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Fifty-three Dragons (1)

Mengmeng was still jumping back and forth repeatedly, but Mu Wanwan had fallen into a stunned daze.

She unconsciously touched those fingers that were wet yesterday.

The warm feeling she had in the dream seemed to be still there.

While she had initially not thought much of it, she was now looking at the dragon that was lying beside her.

If Mister Long was awake, then…

Mu Wanwan suddenly felt as if her fingers had been burned, and scrambled out of bed as if to escape.

She didn’t bother with heating up water today and simply washed her face several times with cold water before she gradually calmed down.

Her heart was still beating rapidly—

If Mister Long had been awake, if the interdimensional pouch was a gift from Mister Long…

Why didn’t he talk to her

Mu Wanwan looked at the jade bangle that was gleaming even more after being stained with water, and felt very complicated.

She wasn’t exactly happy—in fact, after the initial shock and shyness, there was even a trace of confusion and fear——

In the original plot, he would not wake up until three years later.

Even if the spiritual plant she cultivated had the effect of dispelling curses, and she had been working hard to take care of him during this period, it had only been less than two months.

Wasn’t it a little too soon for him to wake up now

Moreover, she had no guarantee what kind of dragon Mister Long was.

The book described him to be cruel, and the people outside also said he had an extremely bad temper.

Even if she had seen his miserable side and his childhood experiences, she couldn’t completely reverse the shred of fear she had for him that was hidden in her heart.

A cold wind slid across her skin which was stained with cold water, causing her to shiver.

She was now his wife in name, but she didn’t know if Mister Long knew he had gotten married while he was in a coma.

If he didn’t know, with how he disliked people trying to get close to him, she would be done for if he suspected that she was one of Ao Qin’s people.

On the other hand, if he knew about it and wanted them to fulfil the marital obligations between husband and wife, or committed acts of domestic violence, she would also be done for (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻

I-It was best that he didn’t wake up for now.

She simply didn’t know how to face a conscious Mister Long.

It would be very awkward to meet his eyes when the time comes…

Even though that was what Mu Wanwan thought, she seemed to have forgotten that her purpose all along was to make Mister Long wake up earlier, so she could regain her freedom as soon as possible and be off to enjoy her simple life.

She patted her face and started thinking about what she would do if the dragon had really woken up.

If Mister Long had really woken up, he was probably responsible for what happened to Fuliu back then, and these things were also from him.

As for why he didn’t tell her himself, it was either because he could only stay awake for a short time now and didn’t have the chance to talk to her, or it was because she wasn’t important to him and there was no need for him to tell her anything, and the reason he gave her those things was because it was convenient.

Actually, Mu Wanwan knew in her heart that it was probably a combination of both reasons.

She couldn’t be sure if Mister Long was conscious or not.

Along with the strange occurrences in the previous two nights, if he was able to wake up, she guessed that it would probably happen at night.

There was a dull pain in her heart.

She didn’t know if it was because he didn’t tell her when he woke up, or because of the fact that she was not important to Mister Long.

Mu Wanwan was a little angry, and even wanted to pour a bucket of cold water on the dragon to wake him up.

However, she didn’t do it in the end.

She went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast and boiled hot water while she was at it, then went back to the room to help Mister Long wash up.

He looked the same as the comatose dragon in her memory, except that his lips were not as dry and cracked as the first time she saw him, and his bruises have subsided a little.

His broken horns were still hideous, and his handsome face was still deathly pale.

Mengmeng was worn out from jumping and was lying beside Mister Long’s furry ear.

When it saw Mu Wanwan come in, it chirped in welcome.

Mu Wanwan proceeded to wipe Mister Long’s face with a damp handkerchief as usual.

When her fingers touched his soft cheek through the handkerchief, the jade bangle on her wrist gleamed dazzlingly, and she suddenly stopped.

Removing the handkerchief, Mu Wanwan looked at Mister Long’s devilish face, and for the first time, clearly realised——

The dragon lying on the bed was her husband in name.

And the bangle on her wrist was a gift from her husband.

There was suddenly a strange feeling in her heart that she didn’t know how to describe.

Mu Wanwan wanted to say something, but it got stuck in her throat.

She was disappointed, sad, expectant, and fearful, and she simply couldn’t stay in the room for a second more.

Mengmeng sensed her strange mood and pecked Mister Long’s furry ear for her as if helping her to vent her frustrations.

It only caused a few strands of fur to fall out after biting down ruthlessly a few times.

“Alright, Mengmeng.” Mu Wanwan didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry at the sight.

It was only when she spoke did she realise that her voice was a little hoarse.

Feeling a little pathetic, she carried the feathery chirp and took the spiritual seeds.

Glancing at the intermittent sunshine outside, she decided that even if it was cold today, she would still work outside.


Holding the elixir recipe in her hands, Mu Wanwan spaced out for a while before pushing Mister Long out of her head.

After some thought, she decided to try refining Condensed Snow Pills first.

After all, price-wise, Condensed Snow Pills would fetch a bit more than Spirit Returning Pills.

She wanted to give it a try, and if she could refine it, she would spend her time refining Condensed Snow Pills first.

If she failed, then she would try to refine Spirit Returning Pills.

Chimebell grass and Qingyu flowers were a must, as well as the Grade 2 spiritual plant, Condensed Snow.

Chimebell grass was a light purple plant that looked like a bell.

It wasn’t a large plant, but it wasn’t an easy one to cultivate—it would take about the same amount of spiritual energy used to bring a Grade 1 Bixing grass to full maturity.

However, she would need at least three stalks of Chimebell grass to refine just one Condensed Snow pill.

The difficulty of cultivating Qingyu flowers was about the same as that of Chimebell grass.

Although there was some level of difficulty, Mu Wanwan managed to finish cultivating the three stalks of Chimebell grass and five Qingyu flowers that were needed for one Condensed Snow Pill in about two hours.


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