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“You can leave first, it’s already late.” Zhang Jianian glanced at the time and explained, “I drove over.

When President Chu wakes up, I will drop her back.”

“Okay,” Xia Xiaoxiao got the answer and agreed like a scumbag in the workplace.

Chen Yifan was puzzled: If President Chu had been awake, what should he have done

Xia Xiaoxiao and Chen Yifan left first.

Zhang Jianian quietly walked into the office and saw the woman slumped into the blanket asleep, like a curled up cat.

She looked much better when sleeping.

Zhang Jianian knew that President Chu had been sleeping too little recently, so he didn’t bother her.

He simply let her sleep for a while.

During the preparation of “Rouge”, President Chu worked at Yinda Investment in the morning and moved to Chenxing Film and Television to handle affairs at noon.

She didn’t let go of either side and was busy till late at night.

If they discussed the plot, it was common for everyone to stay up until three or four in the morning.

This was the state of the project.

Zhang Jianian sat aside, stared at her sleeping face while waiting for President Chu to wake up.

The screen of the phone next to him suddenly turned on and he noticed that “Alan” had sent a few more messages.

Zhang Jianian wanted to complain: These bosses don’t like to sleep.

Do they practice cultivation every night

Zhang Jianian unlocked the screen and saw the first few messages.

Alan: Did you think about what I told you last time

Alan: This was our common goal when we were in college.

I sincerely hope you can join us.

These two messages were received before Zhang Jianian delivered the food and he didn’t reply.

Nan Yandong was a little uncomfortable, so he sent a few more.

Alan: I know that you are grateful for Uncle Chu’s help, but your contributions to Qisheng over the years have been enough to repay this kindness and he will not blame you.

If you think it’s inappropriate, I am willing to come forward to communicate with Uncle Chu.

I believe he will understand.

Zhang Jianian didn’t reply.

At that time, he was talking with Chen Yifan, so he didn’t notice the phone.

Nan Yandong probably felt that Zhang Jianian was evading the problem, so he simply sent a new message.

Alan: Jianian, I think you need to understand that the object of your gratitude is Uncle Chu, not her.

In fact, in actual implementation, you may be confused.

If you want to repay his kindness, perhaps you should stay in Qisheng rather than Yinda.

Alan: If you change your mind or have any ideas you want to tell me, you can contact me at any time.

Looking at the new message, Zhang Jianian fell into deep thought.

In fact, he knew his situation better than anyone else.

They were all born lucky, but he was different.

“How long have I slept” Chu Chu sat upright and rubbed her eyes.

She didn’t expect to fall into a deep sleep.

Zhang Jianian was frightened by the sudden voice.

He concealed his phone with a guilty conscience and said sternly, “You slept for less than an hour.”

Chu Chu stared at him silently.

Zhang Jianian held a strong composure and suggested, “I will send you back now.”

“Are you hiding something from me” After Chu Chu woke up, her thoughts were extremely clear.

She spotted a strangeness on his calm face and narrowed her eyes suspiciously.

Zhang Jianian thought, as expected, the monarchs were suspicious and keen and their sixth sense was simply strong.

He pretended not to understand and said, “What did you say”

Chu Chu stood up from the chair, put the blanket on the side and smirked, “Can I look at your phone”

Zhang Jianian struggled, “…Can I refuse”

Chu Chu raised her eyebrows and stared at him silently.

The strong desire to survive urged Zhang Jianian to hand over the phone and he respectfully said, “Please look over.”

After Zhang Jianian handed over the phone, he wanted to be an inconspicuous background board as he didn’t dare to bear the next storm.

Chu Chu read the ten lines at a glance and then sneered, “Oh, the Wifi in the hospital is good, the five or six messages were sent on time.”

Zhang Jianian: [Hugging my little self heartily.jpg]


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