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Chen Yifan’s million-worth debut length was neither long nor short.

He was a singer and dancer trainee.

His violent dance moves were accompanied by high-pitched singing.

His serious attitude was extremely attractive on stage, which made him shine.

If others didn’t care about President Chu’s face, maybe they would have applauded him.

Some trainees already cheered Chen Yifan’s performance.

Although one minute wasn’t long, Chen Yifan sweated profusely after performing hard.

He looked at Chu Chu while he was out of breath, with his eyes bright as flames.

Chen Yifan was young, like a shining light especially on the stage.

President Chu clapped cooperatively.

Under her lead, the people who were originally concerned about the boss’ emotions dared to offer warm applause and praised Chen Yifan’s wonderful performance. 

Chu Chu looked at Chen Yifan and asked, “You haven’t told me your name yet.”

Chen Yifan was taken aback for a while, looked at President Chu’s calm expression and hesitated to say, “My name is Chen Yifan.”

Chu Chu nodded, “I will remember you.”

Other trainees showed envious faces.

Chen Yifan didn’t take the usual path and won the boss in a fresh and refined manner.

It was simply a path that was difficult to copy.

The person involved, Chen Yifan, was a little unhappy.

He felt that President Chu wouldn’t remember his performance, but that he owed her a huge sum of millions of yuan

Chen Yifan: There was no need to perform, the boss will surely remember just the money he owed her.

Sure enough, in the next second, President Chu handed him the duplicate loan contract and encouraged him, “Work hard and make money.”

Chen Yifan: “…”

Other trainees thought of that and had a balanced mentally.

As expected, there were gains and losses.

If they wanted to attract the boss’s attention, they had to pay the price.

Everyone looked at Chen Yifan with pity, Chen Yifan even said, “I will pay it back on time.”

The CEO of Chenxing Film and Television thought this newcomer was really a hard-headed man. 

What was he doing

Chu Chu smiled, but didn’t say much.

She followed Xia Xiaoxiao to continue to see the company.

After everyone left the practice room, the trainees started to chat and discuss.

Someone violently hammered Chen Yifan and said angrily, “Are you stupid From where will you get the money to pay her back Will you pick up trash to pay her back”

Chen Yifan actually had no idea, but he firmly believed that there must be a way.

“She is so beautiful!” The people’s nervousness was interrupted by his words and they couldn’t help but laugh.

Holding the loan contract, Xia Xiaoxiao, who witnessed the whole process, asked, “President Chu, do you really want him to pay it back”

Xia Xiaoxiao hoped that Chu Chu would be somewhat compassionate and not take it seriously and simply invalidated the IOU.

Chu Chu resolutely said, “Of course, paying off debts is justified and everyone must be responsible for it.”

Xia Xiaoxiao looked embarrassed, “The monthly subsidy for trainees is very low.

Chen Yifan’s family background is average and he may not afford this huge sum of money…”

Chu Chu waved her hand, “Then you can quickly push him out to make money, pick up business cooperation and then directly transfer the reward to me for repayment.”

Xia Xiaoxiao hesitated, “…But he hasn’t made his debut yet and the number of business cooperation is very small.”

As a creditor, Chu Chu had an endless stream of methods, “Find some variety shows for him.

He is an entertainer anyway, so you won’t have to pull him to sell blood and kidney, right”

If Zhang Jianian was present, he would definitely want to complain about President Chu, ‘You are a serious entrepreneur, not an underworld leader.

Why are you still thinking about buying and selling human organs’ 

But Xia Xiaoxiao wasn’t Mr.

Zhang, she had a super fan filter and every move of President Chu could be explained in her heart.

Chu Chu had the title of “Overbearing president”, in the heroine’s eyes.

All kinds of bad things done by her had their reasons.

Xia Xiaoxiao’s first reaction was that President Chu was unwilling to bury talents and promoted Chen Yifan in an awkward way, so she was moved, “You are ingenious to motivate him this way.

He will definitely understand your painstaking efforts in the future.”

Chu Chu didn’t understand Xia Xiaoxiao’s brain circuit a bit, but didn’t say much, “Then make arrangements.”

President Chu spoke to arrange resources for Chen Yifan.

Naturally, no one in Chenxing Film and Television dared to object.

When Li Taihe was in full swing, the company could directly tailor programs and TV series for him.

For just a small trainee, it was too easy.

The CEO of Chenxing Film and Television didn’t dare to neglect the boss’s intentions.

He was afraid that his staff wouldn’t handle it well, so he simply entrusted the matter to Xia Xiaoxiao, “You take over this matter.”

Xia Xiaoxiao mistakenly thought that President Chu wanted to help Chen Yifan, so she really made an effort to select programs for him.

As Chen Yifan’s professional skills in singing and dancing were superb, she found him a variety show “The Most Dreamy Voice” with singing and dancing links.

The ratings and reputation of the program were good.

Each episode had a guest session and Chen Yifan would participate as a guest.

Although most of the guests failed to show skills in the stadium, it was undeniable that it was a good opportunity.

The news that Chen Yifan was going to be on “The Most Dreamy Voice” spread, making other trainees red with jealousy.

Some people still wanted to poke in secret to see him worry about the debts, but they didn’t expect that a pie would fall from the sky and an opportunity would come.

“Then can you sing on the same stage with my idol Oh my god, is it too late for me to find President Chu and borrow one million” Others regretted it.

If the boss remembered their names, their life would change.

When Chen Yifan learned the news, he was also quite surprised.

The trainees basically had no resources at present.

He was able to participate in “The Most Dreamy Voice”.

Chen Yifan was a little confused.

After he finished his performance, President Chu had no reaction, but applauded soullessly. 

Did he really get the boss’s appreciation for that

“Chen Yifan, please come over,” not far away, Xia Xiaoxiao waved towards him.

“Okay!” Chen Yifan hurried over.

When other trainees saw that, they became more emotional, “Yifan will have a different life from now on…”


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