports meeting for you Or let your grandma knock other competitors to the ground”

Lu Ren: “…” That is indeed very similar to what grandfather and grandma would do.

Perhaps because of the intergenerational relatives, Chu Yanyin treated Lu Ren extremely condoningly, which was very different from his attitude toward Chu Chu.

If Lu Ren wanted to go to an amusement park, Chu Yanyin’s first reaction was to empty the amusement park, and his second reaction was to build an exclusive amusement park.

In short, his style was extremely rough and hardcore.

Zhang Yafang’s physical condition was also good, but she had a strong desire to win.

She would swear a few words in mahjong.

Lu Ren really didn’t dare to let her play, what if she knocked other parents to the ground with a square dance move

However, Lu Ren didn’t trust his mother very much.

Looking at her usual state at home, she was lazy, like a salted fish.

Lu Ren: “Mom, are you good at sports”

Chu Chu: “I’m good at participating.”

Lu Ren: “…” Really, the emphasis is on participation

He thought to himself that it was okay to be a gangster, and it was not a big problem to let his mother participate, right

When Zhang Jianian heard the news, he wanted to help out on the spot, but unfortunately the parent-child games were during the day.

If he and Chu Chu left the company at the same time, it would be obviously inappropriate.

In the end, they could only handle official business regrettably.

On the day of the parent-child sports meeting, Chu Chu and Lu Ren went to the kindergarten together.

She was a little excited for some reason, which made him seriously suspect that his mother was happy that she did not have to go to work that day.

At the entrance of the kindergarten, people came, all of them were parents leading their children.

The sports field was also very lively and divided according to the class.

“Lu Ren!” As usual, Wu Lin greeted the child from a distance.

When she suddenly saw the person beside him, she became a little cowardly and hesitantly said, “This is…”

Lu Ren introduced politely, “This is my mother.”

Wu Lin changed her usual arrogant little swan appearance and said shyly, “Hello, Auntie.”

Chu Chu looked at the shy little girl and said friendly, “Hello.”

Lu Ren felt strange to see Wu Lin so unusual.

Seeing her approaching Lu Ren, Chu Chu didn’t stop her, just sat and watched the children.

Wu Lin leaned against Lu Ren’s ear and whispered, “Your mother looks like someone on the news.”

Lu Ren: “”

He didn’t know for a while whether this evaluation was a compliment or a criticism.

Was it entertainment news, financial news, or social news

The children may not understand Chu Chu’s identity, but other parents were quite surprised.

Wu Lin’s father was extremely shocked when he saw Chu Chu, his first reaction was where was VIR After all, as a game fan, he was more interested in the ancient God.

Of course, many people at the scene were quite curious after discovering Chu Chu.

Fortunately, everyone’s manners were polite and they were not too excited.

Some brave people came up to talk, and some people took out their phones outside to take pictures, just like seeing a giant panda.

After all, Chu Chu didn’t have the halo of a passerby.

She had been very exposed to the public for years, and many people recognized her.


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