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Even if she cut off part of the budget for “Win War”, he felt that the price was too high.

No one could guarantee the actual income of the game.

That was simply gambling.

Chu Chu made her decision, “No.”

Zhang Jianian: “…”

He carefully reminded her, “We are still not sure about the future revenue of the game.

If the subsequent profit doesn’t meet expectations…”

Director Qin lowered his head slightly, as if he was a little depressed.

It was undeniable that “Win the War” had suffered a long loss in recent years.

Chu Chu was quite confident and said loudly, “You have to believe that a good game will eventually get its due return.”

Director Qin raised his head in surprise when he heard the words.

He didn’t expect that President Chu could say such positive words.

He was a little moved until he heard the next sentence, “It doesn’t matter if we really lose money…” 

Chu Chu said unhurriedly, “I can cut my budget today and I can cut people tomorrow.”

Director Qin: “”

Chu Chu smiled kindly at Director Qin, “You have to work hard.”

Director Qin: “…”

Director Qin was horrified.

How did developing games become a high-risk job It sounded like his life wasn’t guaranteed and could be gone at any time.

After a long period of bargaining, everyone finally finalized the investment in research and development for “Win the War”. 

When Chu Chu signed the contract with Liang Chan, she heard a strange voice prompt.

The duel task was finally completed.

[Congratulations on your completion of the task, the halo of “Domineering President” has been strengthened.]

After Chu Chu and Zhang Jianian stepped out of the door of Light World Entertainment, she sighed, “The money is still quite a lot.”

Zhang Jianian silently complained in his heart: So you know.

He could only tell himself that it was “Chu Chu Investment”.

If one didn’t follow all investment rules, it should be fine.

Chu Chu proposed, “Why don’t you go talk to Old Chu and arrange another blind date for me”

Zhang Jianian: “Why don’t I just ask the chairman to transfer 500 million to you It’s simpler and more direct.”

Chu Chu was overjoyed, “Of course it’s best, is it feasible”

Zhang Jianian showed a business smirk, “It’s probably not feasible.”

Chu Chu sighed, “Why can’t the sky drop a huge sum of money”

His boss thought too much.

He never expected that a huge sum of money would come the next day, which perfectly made up for the gap of Yinda’s participation in the “Win the War”.

The next day, Zhang Jianian suddenly received a call from Li Taihe.

Before he could figure out the ins and outs, he heard a vicious voice from the other side.

Li Taihe gritted his teeth and said, “Tell her that I have already settled things with her, so don’t use liquidated damages to entangle me again.”

“…” Zhang Jianian couldn’t figure something out.

He was quite speechless, “Who told you my phone number”

Zhang Jianian didn’t understand.

He could understand that he was being scolded as President Chu’s running dog, but there was no need to use him as a communicator, right Why couldn’t these people call the boss directly They asked him to pass the message.

Zhang Jianian asked, “Were you put into the blacklist”

All the people who called Zhang Jianian had something in common, that was, they were blocked by President Chu and could only rely on him to pass their words

Li Taihe snorted coldly.

He hung up the phone to avoid the problem.

Chu Chu was shocked when she heard the news, “He really paid the liquidated damages I thought we would depend on him for the rest of his life.”

Li Taihe actually had to pay a huge amount of liquidated damages.

He completely regained his freedom, but he paid 100 million for that.

Zhang Jianian nodded but his expression was rather solemn and not half relaxed.

He reported, “Li Taihe has just signed a new cooperation with the artist agency of New Vision.

The liquidated damages are likely paid by Mr.


At the beginning, when President Chu said that she wanted one hundred million, it became a funny joke that permeated the entire network.

Everyone felt that Li Taihe couldn’t afford to pay and made fun of him.

Seeing that he, a good actor, became a comedian for the whole network, Li Taihe had always been angry and determined to wash his reputation.

He felt that the most straightforward way was to use money to punch Chu Chu in the face.

Only by regaining his freedom could he find his original position.

However, Chu Chu didn’t feel humiliated by the money.

She showed care in her eyes and exclaimed, “Are they fools”

Chu Chu: If you have money but don’t make money, you’re a little tortoise egg.

Who cares if it’s humiliating or not.


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