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Zhang Jianian’s words pierced Nan Yandong’s face.

He didn’t expect the other party to speak for Chu Chu so much.

Chu Chu extracted a lot of information from the conversation between the two.

Zhang Jianian and Nan Yandong were old acquaintances and knew each other to a certain extent.

“I really misunderstood you back then,” Nan Yandong choked for a long time, finally squeezed out a word and tried to fight back.

He didn’t seem to have vented enough.

He glanced at Zhang Jianian and said condescendingly, “Sure enough, people of any background can do anything.

Even if you walk up to the top of the cloud a little bit, you still have the habit of being stained with mud.

You just think so anxiously for your boss”

Nan Yandong was disappointed by Zhang Jianian.

He was very optimistic about him, but Zhang Jianian insisted on joining Chu Chu and spoke for her.

Zhang Jianian nodded and said, “Mr.

Nan, I’m originally a mud and I don’t expect to reach the peak of the cloud.

You should also pay attention.

Don’t be careless, or muddy water will stain your face.”

Nan Yandong had complex eyes.

He stared at Zhang Jianian fiercely, only to feel that he was punching cotton.

Zhang Jianian’s expression was calm.

He lowered his eyes lightly and wasn’t affected by Nan Yandong at all.

Chu Chu couldn’t stand it and waved her hand in front of Nan Yandong to interrupt him, “Hey, don’t look.

He is not yours, what are you looking at him for”

Nan Yandong gritted his teeth and frowned with anger.

As long as they looked at each other, they would get angry with each other for no reason and wanted to fight.

Chu Chu wasn’t used to hearing Nan Yandong’s depreciation of Zhang Jianian and raised her eyebrows mockingly, “What age is this and you still have a class concept If you have a good birth, you can enjoy yourself.

What do you want to show off ”

She was quite uncomfortable with his aggressive attitude.

Apart from having a good father, how could he be better than Zhang Jianian

Nan Yandong’s face sank, “You…”

“Shut up,” Chu Chu was impatient, she didn’t want to hear his voice at all and said mercilessly, “Do you really think that you are the landlord of the age and can shout at everyone Nan Batian was finally caught and defeated when the Red Detachment of Women had been defeated, why can’t you take a lesson from it”

Nan Batian was the villain in “The Red Detachment of Women” (film).

He was a  landlord in a rampant village who bullied common people.

He was actually somewhat similar to Nan Yandong, even though their last name wasn’t the same.


Hearing President Chu’s description, Liang Chan couldn’t help turning his head and laughing.

She really said what many people wanted to say but didn’t dare to.

Others couldn’t help but laugh, but for Nan Yandong’s face, they tried their best to control their expressions and didn’t dare to be too presumptuous.

The freshly baked Nan Batian was so speechless that he took a deep breath.

He hated why he didn’t have two mouths that could attack her at the same time!

Nan Yandong had never experienced such a shameful moment.

He warned himself not to engage in quarrels with her.

“How long can you rely on Chu Yanyin and be arrogant Your good days are coming to an end.” Nan Yandong’s eyes darkened and he gave a cold warning, “One day, I will let you pay for the words you said today.”

“Tsk, President Nan, you really speak like a villain,” Chu Chu saw his fierce face but didn’t care, “I’m the opposite.

I hope that Uncle Nan’s family will be happy and you will get a unicorn (heir) again, in order to save the Nan family from being pulled down by your IQ.”

Chu Chu thought to herself, he even dared to threaten people, or he would be beaten in a boring sack and captured alive like Nan Batian.

Nan Yandong was half-dead by Chu Chu.

He simply walked away and even forgot the ‘Win the War’ team.

[Congratulations on your completion of the hidden mission.

The halo of “Dominant President” has been strengthened.


[Hidden mission: Hit the character with the halo of “dominant president” once.]

“President Chu, you dare to say…” Liang Chan, CEO of Light World Entertainment, saw Nan Yandong leave and sighed in admiration.

But concern appeared on his face, “President Chu and President Nan have a good relationship.

Can you do this ”

Qisheng Group and Nanfeng Group have cooperated a lot, but President Chu and President Nan were in a completely reversed situation.

Chu Chu waved her hand casually, “Hey, they are plastic (m.fake) brothers, so don’t take it seriously.”

Liang Chan: “…”

Chu Chu only heard strange voices about hidden missions, but didn’t receive a reminder of the success of the duel mission.

