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 1026 - White God Festival, Evening ⑦

Laid down on the floating cushion with Fate-san, we leisurely chatted with each other.

As I was spending leisurely time unthinkable at a festival, the time for my appointment with Chronois-san and the others drew near.



[Errr, I guess it’s almost time huh Chronois-san and the others said that they had something they wanted to give me, but where should I go]

[Ahh, that will be fine.

I’ve already told God of Time and Space and God of Life that Kai-chan is here.]

[Arehh Is that so]


But I’ve also told them not to disturb us until 5:45.]

[A- Ahaha……]

[Ahh~~ Even so, it’s already that time huh~~ I wanted to laze around with Kai-chan more.]



Because lazing around with Fate-san felt like a date in its own way, it felt like it only lasted for a short time and knowing that it was about to end made me feel some disappointment.

Well, it’s scary that if I keep lazing around on this comfortable cushion, I’m really going to end up lazing around all day if I’m not careful…… but I guess that’s to be expected from the cushion that makes people useless.



[Putting aside how we spent our time lazing around, I also feel like time flew fast.]

[Right~~ an hour flew by before we knew it.]

[Shall we go hang out somewhere together again]

[That sounds great! I’d like to go somewhere I’d be able to relax though.

Some place where we could spend a night or so, not deciding what and what not to do, just randomly going for walks or hanging out together.]

[That honestly sounds like it will be fun.]



It would be nice to go to a tourist spot with a specific goal in mind, but just as Fate-san said, it would also be fun to relax somewhere with hardly any people, enjoying our peaceful time together.

Spending time chatting with others like we did today feels really soothing, so I’d really like to make it happen.

I suppose I’ll look for a quiet spot like that later.



After talking about this, I got off the cushion I had been riding, feeling slightly regretful, and groomed myself a bit.

Checking my watch, I saw that it was 5:42 pm, 3 minutes away from our appointment time……



[Kai-chan, Kai-chan.]

[Yes ——— [Chyuuu] ———-Wha!]



As I turned around when Fate-san called me, she unexpectedly leaned her face closer and lightly kissed me on my cheek.

While I was surprised by the suddenness of the situation, Fate-san cutely smiled.



[……Thank you for coming early and spending time with me.

It made me very happy.]



I think doing that at this time is really unfair.

Seeing Fate-san with a very cute smile on her face, I couldn’t help but want to hug her…… but I remembered that Chronois-san and Life-san would be here soon, so I tried to be patient.

I mean, it seemed like Fate-san was also quite embarrassed, so she may have only dared to act at a time like this when she knew she wouldn’t receive a counterattack from me.



As I was feeling an indescribable mixture of happiness and embarrassment, I heard the door open, and Chronois-san and Life-san came into the room.

My face felt a little flushed, but I regained my composure and turned to face them.



[……Thank you for your hard work, Chronois-san, Life-san…… You said that you had something to give me]

[Yeah, I’m sorry for suddenly calling you, Miyama.

Well, it’s nothing too exaggerated.]

[We won’t really have time to talk to you after this, so we asked you to come at this time.

The thing we wanted to give you was this.]



After exchanging a few words, Life-san held out a large bag to me, to which I accepted.

It was rather heavy…… I wonder what was in this It seems to contain boxes of various sizes



[Inside were sweets made by the Gods to commemorate today’s festival.

To put it simply, they’re memorabilias, but the ones who made these sweets wanted Miyama’s impressions of these if possible.]

[For the time being, we prepared a wide variety of sweets, so please try them with your friends.

And if you find something you like, please let any God know.

It will be a good reference for the White God Festival next year and years beyond that……]

[I see, if that’s the case, I’ll gratefully accept them.

I’ll let you know what I think of them later.]



In short, they want me to monitor the products they want to make specialties for the White God Festival next year and years after that.

In fact, the White God Festival will probably lead to more opportunities for the Gods to get involved with the Demons and Humans.at this point in time, where the Gods have little involvement with the rest of the world.

I guess there aren’t many people they can ask to do this kind of monitoring…… Well, I guess it’s also possible that they want to use my opinion as a reference, since I have received Shiro-san’s blessing.



Either way, it’s no disadvantage for me.

I ate and ate at the stalls while I was at the festival, but I didn’t buy many souvenirs like these, so I’ll share these with everyone.

I can just tell my thoughts to Fate-san or the other Gods I see often, it isn’t really a lot of work and could even be used as a conversation topic.



[Incidentally, those were basically created under the supervision of the High-ranking Gods.]

[I see…… Were there also sweets that were under the supervision of Shea-san]

[God of Disasters There were…… but they would kill people if an ordinary person ate them, so we removed them.]

[……I think that’s the right decision.]



When I asked her a little uneasily, Chronois-san mumbled with an unpleasant expression on her face, so she probably made a messed up, extremely spicy candy.

She probably used that incredibly dangerous ingredient I gave her before…… Anyway, I’m glad that her sweets were removed.


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