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President Chu was playing a rogue at the door.

Zhang Jianian said with a good temper, “Try to turn sideways and let me pass.”

Chu Chu turned sideways, directly pressed her waist to the doorknob, “So”

Zhang Jianian reiterated, “President Chu, I want to go out.”

“Then you can think about it, I can’t stop you from thinking,” Chu Chu said confidently.

The subtext was that he could just think about it, it was impossible to go out.

Zhang Jianian: “…”

Zhang Jianian was defeated by her shameless logic and was dumbfounded, “Will you block me for one day”

Chu Chu said lightly, “Who knows, a cultivator may also block for a year.”

Zhang Jianian thought that he had done something wrong.

He shouldn’t have stepped into this door today.

He was unmoved.

Chu Chu started to play the emotional card, “Are we still friends Are you not willing to help me with this little thing”

“Who used to eat barbecue with you Who used to play games with you” Chu Chu looked at him sadly while complaining with tears, as if she was questioning a bad guy.

Zhang Jianian was silent for a moment and emphasized, “I feel that the order of who is with whom seems to be reversed…”

Zhang Jianian: Wait, wasn’t she the one who wanted to eat barbecue and play games

She would secretly change the concept.

It was obvious that he sacrificed his personal time in the first place.

So how could she turn her words around and blame him

“Is it necessary for me and you to be so formal with unclear facts” Chu Chu covered her chest.

Her tone of grief couldn’t be concealed, “Our cross-dimensional friendship was easily shattered by you like this, doesn’t your conscience hurt “

Zhang Jianian: “…”

“I’m alone, here, you are my only best friend.

But you want to abandon me at this critical moment.” Chu Chu turned her eyes away, pretending to hide her tears and fell into a one-man show, “There is no one to help me.”

Zhang Jianian was unable to complain, “…You don’t need to bully me.”

“Go–” Chu Chu saw that he wasn’t fooled and said, “Go– think about it, at the grand party, I will hold a wrench.

But I don’t know who I can knock out and who I can’t.

Shouldn’t you be the one who tells me on the spot”

Zhang Jianian: It is impossible for you to knock out anyone there.

He saw her eyes bright like a sly cat, staring at him expectantly.

He got a little soft, but was hesitant.

Chu Chu saw Zhang Jianian look away, only showing the lines of his profile, his eyebrows condensed slightly, his eyes lowered slightly, his expression seemed to loosen.

She pursued the victory and said softly, “Zhang Jianian, please come with me, okay”

He glanced at her because he heard her rare, gentle voice.

He finally lost the battle, sighed and said helplessly, “Okay, but please don’t bring a wrench.”

He didn’t want to send people to the hospital for her.

When Chu Chu heard his answer, she smiled with satisfaction, “Okay!”

Zhang Jianian comforted himself in his heart.

She was happy, but at most it was a hard time.

On the weekend, Chu Chu and Zhang Jianian drove to the distant mansion and once again came to the elegant and luxurious Chu family mansion.

As soon as Chu Chu got out of the car, she saw Lin Mingzhu in full dress waiting at the door.

She was wearing a beautifully fitted cheongsam and holding a poodle ​​named “Poor” and said, “Chu Chu, you are finally back.

I thought you didn’t want to see me, so you didn’t want to go home.”

Chu Chu nodded and said, “A person must know their worth.

You are better than most people.”

Chu Chu thought that Lin Mingzhu understood this truth, but it wasn’t useless.

Lin Mingzhu was half ashamed and just wanted to answer.

But Zhang Jianian smelled the turbulence.

The war between women was about to break out, so he just rightly reminded her, “Mrs.

Lin, please be careful.”

Lin Mingzhu glanced at Zhang Jianian.

He could tell Chu Yanyin, so she stopped herself.

She was still a little bit puzzled and said, “Chu Chu, why did you bring Mr.

Zhang for the small gathering”

Chu Chu said, “I’m busy, I can handle company affairs with him, not like you idle at home every day.”

Lin Mingzhu: “…”

Lin Mingzhu: The words of the father and daughter are carved out of a mold.

Chu Chu actually had no idea about the so-called party.

In her opinion, she would just play on her phone in another place.

In fact, the gathering wasn’t small at all, nor was it a simple gathering.

The crowd was quite large.

Chu Chu walked into the room and was surprised to see the crowd and the new decorations.

A dazzling array of afternoon tea meals were placed on the table covered with white tablecloths.

The ladies played mahjong on the small table by the window and young men and women chatted and played in the corner.

Chu Chu quietly approached Zhang Jianian and asked, “So many people”

Zhang Jianian calmly explained, “Mrs.

Lin will usually invite family members of collaborators who are close to Director Chu as guests and maintain a relationship with said families.”

Chu Chu thoughtfully summed up, “A social place where the upper-class business praise each other A luxurious and decadent gathering of capitalists”

Zhang Jianian: “…You can say that.”

Chu Chu’s appearance was like dripping water in a frying pan, triggering an explosive effect, which was extremely eye-catching.

“Chu Chu is here.

Long time no see, you got so big!”

“Oh, now I have to call you President Chu.

It’s not easy to see you.

You are as busy as your dad…”

“Aren’t you married yet Don’t just work, but also make friends.

Let me introduce some guys to you!”

The noble ladies and aunts surrounded Chu Chu.

Although everyone’s conditions were excellent, the degree of gossip was no different from ordinary aunts.

They were especially concerned about Chu Chu’s “making friends” problem.

Chu Chu was dazzled by countless faces and didn’t even know who was who.

They didn’t have the role aura.

Chu Chu was very fortunate to have dragged Zhang Jianian over.

At least he could tell her in a low voice who the person was, even though most of the introductions were useless.

She wouldn’t remember it at all.

As a rare visitor to such gatherings, Chu Chu had the effect of being super popular.

Lin Mingzhu was unhappy when he saw that Chu Chu was so popular.

She touched the poodle in her arms, covered her mouth and laughed, “How dare I introduce someone to Chu Chu She has high standards.”


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