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185 Come Into Unavoidable Confrontation

At this moment, when Mo Lianque saw Feng Xia agreeing with a satisfied look, he was completely speechless.

What do the two of you take this war chariot for

Please, given the presence of the Emperor of Xuanwu Kingdom who is the supreme leader of the human race, can the two of you at least act a little more nervous in front of him and not be so lovey-dovey

Looking at the man and the demon behaving as if there was no one else around, His Majesty the Emperor Mo Lianque let out a long sigh for no reason.

“I miss my harem of 36…”

Unfortunately, the Empress Dowager did not allow him to touch those imperial concubines at all.

For a moment, the emperor seemed to lose focus.

“It would have been better if I had not been allowed to take them in as concubines from the beginning…”

As everyone looked at one another, the Ancient King War Chariot finally took off again.

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In the forest.

A figure rolled about violently, as if he was engaged in the most violent battle with his enemy.

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However, there was an extremely strange sight.

The huge commotion scared away the nearby birds and beasts, while crushing trees one after another, opening up a relatively empty area.

Within this area, there was… only one figure rolling around!

“Damn it, I still have to go to the Demon Capital to realize my dream of being invincible.

I cant accept this…”

In the end, the figure let out a mournful wail.

Then, the wail gradually faded and was replaced by a more dignified voice.

“You can rest assured and go on your way to hell.

When the Demon Imperial Tombs open up this time, your body will become my strongest weapon.

You will tear apart all my enemies and obtain that supreme inheritance!”

Under the illumination of the setting sun, this figure finally revealed its true appearance.

Surprisingly, it was a huge demon fox.

However, its fur was not the usual orange-yellow color, nor was it the relatively rare snow-white color.

Instead, it was a dusky and strange silver color!

If the figure stood there without moving, it looked like a shadow casted on the ground by the sunlight shining through the trees.

“Hehe, I searched high and low, but I found it without much effort.”

A completely different voice came from the silver foxs mouth.

“Perhaps this time, its not entirely a bad thing for me to be severely injured by Ying Chengpeng and Niu Mang.

This little fox is really too bold.

On the eve of the opening of the Demon Imperial Tombs, it dared to travel alone just because it had some divine talent.

In the end, doesnt it just benefit me”

This was a silver fox, one which had a rather rare bloodline and an incredibly strong concealment ability.

During this period of the opening of the Demon Imperial Tombs, there were many places where the silver foxs innate ability would come in useful.

Everyone knew that every time the Demon Imperial Tombs opened, the top 10 demon kings were not allowed to enter.

There were demon beasts who thought that the top 10 demon kings were too strong and the space inside the Imperial Tombs was relatively too fragile.

The eruption of demon king-level power would be enough to cause the entire Imperial Tombs to self-destruct.

Therefore, the Ruler had no choice but to make the rule that demon kings were not allowed to enter.

There were also rumors that there was a powerful restriction placed inside the Demon Imperial Tombs.

Anyone with demon-level power would be directly ejected from the space within the Imperial Tombs.

However, no matter what, the fact that the demon kings were not allowed to enter the Demon Imperial Tombs did not mean that the demon kings had no solutions to the problem.

In fact, every time the Demon Imperial Tombs opened, the demon kings would use various methods—be it to nurture successors, use their children or some other methods—to obtain the greatest benefits from the Imperial Tombs!

The Sky Snake demon kings plan was simple and straightforward.

If he found a young and talented demon beast and refined it into his puppet, he would be able to walk into the Demon Imperial Tombs using the body of his puppet and would not get ejected by the restriction.

Other than being slightly weaker, it was almost equivalent to his original body entering the space personally!

Earlier, he had been out searching for a suitable puppet body when he bumped into the Golden Roc demon king, who was heading north.

Driven by curiosity, the Sky Snake demon king followed him without any hesitation.

In the end…

For some reason, the Golden Roc demon king and the Green-eyed Thunder Ox demon king suddenly turned around and started to chase after him crazily.

Later on, he even encountered a mysterious creature.

His poison was completely ineffective on that creature and he was almost killed by the two demon kings.

“Fortunately… fortunately!”

The Sky Snake demon king felt proud when he thought about how he had shed his skin and fled without hesitation.

The situation at that time was incredibly critical.

If he had hesitated for even a moment longer, he might have been completely obliterated!

However, that was not what happened.

All along, the Sky Snake demon king was most proud of his various escape skills.

He was even quite confident that he could escape even if he had to face the ruler of the Kingdom of Ten Thousand Demons!

“The strength of this silver fox puppet is roughly equivalent to the early stage of the Primal Core Realm, and its still a distance away from the middle stage.

However, its sufficient to explore the Demon Imperial Tombs…”

The Sky Snake demon king took a deep breath and spat out a few words with a sneer, “The birth of the Holy Son who is about to unify the Demon Clan In my opinion, its probably the illegitimate son of the Great Prophet! Holy Son Hmph, I dont think so!”

When the Sky Snake demon king mentioned the two words, there was clearly a hint of fear in his voice.

However, this trace of fear soon turned into a sneer.

“Now, its time to rush to the Demon Capital.”

The Sky Snake demon king muttered.

Another figure suddenly appeared in his mind, one whose entire body was enveloped in starlight, making him look mysterious and sacred.

The snake could not help but feel a pain in the back of his neck.

“Damn fellow, I will always remember you! Dont let me run into you in the Demon Capital!”


As soon as he finished speaking, thunder rumbled.

A war chariot flew over from afar, stopping in the sky above this area.

The Sky Snake demon king paused for a moment and immediately activated the silver foxs innate talent.

He hid himself without a trace, becoming like a faint shadow that completely fused with his surroundings.

His secret technique for refining puppets was very special.

For a certain period of time, it could completely retain the abilities which the puppets had when they were alive.

After that, the powers would slowly dissipate until the puppets were completely reduced to bones.

As for the precious silver fox bloodline, it was only just a useful tool to him.

“This aura is very unfamiliar.

Can it be a demon beast lord rushing over from the desolate border region…”

In the shadows, the Sky Snake demon king could not help but frown.

However, in the next second, the demon kings expression changed drastically and a strong murderous look appeared in his eyes.

“Its him…”

He clearly saw a figure shrouded in starlight walk out from the war chariot.

The person stood there looking down from above like a deity bathed in starlight.

That mysterious creature which injured him not long ago!

The Sky Snake demon king bared his fangs almost instantly.

“Hmm Interesting.”

Feng Xia seemed to have sensed something and looked down.

The corners of his mouth suddenly curled up into a playful smile.

After a long time, he finally shook his head and turned to walk back towards the war chariot.

“The guys who were fighting here should have left.”

“Finally gone.”

The Sky Snake demon king, who was hiding in the shadows, instinctively heaved a sigh of relief.

However, in the next moment, a mocking voice suddenly sounded behind him!

“Did you… think so just now”


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