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When Chu Chu saw Xia Xiaoxiao with red eyes, staring at her like a rabbit, she jokingly said, “What’s the matter You aren’t crying, right You should be thankful that you didn’t want to buy a villa, or I will transfer the money to you and you have to pay it back…” 

Since Chu Chu handed in the black card, she had no idea about money and the family finances were managed by Zhang Jianian.

She was not a person who had too many material needs.

She knew the account password but did not move the money in the card.

Compared with other bosses, her cost of living was not large.

Xia Xiaoxiao heard President Chu’s joking, she lowered her eyes and said, “Thank you…”

She didn’t expect that President Chu would pay attention to her personal affairs.

The person was so busy every day.

It should be difficult to pay attention to trivial matters.

She actually had the idea of ​​finding someone to borrow money, but the shyness in her bones made it difficult for her to speak.

After all, this was not a small sum.

Although President Chu usually looked cynical and eloquent, occasionally she was attentive and considerate of the world, but she was accustomed to hiding it with an attitude of humility.

She seemed to be afraid that others would be under pressure.

Even if she was helping others, she was casual and lazy.

Xia Xiaoxiao thought about that and her heart was moved.

Her eyes sparkled.

The capitalist Chu Chu saw her sincerely thanking her and officially replied, “Well, you’re welcome, just work hard to repay the money next year.”

Xia Xiaoxiao: “Yes, yes!”

The performance of the song “Water Fairy” was arranged at the finale and the two were waiting in the background.

Zhang Jianian saw Chu Chu’s sullen face and was amused, “Are you nervous”

Chu Chu expressionlessly said, “I will soon become an internet celebrity in the ghost area, of course I am very nervous.” 

Although Xia Xiaoxiao said a lot of rainbow farts and about her aura, based on Chu Chu’s understanding of bored netizens, they would definitely not let her go. 

Zhang Jianian tried his best to comfort, “…Perhaps you won’t surpass Uncle Chu” 

After all, Chu Yanyin was now the apex of the ghost area.

Chu Chu still had a little difficulty in reaching the top of the list.

“President Chu and Mr.

Zhang, please go there,” the backstage director walked over and directed.

Chu Chu looked at the vast stage, took a deep breath and held Zhang Jianian’s hand on the stage.

Under the brilliant lights, the auditorium was like a dark night, as if there were only two of them in the world.

The soothing prelude sounded, unexpectedly dispelling the somewhat chubby stiffness.

She squeezed his warm hand and turned around to look back at him.

Zhang Jianian took the lead in singing with a smot smile, “The flowers are in the wrong flowering period and the water is overflowing…”

The audience were surprised as they were shocked by Mr.

Zhang’s live CD level.

The comment screens on the side of the stage matched the song.

Its brightness was slightly dimmed, but it still couldn’t hide the crazy screens of netizens.

——Debut, the prince! He is a completely mobile CD! !

——The VC pair looked so beautiful today that their fans fell to the ground on the spot! 

——President Chu always looks like a cold-faced killer with no emotions and was finally influenced by VIR who held her hand.

It’s really touching.


——She is definitely a killer.

I am standing upright when listening to her singing.


——President Chu’s face seemed to say “I took my time to perfuse you in my busy schedule”, hahahaha! 

Chu Chu sang reluctantly.

She used superb skills to make the pitch erratic.

Zhang Jianian quietly gave her a chord, trying to pull the tone back a little bit.

He looked at her gently and tolerantly throughout the whole process, as if completely ignoring the surrounding environment.

At the end of the song, there was enthusiastic applause from the audience and the barrage also came out.

-Survival confirmation!

—— Survival Confirmation 1 Singing To Death Series

——”Water Fairy” is a wonderful song in contemporary popular music.

The singer used two different singing skills to highlight the beautiful and romantic mood of the song, hahaha.

——The VC combination was locked and the key was eaten by me.


The singing program of Chu Chu and Zhang Jianian ended and there was a speech session.

The host first praised the performance and then officially introduced the live broadcast screens and the lottery function and then smiled, “President Chu and Mr.

Zhang, now there are comments from netizens on the screens.

You can choose one which has the deepest impression as the lucky winner of this round.”

Zhang Jianian looked at Chu Chu and let her choose first.

Chu Chu glanced at the densely populated barrage screens and said, “Then I will choose this one, The Princess is so beautiful.”

Zhang Jianian: “”

Chu Chu touched her chin and corrected it logically, “But you shouldn’t be called a princess in the future.

After all, the idea of ​​restoring the monarchy is very dangerous and now it is a legal society.”

Netizens: “!!!” Is this a sudden legal education Restoration warning

The host was also a little dazed and couldn’t help but curiously say, “This should be a nickname for a netizen… Then what do you think she should be called”

Chu Chu tentatively asked, “General Manager’s wife”

Zhang Jianian: “…”

——F-ck, hahaha, this name is very legal! Why don’t you call her Mr.

Tyrant’s little wife, hahahaha.

——Feel the subtle expression of the new general manager’s wife.

VIR’s current inner drama should be to make the difficult decision of “whether to give face to her husband in front of outsiders”.


——President Chu: I feel that someone is about to grab the back of my fate by the neck.


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