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1050 - Rose Princess' Visit ⑧

When Rosemary realized that she had made a mistake on the date of her visit to Kaito’s home, she spoke with a very flustered expression on her face, which was unusual for her as her expression rarely changes.



[W- W- W- What should I do!]

[C- Calm down, Eri…… So you’re saying that you went to Kaito’s home today when you were supposed to go there tomorrow]

[U- Unnn……]

[Fumu…… Did Kaito-san not say anything]



Appeasing the flustered Rosemary, Camellia asked.

Even if Rosemary got the date wrong, she thought Kaito would likely have noticed it.

When Rosemary heard Camellia’s words, she brought her hand on her chin and recalled her interaction with Kaito today.



[……U- Unnn.

Kaito-kun didn’t say anything…… Ahh, t- that’s not it! S- S- So that’s why! When I said I came to thank him, Kaito-kun looked like he was thinking for a moment and fell silent, a- a- and then he apologized for being late in meeting me because he was in his room writing letters!]

[That sounds like…… he definitely realized it.

On top of that, he might have decided that he just apologized in order to avoid embarrassing Eri.

Considering Kaito-san’s personality, if he knew that the shy Eri would be coming, it wouldn’t be surprising if he came out early to meet up with you……]

[Awawawawawa…… A- A- Anyhow, I need to apologize to Kaito-kun!]



When Rosemary heard Camellia’s words, she turned pale and sent a hummingbird with a written apology about getting the day wrong.

Thereupon, within a minute or so, he received a reply from Kaito through hummingbird, which read as follows……



“Ahh, now that you mentioned it, that certainly was the case.

It would have been great if I noticed it…….

but I guess I got the date wrong too.

I suppose both of us just got careless huh.”

[Fguhhh…… K- Kaito-kun…… Kaito-kun’s so kind……]



It’s just that he didn’t notice it either…… Realizing that Kaito was just using that as his stance in this situation, Rosemary was touched by Kaito’s kindness in making sure that she doesn’t worry too much, but at the same time, she had a complicated expression on her face, looking rather apologetic.

Thereupon, a hummingbird from Kaito flew in once again.

Since it requires a certain amount of ability to manipulate magic power for a person to write a long message on a hummingbird, Kaito, who was unable to do so, sent two separate messages.



“However, the weather and temperature today were perfect for having tea on the terrace, so I think it was better that we met up today.

It was only because Rosemary-san came today that we were able to have fun with Nebula’s sugar and all the other stuff, and more importantly, I really enjoyed the tea with Rosemary-san, so please don’t worry about it.”


[Fufu, Kaito-san really is a kind child.]



Of course, both Rosemary and Camellia knew that Kaito said these words to make sure that Rosemary wouldn’t feel guilty, but it would also be impolite for them not to accept his concern.



[……Hey, Lia.

When he said it like this…… It would be rude to continue apologizing, right]

[I suppose so.

Kaito-san had already made a follow-up like that, so I think it would be better to just receive it.

You can just return the favor casually the next time you see him.]

[……U- Unnn, I guess so.]



For the time being, thanks to Kaito’s concern and her best friend Camellia’s follow up, Rosemary didn’t feel too guilty or worried too much about this incident.

However, she still decided to think of something to apologize for the trouble she had caused, and Rosemary spent some time consulting with Camellia.








After Camellia left, Rosemary was left alone.

Making herself a cup of tea and putting the flower-shaped sugar she had received today into it, thinking about today.

It was a big mistake to get the date wrong, and she felt guilty and embarrassed, feeling like her face would burst into flames.

If it had just been the usual fainthearted Rosemary, she might have been very depressed.



However, the current Rosemary isn’t that depressed…… Rather than depressed, she seemed to be in a great mood.

Becoming aware of her emotions, Rosemary wryly smiled before muttering to herself.



[……I’m horrible…… Even though Kaito-kun is being that courteous towards me, I really should feel more apologetic towards him……]



Looking at her cup of tea, Rosemary remembered how Kaito told her “I really enjoyed the tea with Rosemary-san” through the hummingbird earlier, and she happily smiled.



[This won’t do…… I just feel so happy…… that it’s troubling.]



After the White God Festival and today’s incident, Rosemary had become completely fond of Kaito.

He was someone that made the shy Rosemary feel something unusual…… the feeling of wanting to talk with him again…… and the feeling of wanting to talk to him more……

Muttering that with a sense of joy that came up stronger than her feeling of guilt, Rosemary…… had a very soft smile on her face.
















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