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Chu Chu moved around in the chaotic “Win the War” office area, saw the lit up computer screen and asked in confusion, “What is that”

The screen had the “Win the War” logo and game graphics, but it looked more like an unfinished product in the design.

Liang Chan took a look and he replied in a rather complicated mood, “This is the seat of the person in charge, Director Qin.

Maybe he was making some trouble…”

Chu Chu couldn’t understand the complicated data and was even more curious after hearing that, “Weren’t you going to shut it down”

“I don’t know what he is doing.

Director Qin is considered the veteran of “Win the War”, but his character is…a bit twisted,” Liang Chan replied.

Chu Chu could see that Liang Chan’s feelings for Director Qin seemed to be quite subtle.

It was reasonable to say that most of the employees who were stubborn to the boss shouldn’t stay long in the company.

Since Director Qin was able to stay in Light Realm Entertainment for so long and even persisted until the game was off, there might be some stories behind it.

In the end, Chu Chu didn’t see the personnel of “Win the War”, but that didn’t affect the cooperation between Yinda and Light World Entertainment.

Zhang Jianian was responsible for the negotiation.

President Chu Chu only needed to decide whether to vote or not.

She didn’t ask about the bargaining and forcing links.

Everyone played a different role in negotiation and cooperation, and their functions were naturally different.

In the night, the office area of Light World Entertainment was still lit and it was another sleepless night.

At the end of the meeting between the two parties, Zhang Jianian followed President Chu to leave Light World Entertainment, but he couldn’t help asking again, “President Chu, you don’t need to see the Doctor”

They rushed to the meeting in a hurry, but Dr.

Hu rushed out.

Doctor Hu also contacted Zhang Jianian for that, asking if President Chu still needed him.

Without looking back, Chu Chu replied casually, “No, I’m really not injured!”

There was a small breeze in the night.

After ups and downs, Chu Chu finally finished the meeting and walked leisurely.

Zhang Jianian looked at her back.

Her arms were stretched out.

President Chu was meticulous in the past.

In an instant, countless details flashed through his mind and a bold idea appeared.

He thought of when she wanted to surrender to the police, the pale look after she slipped work, the unexpected behavior, the changeable eating habits, the lazy ridicule…

The original inconspicuous little dots were connected into a thread and then weaved into a net which covered him.

Thousands of details flooded in and her smile formed in his head, in sharp contrast with the past.

Zhang Jianian still remembered that when he was almost fired, President Chu’s hysterical and terrible attitude was like a crazy ghost.

He remembered the starlight in her eyes when she was describing the future with confidence.

People may change, but could claustrophobia be cured without treatment

Zhang Jianian’s thoughts were a little messed up.

He seemed to have a vague sense of the truth, but he was afraid that the reality was far more bizarre than speculation.

In fact, he never knew President Chu.

He used to argue with her frequently at work and the boss let  people stay thousands of miles away from her.

Now he just felt a little familiar with her and seemed to be in greater confusion.

“President Chu, I want to ask you something…” Zhang Jianian was silent for a long time and finally couldn’t help but speak.

Chu Chu turned her head, blinked blankly, still ignorant of his state of mind, “What’s the matter”

Zhang Jianian looked at her.

There were words he wanted to say, but he changed his mind and asked, “Are you hungry”

“Kind of,” Chu Chu nodded. 

She looked around and suggested, “Let’s eat whatever you want, don’t make it too grand.”

Chu Chu got into the car first unaware of his suspicion.

 Zhang Jianian thought for a moment, then called Wang Qing and asked about the progress of Chenxing Film and Television, “How is the situation now Do you know the specific cause of the elevator failure”

Zhang Jianian was surprised when he was in the monitoring room.

In his opinion, the equipment didn’t have any specific problems, but the staff always clamored that the repair wasn’t good.

What was even more weird, was Ming Fan’s existence.

Which trainee was bold enough to get in the same elevator with the boss.

In Yinda Investment, if President Chu got into the elevator, the idlers and others would wait for the next one.

Ming Fan was either stupid enough or overwhelmingly scheming.

No matter which one he was, he couldn’t stay in the company.

“We asked about the situation again and also called some on-site monitoring and inspection.

Many people were involved in it.

After we threatened them with the police, they admitted that someone had instructed them and deliberately wanted to trap President Chu… But I still don’t quite understand, why would someone intentionally break the elevator to stop President Chu”

Wang Qing rushed to Chenxing Film and Television from Yinda Investment and was busy with Xia Xiaoxiao for a long time.

She didn’t expect that an unremarkable trivial matter would be a scheme.

The amount of information she got out was getting bigger.

There were people scheming behind the scenes.

Wang Qing didn’t know of President Chu’s claustrophobia, but Zhang Jianian, as a direct minister of the princess, knew about it.

Being trapped in an elevator was just a trivial matter for ordinary people, but for people suffering from claustrophobia, it would leave a lot of psychological shadow. 

Some people wanted to use that to deter the boss. 

“Look after the trainee, I will return to the company after dinner with President Chu,” Zhang Jianian looked at the waiting car not far away and felt a headache when he thought of the person in it.

Zhang Jianian: This is simply a detective game.

It’s not clear who killed the boss, or whether the person was his boss or not.

Zhang Jianian got into the car with great thoughts, but President Chu in the back seat was humming a little tune carelessly, as if in a good mood.

Although she claimed to want to have some casual food, Zhang Jianian didn’t believe her.

The casual food of the rich wasn’t casual to ordinary people.

He didn’t ask her about the specific location.

After he got out of the car, he looked at the brightly lit food stalls on the side of the road and felt that it was a bit of a bad idea.

President Chu carried her famous bag and entered the shop with great interest, looking like she was planning to eat a late-night snack.

Zhang Jianian: Although her behaviour may have changed, can’t she pretend to be careful not to let people see it Can’t she cover up the little bit of the abnormality and pretend to be like his boss

Zhang Jianian hated his observation skills for the first time. 

Why should he be the first person to discover the weirdness Now the more he looked at her, the more doubts he had!


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