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Xiang Xing heaved a sigh of relief.

He had finally succeeded.

Fortunately, the blood fiends in the Southern Zone were not like those in the Western Zone.

Otherwise, he would never have been able to gather them together.

The blood fiends lack of intelligence and violent nature were perhaps their only weaknesses.

“Your disciple, Xiang Xing, confined the blood fiends and blood-colored spiritual energy within a great formation and created an opportunity to end the blood fiend calamity in the Southern Zone.

His cultivation level soared and his fate was transformed.

Your Fate Dao principle has advanced.”

Not long after the Spirit Devouring Flower left, the systems reward suddenly arrived.

Chu Xuan was not surprised.

His disciples were capable people, and would naturally excel during the Great Daoyuan calamity.

By now, all of his disciples had transformed into those who shouldered the fate of the Great Dao.

Chu Pingfans strength was growing steadily, and his reputation in the Eastern Zone was growing.

Moreover, when he killed a blood fiend, he would be annihilated completely, and would not be able to revive.

This was the power of the Extreme Dao, and his pathway to fight for fate amidst the Great Daoyuan calamity.

The blood fiend calamity was coming to an end, and a new calamity was about to arrive.

Xiang Xing did not leave immediately.

Instead, he continued to oversee the formation to prevent any accidents from happening.

At the same time, he would impart knowledge to the artifact refiners of the Southern Zone.

In terms of the Dao of refining, no one in the entire nine zones could compare to him.


Suddenly, a flash of light appeared in the sky, and a strange tree descended.

The flowers on the strange tree were colorful and extraordinarily gorgeous, and also flickered with light.

It charged toward the formation the moment it appeared.

“Block it quickly!”

“What kind of strange tree is this”

The Southern Zones experts who were maintaining the formation all paled.

This strange tree might be here to destroy the formation.

Xiang Xing was momentarily stunned.

Was that not Masters Spirit Devouring Flower

What was it doing here

It seemed really happy too, as if it had seen something delicious.


Xiang Xing suddenly remembered that the Spirit Devouring Flower had absorbed the blood lake in the Asura Ancient Land.

Was it here to do the same

He immediately stopped the experts who were about to attack and opened a corner of the formation to let it in.

Xiang Xing was not worried at all that the Spirit Devouring Flower would be harmed by the formation.

As the creator of the formation, all he needed to do was to leave a mark on the Spirit Devouring Flower, and the formation would not target it.

The Spirit Devouring Flower was extremely excited as it hurriedly rushed into the formation.

When it passed by Xiang Xing, one of its branches patted him on the shoulder.

It seemed to be praising Xiang Xing for doing a good job!

After it entered the formation, it instantly spread its roots and turned into a towering tree.

Countless flowers bloomed, and a beautiful light shimmered.

Its roots seemed to encompass the ground below the entire formation.

Several vortexes appeared that sucked the blood-colored spiritual energy toward the Spirit Devouring Flower, which it promptly devoured.

The Spirit Devouring Flower swayed in a very pleased manner.

The roots spread out and stabbed themselves into the bodies of the blood fiends.

Soon, the blood fiends were devoured as well.

All of the experts of the Southern Zone were shocked.

This plant could devour blood fiends and blood-colored spiritual energy

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