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I Only Wanted A Class In The Apocalypse Chapter 828 Its A Vacation Then?

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They looked far and quiet and using Hawk Eye skill would show an image of peace and prosperity. A life that we were deprived of on Earth.

“Are you planning to send them over” she asked, and I shook my head.

“They are plan B. You are going to do as follows… Go there and find your people. Then wait for humans and races to arrive here. Work over them and arrange them into three big groups, one will stay here, one will go back to Earth, one will train to form armies under Lily and Legend lead.”

“Thats easy to do,” she just paused, seemingly hesitated about something, “when I arrange things here, can I go to that relic site Its mine to excavate, right”

I gazed up at her before nodding. “But that wont happen until you take full control of the overall situation. If you messed up, you have no one to blame but yourself.”

“I wont, I promise I wont move out until I put things here on order,” she hurriedly said in defence, making me inwardly sigh.

What was with that relic site Why was she and Hilary so damn fixated on it

“Fine then, go and dont waste any more time,” I waved my hand and she hurriedly left with her chariot.

As she went afar, it was time for me to check on two things.

First, I opened a chat with Silverlining. This dude was supposed to be in a meeting with the Toranks higher ups and hopefully he would be finished.

[Not now, still in the meeting]


[Give me few hours, we are almost done]

[Shall I prepare to celebrate]

[Almost there, just make things ready]

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That meant things were going the way I wanted. And that was great news.

So I had to wait for a few hours, Id give him six then. I shifted my attention towards the lower floor where the two were sleeping.

I got some sort of idea about their situation. Id entrust my scissors to kill these troublesome beings if they were souls.

But gods I doubted that! And if my scissors couldnt kill them, it could at least scare them away.

What did that mean They would still keep lingering around my people. But that was the case back on Earth.

What about here It was a singular world, one that was hidden from anyone.

Could they also arrive here It was an idea that I had since coming here. And there was only one way to test it.

If these gods were unable to come here, then these two would show obvious improvement. Theyd be close from waking up, if that was true.

“You are awake already!!” and just before Id passed the third floor, the one which once was an armoury filled with lots of weapons, two faces welcomed me with fine scales.

“We… I dont know what just happened,” Legend seemed more confused while his eyes kept moving right and left, seemingly unaware of his current location or what happened.

“Last thing I remember is… I cant remember!” Lily was looking better from the outside, but she was also suffering from the same confusion.

“Follow me,” I returned back up, “Ill explain things slowly over to you two.”

Well, if my theory was right then the gods of those beasts couldnt get here. And that had another good use for me.

As we went up there, I started to explain things slowly to them. When I told them about the nature of the guardian beast and its offsprings, they all had their mouths open agape.

And when I mentioned that those who took over their bodies and caused that curse of their race were gods, this shock skyrocketed to a new level.



The two kept stuttering like this for almost an hour. I left them here, and it was just nice to have quiet and peace here.

As they needed time, and I got time, I didnt hurry to speak about anything until the look in their eyes turned all normal again.

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“Are you alright now” I asked to make sure they got a better handle on themselves.

“Its shocking and confusing, but… Im grateful for your help, lord,” Legend was such a nice kid. He even deeply bowed in respect towards me.

As for Lily, she just nodded her head slowly, showing how deeply she treasured what I did for her.

“Its just… We lived our entire lives fearing such a curse. And in the end one from another race managed to not only cure it, but to expose all its secrets.”

“Its normal,” I shrugged, “Im not just a nobody.”

Legend nodded, and Lily poked him with her elbow, “dont let him be more arrogant, he is already overbearing!”

“Im just stating facts.”

“Its facts indeed, but you say them in such an arrogant way to make me want to side with that masked guy against you sometimes!”

“Stop it,” I felt bad that I waited for these two to get better, “as you can speak like that, then you are ready to work again.”

“Another training task”

“What else” I laughed, and Legend raised his hand in the air.

“I love this task.”

“Then you can have it all by yourself.”

“You will help,” I seriously said, “I cant entrust a new guy with such an important task. You are more experienced than him.”

“Its just that you love giving me hellish tasks, thats all.”

“Stop fooling around then and start working.”

“Work on… What exactly” Lily waved her arms around, “its all empty here. Only the three of us and nothing else.”

“More will come, be sure of this.”

“Then its a vacation before theyd arrive, right” she stretched out her arms before adding, “its time to wear something suitable and soak my body in fresh and cold water down there.”

I raised one eyebrow before in the next half an hour I had to raise both of them.-

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