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“But isn’t the pre-publicity too rushed We have been preparing to launch ‘Misty’  for a long time…” Liang Chan struggled.

Even if President Chu posted a Weibo, the coverage wouldn’t be wide enough.

Her fans were also limited.

“You don’t have to worry about propaganda, I will find a way,” Chu Chu thought about it and promised.

Liang Chan saw that she made a promise and finally agreed, one was to complete the agreement and the other was that the main employer of “Win War” was Yinda.

President Chu said that it must be released in advance, so he didn’t have much reason to refuse.

Liang Chan sent away Yinda and the party, but he was also worried about the promotion of “Win the War”.

As soon as he returned to the office, someone rushed to report, “President Liang, you can read the official blog of “Win the War”, it’s about to explode!”

Elf Ranger: Why did “Win the War” stop I still want to play today!

The Dark One: So disappointed, can’t you restart the game version I saw the official information.

How long will the mobile game version take

Baikua: My childhood memories are gone now, disappointed [cry].

If I didn’t see today’s hot search, I wouldn’t know about it.

Watching the heated discussions on Weibo, Liang Chan was confused for a while.

He didn’t expect that the beta version of “Win the War” could cause such a big response.

Countless old players also went to the official blog of “Win the War” to strongly demand the re-start of the game version, so that everyone could relive their previous feelings.

They wrote sincere words and cried.

Liang Chan: Before the game was stopped, why didn’t they do that Now they are coming to make a fuss

“Win the War” was silently suspended at that time.

It was a pity that it didn’t cause any waves.

Liang Chan finally understood that President Chu had amazing popularity.

She was simply a hot searched noble player and her popularity far exceeded many celebrities.

It could match the results of buying the navy for fake online comments.

Before “Misty” was released, Light World Entertainment spent extremely high marketing prices and launched an overwhelming publicity, trying to compete with “Clear Mountain Prefecture”.

When the two games were the hottest, the discussion wasn’t as good as when President Chu came to the company to test “Win the War”.

Liang Chan regretted it.

If he had known that he would have directly paid the marketing fee to President Chu, perhaps the effect of the promotion of “The Misty Mountain Residence” could be better.

However, he also knew that it was whimsical and he only dared to enjoy it in his heart.

After all, there was a plagiarism incident before and it was impossible for Chu Chu to swim in the muddy water.

Liang Chan thought for a while and simply found Director Qin and told him to launch the mobile game version in advance.

Liang Chan pondered for a moment and suggested, “After the mobile game version is launched, if time permits, the remastered version of the mobile game will be reopened.”

Director Qin wanted to add the remake of the terminal game online, but Liang Chan rejected it.

After all, the terminal game version had dragged down the company for many years.

“Huh” Director Qin looked dumbfounded, “But you said…”

“I’m following the trend at this time.

I’m afraid I will change my mind again,” Liang Chan sighed.

It was difficult to balance profit and feeling.

His heart was actually very confused.

Now that there was a lot of pressure on bet, he might as well go all out.

Chu Chu returned to Yinda Investment and began to find a way to promote “Win the War”.

She currently had 7.12 million followers.

She had not posted on Weibo and it was not easy to maintain these followers.

Compared with other public figures, Li Taihe had 31.28 million fans and Yin Yan had 37.93 million fans.

With recent rapid development, Chen Yifan also increased to 6.48 million fans.

It wasn’t that Chu Chu had never thought of doing publicity for Chenxing’s artists, but there were no surprises.

There were only a few influential artists.

Chu Chu flipped through it and found that “Qisheng Group” had 12.05 million fans.

She was deeply aware that it was meaningless to consume her own resources.

Since she encountered difficulties, she must mobilize the people.

Chu Chu scanned the brands under the Qisheng Group and got an idea.

The efficiency of Light World Entertainment and “Win the War” was very high.

After the preparations, the mobile game version of “Win the War” would be announced immediately and the launch time would be announced.

With “President Chu Unlimited Gold Coins” going viral, the official blog of the mobile game version of “Win the War” quickly gained some attention, at least higher than the starting point of “The Misty Mountain Residence” in the early stage.

But that alone was far from full promotion.

It didn’t take long for everyone to find out that President Chu, who had been gone for a long time, finally posted her first Weibo.

She just directly reposted the Weibo of “Win War” and wrote the post in a simple and rude manner.

Chu Chu: Forward it @Qisheng Group.

The official blog style of Qisheng Group had always been orthodox.

It could accumulate such a huge number of fans, mainly due to long-term event promotion and regular lottery draws.

The editor in charge of the operating official blog saw the news and was shocked.

He swallowed nervously for a while.

Editor: Director Chu didn’t allow the princess to manage the official blog, but now the princess is asking us, what should I do!

When everyone in the Qisheng Department received the news, they had a meeting to discuss how to deal with the crisis and survive in the cracks.

“Otherwise, just forward it.

It’s not a big deal…”

“But last time I was scolded when I forwarded ‘I am the Venomous Tongue King’!” Xiao Li was almost kicked!

“Then you can’t keep President Chu hanging, right That’s why I don’t want to get involved in these kinds of things.”

“How can you reply Wouldn’t it be very provocative if you didn’t forward or reply”

Everyone scratched their heads and reluctantly came up with an idea and found a soft reply template.

Qisheng Group: Dear, I suggest you change to an official blog.

@Yinda Investment

The official blog of Qisheng Group, which was originally serious, could only whisper weakly at this time by tactfully rejecting President Chu’s request, hoping that she would let them go.

Yinda Investment: Corporate culture like yours is not good.

@Qisheng Group

Little Cherry: I am laughing so hard, hahahaha.

I can feel the Qiheng group’s fragile and helpless desire to survive.

Mei Li: So bold, do you want to rebel, dare to defy the princess! [doge]

Tu Xiaoji: Don’t you want to live anymore When the princess gets the throne, the first one to be killed will be you! @Qisheng Group

Bookmark: Take a look at how the Princess @Yinda Investment did it and praise the game with sincerity and feeling, go on @Qisheng Group!

Dishonored descendants of the Chu family: Do you look down on our Princess Chu.

Tell me what wolf ambitions you have

Everyone in the Media Department didn’t dare to ignore President Chu, but now the crimes put on them were getting more serious.

Actually there were countless enthusiastic netizens who wanted to help President Chu to scold them

Qisheng Group: [Black Question Mark Face.jpg]


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