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There must be an unspoken secret.

He could tell it just by looking at Xia Xiaoxiao’s covert attitude.

Chu Chu looked into his eyes and fell silent.

After a while, she blinked and hesitated,”Well… which one are you talking about”

Zhang Jianian: “…”

Didn’t that mean there were many things she hid

Zhang Jianian showed a full business smile and said impeccably, “You can confess to me, I will definitely be good and remember them.”

Zhang Jianian’s usual meticulous tie was a bit skewed and his hair was messy.

He seemed to be in a hurry and had not paid attention to these details.

He had been busy with this all day, like a firefighter, just following behind to clean up the mess.

Zhang Jianian didn’t know what debts he owed her in his previous life that he had to work so hard to pay it in this life.

Could it be that he was on dues when he was in another world, so he would suffer the destruction due to the members and cultivators of the other world

Chu Chu thought for a while and sang the adapted version of “When You”, answering his question, “When your eyes are narrowed and when you question me when I make trouble, I want to tell you, but I am afraid that I will make a mistake… …”

Zhang Jianian calmly complained, “If you want to sing, you can go to the ward and discuss with them.”

Chu Chu thought of the duo in the ward and stopped abruptly.

Zhang Jianian successfully stopped her evasion of the topic and said seriously, “Please answer the question directly, what else do I not know”

Chu Chu carefully looked at his expression and sang weakly, “…I like you so much, don’t you know”

Zhang Jianian: “…”

Chu Chu: “Do you need me to sing it again”

Zhang Jianian: “…Thank you, no need.”

Zhang Jianian completely forgot his doubts because of President Chu.

Nan Yandong’s memory before the concussion wasn’t clear.

He graciously stated that he and Chu Chu didn’t know each other, so he turned the story lightly.

He didn’t pursue it and the Nan family naturally had nothing to say.

After all, no one knew the real situation.

In addition, there was an old enmity.

Nan Yandong once let Chu Chu down by not going to blind date, so Director Nan didn’t dare to blame her too much.

Director Nan patted Chu Yanyin helplessly and said, “Director Chu, I understand that it was just children playing around.

Yandong was also quite unreasonable last time… But after this time, our two families are fine, right”

Chu Chu hit his son’s head and shouldn’t blame his son for not showing up on the blind date, right

Director Nan firmly believed the incident happened because of what happened that time, but this method of revenge was too hardcore.

“Of course, our two families have always got along well!” Chu Yanyin hypocritically replied.

He also breathed a sigh of relief in his heart.

At least he didn’t have to go to the prison to deliver food to Chu Chu.

From the current point of view, things were good for everyone.

Chu Chu didn’t need to go to jail, Nan Yandong recovered and the Chu and Nan family reconciled.

The only flaw was probably that Xia Xiaoxiao was forced to enroll in the piano class and forcefully accepted the influence of music.

Chu Yanyin sent away the Nan family, turned his head and became furious at Chu Chu.

He began to violently reprimand, “From where did you have the courage to beat the Nan family’s hire Do you know the influence of the Nanfeng Group!”

Although Chu Yanyin felt that it was awkward when Nan Yandong didn’t come to the blind date, as a father, he still had to scold his child first.

How could she hit anyone!

Chu Chu hesitated, “Is Qisheng inferior to Nanfeng”

Chu Chu thought Qisheng was the best.

She didn’t expect Nanfeng to be even better, so Old Chu was hesitant.

Chu Yanyin got unhappy, not allowing his daughter to question his own strength, he retorted, “That’s not true, it’s not better than Qisheng…”

Chu Chu sincerely asked for advice, “Then why should I not have the courage”

Chu Yanyin was stuck for a moment and emphasized, “No, we two cooperate a lot.

You shouldn’t cause trouble!”

Chu Chu: “Do you mean that I should look at the list of our partners in the future and look after them”

Chu Yanyin: “…”

Chu Yanyin: Something is wrong


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