Obviously, that wasn’t considered as grabbing the ‘Win the War’ team from Nan Yandong.

She asked Liang Chan curiously, “Why are his eyes on ‘Win the War’ Didn’t you want to stop operating it”

“President Chu, I’m sorry.

I really don’t know…” Liang Chan was also confused by that, “‘Win the War’ burned a lot of the company’s money in the past two years and it didn’t give any profit.

So it would barely last until the year.

If it weren’t for Liang Chan and Director Qin’s feelings for the old game, in fact, the game would have been suspended earlier.”

Chu Chu was thinking, so when Zhang Jianian saw that, he asked, “Can President Liang introduce us to Director Qin of ‘Win the War’”

Since Nan Yandong mentioned this person twice, there must be something.

“No problem,” Liang Chan agreed happily.

He glanced at the time again and suggested, “It’s a bit late today.

I will make an appointment for you and him another day.”

It was almost dark.

People from Light World Entertainment and Yinda Investment said goodbye to each other.

Chu Chu followed Zhang Jianian into the car.

Zhang Jianian usually sat in the passenger seat and Chu Chu in the back seat.

She thought for a moment, then asked, “Can you drive”

The driver holding the steering wheel was taken aback, wondering why, “President Chu, of course I will drive…”

The driver was halfway through and a thought came.

President Chu wasn’t speaking to him.

He turned to Zhang Jianian.

Zhang Jianian had an ominous hunch and answered, “…I can drive.”

Chu Chu: “That’s good.”

After a while, the driver stood outside the car.

Facing a sudden layoff, he was a little at a loss, “President Chu, don’t you need me to drive”

“No need for today.

Take a taxi and go home.

I will reimburse you,” Chu Chu opened the door of the passenger seat and sat in by herself.

The new driver, Zhang Jianian, felt very awkward and was afraid that he would drive the car into the ditch later.

Sure enough, as soon as the idlers disappeared, President Chu asked, “Do you and Nan Yandong know each other”

Zhang Jianian guessed it and confessed, “He is my former senior.”

She sighed with unexplained emotion, “It looks like your relationship is very good.”

Zhang Jianian: …This familiar tone is exactly the same as when I helped the chairman last time.

Zhang Jianian mobilized a strong desire to survive and vowed, “No, we aren’t people of the same world, so we don’t know each other well.”

Hearing that, Chu Chu nodded in satisfaction and affirmed, “Very well, young people these days have a high consciousness of reality and know which world they come from.”

Zhang Jianian could clearly divide the forces of the enemy and hers.

He had indeed made significant ideological progress.

He looked at her pretentious look.

He was amused in his heart and a little helplessness surged.

He could have let the topic stop there, but for some reason he didn’t want to.

So he shook his head gently and explained, “You and I aren’t of the same world.”

Chu Chu was surprised, “Why”

“l have self-knowledge, you and I are different,” Zhang Jianian smiled gently, as if talking about trivial things.

Chu Chu was silent for a moment and asked, “Do you care about what Nan Yandong said”

Zhang Jianian said calmly, “I don’t care.

I just accept it rationally.”

Everyone’s birth environment affected their development.

Zhang Jianian wouldn’t give up his efforts, but he also had a clear and objective understanding of the future.

Some people were born with a halo.

Everything in the world was at their fingertips and some just needed a lifetime of effort to compare to them.

President Chu was born to stand at the top of the pyramid.

She and him must not be from the same world.

He wouldn’t be influenced by his origin, but he must also have a clear understanding of reality.

Ordinary people didn’t have wayward capital and they had to learn to put themselves right.

When Chu Chu heard the words, she stayed quiet for a while.

Zhang Jianian’s smile was sincere, but it felt like a thousand miles away.

This was his true knowledge and Chu Chu, as the lucky one, had no right to refute anything.

God decided at the very beginning to make many things unfair, so people could only accept it.

Zhang Jianian didn’t expect that the eloquent President Chu would be speechless.

He was afraid that she would have a burden in her heart, so he broke the silence first and said comfortingly, “Actually, you don’t need to take this to heart.

It’s just my personal thoughts.”

Chu Chu couldn’t deny his theory.

She thought for a while and said, “I am a communist party member.”

Zhang Jianian looked at a loss: “”

Chu Chu said earnestly, “To achieve common prosperity is the mission of the Communist Party members.

I will get rich first, and then help you get rich gradually realizing common prosperity.”

Zhang Jianian: “…”


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