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The chorus by Jutia-san and the Spirits of the Spirit Trees was nothing short of breathtaking.

With the singing coming from 360 degrees around us, it was as if we’re being literally enveloped in the song.

Perhaps, because the little Spirits of the Spirit Tree couldn’t speak complicated words, the song had no lyrics, but it was so beautiful that I closed my eyes as I listened to it.

The stage, built in the motif of a forest plaza, was also very nice, making me feel like the forest was singing.



The chorus ended after about 10 minutes, but I felt as if I had been immersed in the song for a long time.



[Wasn’t it great]

[Yes, it was amazing.

It was so wonderful that I regretted not having participated in the Harmonic Symphony until now.]



Lilia-san, who was nearby, answered my words.

Everyone else also seemed quite satisfied, and I could tell that they had enjoyed the chorus.

As we were immersed in the afterglow of the song for a little while, the scenery in front of us suddenly shook and Jutia-san appeared.



[How was it How was it Did you enjoy it]


It was a wonderful song, and I was very moved.]

[I’m happy, I’m happy, hearing you say that makes me so happy.

Now then, are you going to visit the other Seven Princesses’ performances, Kaito, everyone]

[Yes, that was what we were planning but…… Jutia-san, I’m sorry, but can I ask you a question]




As Jutia-san said, we intend to go around to the Seven Princesses’ performances in order.

However, it had completely slipped my mind until now…… but just like Jutia-san’s chorus, I thought that there might be time-limited ones among the Seven Princesses’ performances.

As it would be a big event if it was performed by the Seven Princesses, I thought that we should also consider the time of their events.



[I think the other Seven Princesses probably have their own times for their performances, but all of us were first-timers, so we don’t really know much about it.]

[Ahh, I see what you mean, I see what you mean, you should certainly think about the time.

Wait a moment, wait a moment, I’ll write it out for you.]



Saying that, Jutia-san took out a notepad and began to write things on it.




[The Seven Princesses’ programs were basically performed twice an hour, one at xx:00 and the other at xx:30.

However, there are some exceptions to it.

For example, Rosemary’s group is performing a musical, so you should be aware that each of their performances is longer and held every two hours…… And there, and there, I wrote down the times of the performances of each of the Seven Princesses.]

[I’m sorry, having you be mindful of us…… This really helps us.]

[It’s alright, it’s alright, don’t mind it.

I’ll be very happy if you enjoy the Harmonic Symphony to the fullest.]



The note that Jutia-san gave me detailed the time for each of the Seven Princesses’ performances.

Rosemary-san and Blossom-san’s performances are held once every two hours and once every hour respectively, while the other performances are held twice an hour.

We would need to be mindful of those two’s performance times when we want to visit their performances.



Afterwards, I thanked Jutia-san again before moving on with everyone else.



[……Now then, where shall we go next Thanks to Gluttony-san’s help, we don’t necessarily have to go towards the place nearest to our location, so shall we go first to the members of the Seven Princesses whom Sieg-san hasn’t met]

[I would be very happy…… but I wonder if it would be convenient for the Seven Princesses]

[Ahh, I guess you’re right.

They would probably be busy, and if it’s possible, I guess it would be better to check with a hummingbird first.]

[That’s right.

Besides, I myself would be happy to meet and talk with them, but we are in the middle of a big event, and I don’t mean to be unreasonable, so if it’s really convenient for them, I would be happy if you could introduce me to them.]



Well, we certainly should prioritize the convenience for the Seven Princesses, but I would still like to meet them if they’re not busy.

That being the case though, whose place should we head to now…… As I was thinking that, the view I was seeing suddenly switched.



[I’m rather free right now, so why don’t you visit my place]

[Lillie-san…… You surprised me.]

[Fufufu, with you, as soon as I resonate with your Sympathy Magic, I can communicate with you like this, so I was tempted to give it a try.]

[……Well, let’s leave it at that……]

[Yes, it’s alright.

I have enough time to at least say my greetings and have some chat…… Autograph Yes, that’s not a problem either.]



With Lillie-san, who is able to read people’s surface thoughts, the conversation moves on quickly and she responds before I could even ask her.




[I understand.

Then, we’re heading for Lillie-san’s place now.]


I will be waiting for you.]



As soon as I heard her reply, the scenery around me returned to normal.



[……Kaito-san You suddenly stopped, is something the matter]

[Ahh, errr, how long was I in a daze just now]

[About a second]



I thought we were having a normal conversation earlier, but I guess the earlier conversation I had with Lillie-san was instantaneous only due to the resonance with Sympathy Magic.

Well, with how powerful Lillie-san is, it’s also possible that she manipulated the time so we could have that conversation.



……Well, anyhow, I’ll explain to everyone that we’ll head for Lillie-san’s place next…… but I wonder why Lilia-san is drinking a stomach medicine now I haven’t even told them anything though…… She may have guessed something from her experience.
















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