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Before Chu Chu took a few steps, she was stopped by Zhang Jianian.

Zhang Jianian was afraid that Chu Chu would do anything to Nan Yandong again and reminded her in a low voice, “President Chu, you just said that you regret and fear your actions.”

Chu Chu had to stop and stare suspiciously at the newly sober Nan Yandong.

Nan Yandong touched his head and took a breath at the same time.

He touched the wound and said blankly, “I seem to have knocked my head”

He found a big bulging on his head and it hurt like fire when he touched it.

Zhang Jianian asked, “Mr.

Nan, do you still feel uncomfortable now”

When he saw him acting strange, he became deeply worried.

If he was really troubled by President Chu, the Nan family wouldn’t let it go.

“Fortunately, I am just a little dizzy,” Nan Yandong answered.

“You actually call me Mr.


Chu Chu raised her eyebrows, “Otherwise”

Chu Chu: Did he want to be called Tyrant

Zhang Jianian desperately signaled to President Chu with his eyes.

She was forbidden to stimulate the patient’s emotions.

Did she really want to go to jail 

Nan Yandong glanced at Chu Chu, then smiled, “Jianian, you can call me Alan like in the past.”

“…” Chu Chu was struck by thunder, “What do you say your name is”

Zhang Jianian explained with a good temper, “President Chu, Alan is Mr.

Nan’s English name.”

Chu Chu fell into a daze.

She quickly pushed Xia Xiaoxiao to him and asked, “Do you know her”

Xia Xiao smiled blankly, but she stood still obediently and accepted Nan Yandong’s gaze.

An apologetic expression appeared on Nan Yandong’s face and he hesitated, “This is…”

Chu Chu thought to herself: This is your Goddess.

Don’t you even remember her

It dawned on Chu Chu.

She finally understood why she felt familiar when she heard about the Nanfeng Group.

It was the male partner’s property!

In “The Fierce Wife of the Superstar”, the male partner’s name was Alan.

He was a piano genius who had returned from studying abroad and was a gentle white moonlight character.

Alan had a crush on Xia Xiaoxiao.

He had been silently liking her, but didn’t dare to confess his intentions.

He seemed to be suffering from some kind of mental illness.

He regarded Xia Xiaoxiao as sustenance and called her the “Goddess” in private.

When Chu Chu read the novel, she swept through all these contents.

The male partner’s name in the whole story was Alan.

Who would remember his real name was Nan Yandong After all, Nan Yandong sounded good and had the same personality as Chu Yanyin, which didn’t fit the soft second male lead.

Nan Yandong didn’t know Xia Xiaoxiao.

Zhang Jianian was even more puzzled, “If you don’t know her.

Why did you meet her”

“What did you talk about” Zhang Jianian found out that he had missed many details.

He just thought of clarifying with President Chu, but didn’t pay much attention to the reason why Nan Yandong and Xia Xiaoxiao met.

Xia Xiaoxiao didn’t want to talk about the surveillance video. 

She stubbornly said, “Mr.

Nan said that I used to like listening to him playing the piano, but we haven’t seen each other before…”

Zhang Jianian: “…”

Chu Chu: “Tsk tsk, you’re pretty good at picking up girls.”

Nan Yandong’s eyes widened in surprise.

He dared not say anything, “Really”

Xia Xiaoxiao nodded and repeated, “I turned around to leave.

You told me to wait and then you said,’You used to like listening to me playing the piano.’ When I said that I was not interested in piano, you got angry.

You were arguing with me, President Chu arrived at the parking lot and then you were gently hit by a wrench…”

Xia Xiaoxiao felt that there was nothing wrong with her description.

She just didn’t say that the wrench was held by President Chu.

Zhang Jianian turned his head, looked at Nan Yandong and said with certainty, “Is that right”

Nan Yandong sat on the hospital bed blankly as if he was thinking about it.

Xia Xiaoxiao stared at him.

Although she didn’t mention Mr.

Nan’s slander and surveillance video of President Chu, it shouldn’t be considered excessive editing, right

“I can’t remember…” Nan Yandong replied after thinking for a moment.

He looked at Xia Xiaoxiao and said, “But you shouldn’t say that you are not interested in the piano.

This will become a regret in your life.

It is indeed possible that I got angry about this.”

Zhang Jianian: “…”

Zhang Jianian: Wait, is this the point The point is that you were hit by a wrench, not about her being uninterested in piano!

Nan Yandong earnestly advised, “I think it’s necessary for you to listen to the sound of the piano, it will definitely change your wrong view.”

Xia Xiaoxiao was at a loss, “But I don’t understand music…”

Nan Yandong watched her, “You don’t need to understand the music, you just feel it.”

He actually grabbed Xia Xiaoxiao and tried to make her like piano, like a terrible pyramid organization (scam) engaged in brainwashing.

He talked about Schubert from Bach and the famous musicians.

Chu Chu listened to the two discussing music and got lethargic.

She yawned and asked Zhang Jianian, “Is there any need for me to be here”

Zhang Jianian: “…You can go.”

He was very confused.

He summarized the plot a little bit.

Could this be a bloodshed caused by an extracurricular music tutoring class

The extracurricular tutor Nan Yandong took the child Xia Xiaoxiao to the piano class.

He was attacked by the unreasonable and violent parent, President Chu.

After waking up, he still insisted on the student applying for piano lessons.

Sure enough, no matter how hard it was, the child shouldn’t suffer.

No matter how poor she was, couldn’t the poor have the right for education

Besides, he couldn’t think of a reason for Nan Yandong and Xia Xiaoxiao to meet and talk.

Xia Xiaoxiao wasn’t much known in the company.

She neither carried commercial secrets on her back, nor was she outstanding in her own right.

She was only labeled as President Chu’s fan. 

She couldn’t make a difference if she met with Nan Yandong.

If they didn’t talk about music in the underground parking lot, what else could they talk about

Zhang Jianian could only persuade himself with such bizarre reasons in his heart.

Anyway, Nan Yandong didn’t intend to hold President Chu accountable.

He didn’t know the real reason, so he might as well accept this.

Chu Chu successfully escaped from the ward, leaving Xia Xiaoxiao to attract Nan Yandong’s attention.

The male partner couldn’t do anything to the female lead and would at most force her to learn the piano.

Zhang Jianian followed President Chu out. 

He lowered his eyes and said, “What are you hiding from me”


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