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For the time being, I introduced everyone to Tir-san.

Everyone gave their introductions, and Tir-san gave them a smile and introduced herself.

Of course, the most delighted of everyone was Sieg-san, who was eager to meet the Seven Princess, and just as everyone finished their greetings…… she took out a colored paper from the magic box.



[U- Ummm, Tirtania-sama!]

[Whoeehh What is it Also, you can just call Tir Tir if you want, you know]

[W- Well then, Tir-sama…… E- Errr, it might be rude of me…… b- but can you please give me an autograph!]

[Aya Tir’s autograph No problem~~ That’s just simple.]



Hearing the words Sieg-san said as she held out the colored paper, Tir responded willingly and reached for the paper……



[……Ahh, but I’d like you to hold it while facing this way.]



Perhaps, it was difficult for her to receive the colored paper and write on it by herself due to her body size, so she asked Sieg-san to hold the paper while she signs her autograph on it.

As expected, Tir-san is also famous because she’s one of the Six Kings’ executives, so she’s reasonably familiar with signing autographs.



……Well, putting that aside, since when is Sieg-san preparing colored paper around

As if she had thought the same thing, Lilia-san asked Luna-san.



[……Why is Sieg carrying colored paper around]

[It seems that she prepared them in anticipation of meeting the Seven Princesses at this year’s Harmonic Symphony.]



How well prepared she is.

Rather, was she so sure that she would meet the Seven Princesses at this year’s Harmonic Symphony that she even prepared colored papers Well, I guess you could say she isn’t really wrong since we did actually encounter one instantly.

While I was thinking about this, Tir-san, who had finished signing her autograph, turned to me and spoke.



[Come to think of it, is this your first time at the Harmonic Symphony, Kaitokun-san and everyone]

[Yes, it’s everyone’s first time here.]

[I see! Well then, Tir will teach you about the Harmonic Symphony!]

[We’re very thankful for that, but would that be alright Are you not busy]



When I encountered Tir-san, she was flying at a great speed and being one of the executives, I think she must be busy organizing things.

In fact, she had remarked earlier how “if it’s a few while, it should be alright”.



In response to my question, Tir-san took out a small pocket watch and checked it, before smiling brightly.



[A few while more should be fine!]

[Is that so, then may I ask you to teach us a bit]

[Yes! Harmonic Symphony is an event where singing, musicals and dancing all over Yggfresis.

You can visit the performers, or you can also apply at the reception desk set up in various spots and you will get a space right away, where you can hold a musical or sing yourself.]

[How should I say this…… It really feels like a music festival, isn’t it]



Being comforted by Tir-san’s cute and energetic explanation, I kept the information about the Harmonic Symphony in mind.



[You can also rent Soundproofing Magic Tool to prevent sound from leaking out of your own space, so you don’t have to worry about playing near someone else! Also, there are no stalls open, but the establishments in Yggfresis are open for business as usual, so you can use them!]

[Fumu fumu…… By the way, Tir-san, are you going to perform something too]

[Yes! Tir and the other Seven Princesses are leading our own performances.

Tir will be performing with my fairy friends, so please come visit us, Kaitokun-san, everyone.]


I look forward to seeing your performance.]



Although I had expected it to some extent, it seems that the Seven Princesses would also be putting on a performance,such as singing or dancing.

Ariel-san would probably be dancing with her group if she performs with one.

Considering the scale of the Harmonic Symphony, it’s hard to imagine that all of the Seven Princesses would be on one spot.

Rather, it’s more likely that each of the Seven Princesses is located in a different place to avoid having the people concentrated on one area.

Thinking of Sieg-san, it would be better if we walked around slightly with the locations of the Seven Princesses in mind……



[The main theme of the Harmonic Symphony is that it’s all about “interacting with nature”! Through songs and dances, we want people to interact with nature and become more…… b- become more……]





Tir-san was speaking with a confident expression on her face, but halfway through her speech, a troubled expression appeared on her face, and suddenly putting her hand into a crack that she opened in the air, she took out something that looked like a note.



[……become more aware of the fact that many different people of different races live in harmony with nature! So, please pay attention not only to the music, but also to the nature abound Yggfresis!]



……It seems like that note is something like a cue card.

Tir-san, who looked very proud after finishing her speech, also looked very cute.

However, after a little while, Tir-san spoke with a look of surprise on her face.



[Ahh, it’s already so late! Sorry, Kaitokun-san, everyone, my friends are waiting for me, so Tir has to go now.

See you later!]

[Ahh, yes.

Thank you very much for teaching us a lot of things.]

[No, no~~ Anyhow! Come check our performance later, okay!!! Welly well then~~!]

[Ahh, Tir-san……]

[See you later~~]

[……No…… I still haven’t heard where Tir-san is playing though……]



My words didn’t seem to reach Tir-san’s ears though as she left briskly.

H- Hmmm, at any rate, I heard that there are receptionists here and there, so I guess I’ll ask them where their performance will be held.
















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