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Yinda’s annual meeting was held in the gymnasium.

In order to satisfy the wishes of netizens off-site, the director team even built an electronic bullet screen on the side of the stage, which could display the live bullet screen on the micro-eye in real time and cooperate with the on-site lottery.

This was not only an annual meeting of the company, but also a trade fair that demonstrated Yinda’s strength and showcased Yinda products in the venue.

The main color of the stage was high-grade silver and the color changes constantly with the switching of lights.

When the music sounded, the ASE group appeared in the smoke and gave a lively and powerful dance.

In the backstage, Chu Chu was in the dressing room for the final assault practice of “Water Fairy”.

She didn’t know how her singing was, so she turned her head and asked Xia Xiaoxiao next to her, “What do you think”

Xia Xiaoxiao was the annual outstanding employee representative of Chenxing Film and Television.

She had to speak on stage later and was working hard on the draft.

When she heard President Chu’s question, she smiled, “I think it’s pretty good.”

The makeup artist next to her had a rather complicated expression.

She almost broke the makeup brush when she heard that.

Seeing Xia Xiaoxiao’s answer so happily, Chu Chu couldn’t help being suspicious, “Did you say that perfunctory”

Xia Xiaoxiao panicked and quickly waved her hand to deny, “Of course not…”

Chu Chu resolutely said, “Then who sings well between Nan Yandong and me”

Xia Xiaoxiao: “…”

Xia Xiaoxiao suddenly said in her head, “Magic Mirror, Magic Mirror, who is the best person in the world to sing.” 

If Chu Chu asked to compare them personally, Xia Xiaoxiao could definitely answer President Chu in seconds, but as everyone knew, Nan Yandong was the most proficient at playing music among Internet company owners.

The kind-hearted Xia Xiaoxiao was in a dilemma.

Although she was a fan of President Chu, she was obviously not good at lying to her idol, let alone being suspected of being perfunctory.

Xia Xiaoxiao looked at her expectant eyes and finally said with difficulty, “Well… Mr.

Nan’s skills are better, but you can sing with aura”

Chu Chu praised her with satisfaction, “Sure enough, your musical attainments have improved a lot!”

Makeup artist: “…” This answer is really said to live.

It takes a strong desire to survive to say this.

The makeup artists couldn’t listen.

She put on the makeup for President Chu and then silently exited the room, leaving the two of them.

The dressing room was actually exclusively for Chu Chu, but she wanted to talk to Xia Xiaoxiao privately, so she called her in.

She thought that Chu Chu had a job to talk about, but she asked, “Are you looking for a house recently”

Xia Xiaoxiao was surprised, blushed and said, “How do you know”

Xia Xiaoxiao was indeed looking for a house.

Firstly, she had a generous year-end bonus and a small savings.

Secondly, she wanted to bring her parents over and reunite with her relatives.

Xia Xiaoxiao, as the female lead of a romance novel, had a very conventional background.

She was a silly white sweet little flower with a poor family and the living conditions of her parents in her hometown were not good.

Of course, the housing prices in the first-tier cities were not a joke.

Xia Xiaoxiao had difficulty finding one with a good price, so she began to wonder whether to consider buying an apartment.

Because she couldn’t figure out whether housing prices would continue to soar in the future, Xia Xiaoxiao didn’t dare to waste too much time and wanted to seize the opportunity.

Chu Chu: “My eye is everywhere in the company, of course someone will give a small report.”

Xia Xiaoxiao: “” The boss’s tone is inexplicably proud

Chu Chu was actually a little surprised when she learned that Xia Xiaoxiao was looking for a house.

She couldn’t help but wonder, “What is your down payment budget Are you able to buy a house”

Xia Xiaoxiao honestly reported the numbers and explained in a low voice, “My savings are fine, but it may not be good to buy a house, so I am looking for an apartment.”

Chu Chu said with emotion, “Then you are also very good since you can save so much money.”

Although Chu Chu participated in the formulation of Chenxing’s salary system and incentive mechanism, she rarely paid attention to everyone’s total income.

Xia Xiaoxiao’s ability to have such a generous year-end award proved that she had done a lot in a year and was very talented.

She was a rookie when she first joined the company and now she had become a small leader in her own right.

Even in the real world, it was rare for newcomers in the workplace to have such a high degree of growth.

Xia Xiaoxiao did not have the title of a fallen female lead.

Although she didn’t fall in love according to the plot, she didn’t make less money.

When Xia Xiaoxiao heard President Chu’s praise, she scratched her head in embarrassment and blushed like an apple.

Chu Chu lowered her head and fiddled with the phone for a while, then raised her head to look at the shy little girl and said, “Don’t buy an apartment.

Choose your home well.

There is also a lot of room for appreciation.” 

Xia Xiaoxiao just wanted to agree, when she received a text message reminder, she was startled when she saw the amazing number in her account and hurriedly said, “President Chu, this is…”

Chu Chu said indifferently, “It is better to sell it at a huge sum of money to help the future housing slaves.” (m: the next one who comes to buy, housing slaves as people who make investment in houses.

In China, people just spend all the money on houses where they don’t live.)

Xia Xiaoxiao said nervously, “This, how can this work I can’t take this money.

You have helped me a lot…”

Chu Chu said generously, “Then let’s just say I lend it to you and you can pay it back when you have the ability.

Anyway, don’t worry.”


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