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After shopping at a high-class chocolate store, we received a membership card brimming with high-classiness on our way out.

He told us to use it the next we visit the store.

I had bought a few top-quality chocolates and a large number of chocolate truffles for Tre-san and Alice.



Having secured the souvenirs for the time being, we now headed to a café where, as suggested by Dr.

Vier, delicious herb tea was being served.

Though I say that, there was no need for us to rush, so we took it easy and moved on, looking at the other stores along the way.



[Arehh Miyama, what’s that]

[Eh I don’t know, they seem to be putting something over there.]



While walking leisurely, I noticed a table in front of one of the stores.

I would have thought nothing of it if it were just a stand, but there was also something like a banner standing next to it, so I got a little curious and went close to it.

The banner reads “Royal Capital’s Stamp Rally Underway”.



[……A stamp rally huh.

I see they have that kind of thing here too.]

[They have a stamp form and a map over here.

Errr…… If you collect all the stamps, you will receive a small prize.

If you answer correctly the super difficult quiz that is given to you along with the stamps, you will receive a superb prize……]

[It does sound kind of interesting.]

[Right…… Ahh, I think there’s a stamp stand near the café we are going to.

As for the other stamp spots…… they are pretty spread out huh.

It seems that you have to go to a wide range of places other than the Northern Area, and I think it might be difficult to complete it in one day.]



As Dr.

Vier said, there were no stamp booths in the Central Area, where many high-end stores are located, but there seemed to be a wide range of stamp booths in the other areas, East, West, South and North, making it a fairly large-scale event.



[Miyama-kun, since we’re at it, why don’t we participate]

[It sounds interesting, but I don’t think we can get around the stamp booths in a day.]

[Ahh, that’s okay.

After we go to the café, we can just use my Teleportation Magic to go around the booths.]

[Ahhh, I see, we can certainly go through them quick and easy with that.]



It might be obvious, but Dr.

Vier’s Teleportation Magic isn’t like a magic tool that one needs to register locations, but one that allows her to use world coordinates to teleport, so as long as she knows the coordinates of a place, she can teleport anywhere as long as there are no obstructions to her teleport point.

With such a traveling means, it’s possible for us to visit 20 or so stamp booths in a short time.



[……However, I wonder what that super difficult quiz is]

[Hmmm, since it’s a stamp rally of the royal capital, I guess it has something to do with Symphonia’s royal capital]

[By the way, are you good at quizzes, Dr.


[I can answer stuff related to illnesses and physical characteristics of various races due to my profession, but I’m not so sure I can answer popular topics.]



Well, we can still get a prize as long as we collect stamps, so it should be okay even if, at worst, we’re unable to answer the quiz.

Since they had especially described it as “super-difficult”, their questions would definitely have been very difficult……

For the time being, having decided to participate in the stamp rally, we got our first stamp before we headed to the café.








After pressing the second stamp, we arrived at the café, which had been our destination…… but how should I say this…… the café is very stylish to look at.

The warm wooden interior, with its many decorative plants and tasteful overall design, is so stylish that I would have hesitated to enter if I were alone.

Guided to a table with Dr.

Vier, when I looked at the menu…… I saw that they had a huge variety.



[I have drunk herb tea that much, but what do you suggest]

[Hmmm, if you aren’t used to drinking them, I’d suggest you stick to the standard stuff.

Chamomile and rooibos are refreshingly sweet, so I think they would be easy to drink.

If you want something cool and refreshing, I suppose peppermint would be good.]

[Fumu fumu, in that case…… I’ll go with chamomile then.]

[Even if you say chamomile, the flavor would still depend on whether it’s a single or a chamomile-based blend…… Miyama-kun, you liked ripples, right Then, I think a blended one with a ripple-like aroma and taste would be good.]

[I’ll go with that then.]



I don’t really have any idea what to get, but Dr.

Vier explained it in clear detail.

Hmmm, there seems to be quite a variety of herb teas, and the subject of herb teas seems to be very deep.

While I was feeling impressed, the waiter came to take my order, and Dr.

Vier placed her order as well.



[I’ll have a chamomile blend no.

2, with a 100% raspberry leaf, and some herb cookies.]




Hmmm, the way Dr.

Vier ordered her herb tea looked so mature and cool.

As I had such thoughts in mind with my gaze directed towards Dr.

Vier, she noticed my gaze after she finished her order and gave me a cute smile.



[I’m looking forward to it!]

[……Yes, I’m certainly really looking forward to seeing what it tastes like.

By the way, what is that raspberry leaf that Dr.

Vier ordered earlier]

[You see, as the name suggests, it’s a herb tea made from raspberry leaves……]



The cool appearance she had just now made a complete turnaround and became a defenselessly cute smile.

Nevertheless, both sides of Dr.

Vier looked so lovely that I couldn’t help but admire her.

How should I say this…… I feel happy to see so many different sides of Dr.

















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