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He tried his best to calm his anger, he ignored her words and explained, “When you get to my position, you will naturally understand that many things are not as easy as you think…”

Chu Yanyin only needed someone to fill in the position of Mrs.


As for Lin Mingzhu or Li Mingzhu, it didn’t really matter to him.

If there was no one in the position, he would have more trouble instead.

Chu Chu nodded affirmatively, “Okay, when I am over sixty years old and marry a young boy, my doubts will definitely be resolved.

So I think it will be clear!”

Chu Yanyin: “…”

Chu Yanyin had a touch of numbness and finally changed the subject, “I’m not free this week.

Please talk with your Aunt Lin at the time of the party.

As long as you go there, I won’t break my promise.”

Chu Chu thought for a while.

Chu Yanyin happily gave 500 million yuan to her for a blind date the previous time.

Weibo was just a trivial matter.

He would keep his promise if he wanted her to come.

The plastic father and daughter successfully concluded an agreement and reached cooperation in the spirit of equality and mutual benefit.

Chu Yanyin hung up the phone and the person next to him saw that his face was no longer angry and reminded, “Director Chu, are you going to the meeting now”

Chu Yanyin glanced at the big screen in the venue, returned to his former calmness and shrewdness and said, “Add a page to my PPT and put her games on it.”

Chu Yanyin couldn’t let his subordinates forward Weibo directly, so straightforward.

He would lose the honorable status of chairman.

He said so and his subordinates understood.

The secretary decisively used the game information of “Win the War” as a picture and added it to the integration of new media marketing resources.

Qisheng’s meeting ended and everyone went back to tell Director Chu’s new trend, tossed over and over again to study the chairman’s PPT, to understand his intentions.

In the evening, Qisheng’s official blog, who declined President Chu, showed up again, restored their official appearance and sent the latest Weibo.

Qisheng Group: Relive childhood classics, fierce battles in the wilderness.

Make an appointment to participate in the “Win the War” public beta version and retrieve your unique memories.

Yunyunxia: Although the official blog is still serious, I know that you have lost your pure soul and become the princess’s dog.[doge]

Rose: The party is uprising, rush toward the base camp, sweep the world, come and worship!

Deli Little Camomile: Tengyue Real Estate, Qingya and Huifang Pharmaceuticals have all forwarded it.

Did Qisheng do that [doge]

Netizens were surprised to find that not only Qisheng’s official blog reposted President Chu’s Weibo, but also Qisheng Group’s microblogs for companies and products have sprung up like mushrooms, turning into a sentimental advertisement.

From official blogs with millions of fans to small blogs with thousands of fans, the coverage was so wide that it was astounding.

Sweet tooth angel: Haha! It has become a success! It’s caused by Qisheng Weibo’s customer service response and it was called “Kindish Chaos” in history!

Xiaomei: This advertising is flourishing as you wished @ChuChu

Happy: Qisheng Group: Once, there was a Weibo in front of me, I missed it; now, my little brothers and I have to pay for it, we all have to bow.


Hina: Don’t verbally criticize the official blog.

It deleted the “Poison Tongue” before and dared to contradict the princess.

Let’s not scold the official blog.

Be gentler.

Just hit it.


Qisheng Group: [Hide grievances in a small bag.jpg]

Cream puff: You can call your father @Yinda Investment.

Maybe you can survive, brother, I can only help you this much.


Online, netizens were ridiculing the official blogs; offline, Chu Chu intended to go to the Hongmen banquet on the weekend.

In Yinda Investment, Zhang Jianian heard President Chu’s request and declined, “President Chu, I have some affairs to handle in the company on weekends, so I won’t accompany you to the party…”

Zhang Jianian didn’t want to have a name in the rich ethics drama.

After Zhang Jianian turned around and wanted to leave, Chu Chu stepped forward, swiftly blocked  his path.

She raised her eyebrows and said, “Don’t use the company as an excuse.

You can say it directly, would you come”

Zhang Jianian shook his head and said firmly, “No.”

Chu Chu leaned against the office door and sighed disappointedly, “Okay…”

Zhang Jianian didn’t expect President Chu to agree.

He was relieved, but soon discovered her conspiracy.

He said in a low voice, “President Chu, excuse me, I want to go out.”

President Chu blocked the door and didn’t seem to plan to move.

What was the matter

“Wait, don’t talk.” Chu Chu stretched out her hand to stop him and said with a serious face, “This position is full of spiritual energy.

Don’t disturb my cultivation.”

Zhang Jianian: “…”


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