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As she was one of the Seven Princesses that Sieg-san hadn’t met yet, we came to the place where Blossom-san was holding her presentation…… but how should I say this…… This place had a different kind of atmosphere.

To be honest, I had been anxious about her presentation.

After all, this was led by that Blossom-san.

She certainly is a good person, there’s no doubting that, but she’s the type of person who assumes quite a lot and learned a lot of incorrect Japanese knowledge.



Incidentally, I don’t know if it’s to be expected or not, but Eingana-san told me that Blossom-san’s presentations were based on music from another world, and what she would perform differed from time to time.

When we arrived at the venue with a mixture of anticipation and anxiety in mind, I found myself…… in a strange place.

If I could liken it to something, I guess it looks like a colosseum No, it was built in a Japanese style, but it certainly doesn’t look like a place you’d play music in.

It looked like a place where warriors battle in the presence of a king, and there was even seating for spectators.

There certainly is a space where music might be played, but the space for fighting is larger than that.



[……Since it’s music from Miyama-sama and the others’ world, can I ask what this place is]

[……No, to be honest, we’d like to ask what this place is too.]



I seriously don’t know what this is.

I mean, I think this was definitely the result of a misunderstanding.

Of course, Aoi-chan and Hina-chan had no idea what this was either, as they had wondering expressions on their faces.

Just when I was thinking I would have to ask Blossom-san about it……



[Master! Also, Master’s companions! I’m glad you’ve arrived!]



……She’s so damn loud…… Running like that in the street, she’s really getting a lot of attention……



[H- Hello, Blossom-san.]

[Yes! It’s been a while! Being able to meet Master again makes me moved, and my heart quivers! Moreover, since Lillie-sama had transmitted to me that Master’s friends and two more people from Master’s world, I’m very much looking forward to seeing you here!!!]

[……No, ummm, Blossom-san…… Let’s lower our voice a bit.]

[Come to think of it, Lillie-sama had told me the same thing before Understood.]



Anyhow, with how loud Blossom-san, her voice resounds quite well.

So, all eyes in the venue were already turned on us.



[……Ummm, I’d like to introduce everyone, but doing it here is a bit…… it would be great if we could go somewhere like a backstage……]


If that’s what Master asks…… Now, now, this way.]



Hmmm…… She’s an obedient and nice person, there’s no mistaking that.

Although her personality and behavior is as straightforward as a wild boar, unless her tension is at max, she listens to what I say.

Blossom-san led us to the backstage to escape from the attention…… in a place out of sight from the audience, and introduced everyone to Blossom-san.



[Once again, my name is Blossom.

As those of you from the other world may have already noticed…… I’m a samurai!]

[……Eh Ahh, y- you’re right.]

[Errr, I- I think you look cool.]



Aoi-chan and Hina-chan looked bewildered.

Well, I guess it can’t be helped.

Of course, they would be astounded when someone they met for the first time suddenly told them they’re a samurai.

However, well, Blossom-san is a friendly and nice person, so introduction went without a hitch, and she gladly agreed to give Sieg-san her autograph.



[One moment please…… My ink.]




……For some reason, a subordinate of hers carrying ink and writing brush appeared…… Well, speaking if that’s just like Blossom-san, this would certainly be just like her.

Anyway, after the introductions were over, I decided to ask Blossom-san what I had been wondering about.



[……By the way, Blossom-san, what kind of presentation do you have]

[As expected, seeing my establishment caught your attention]

[Eh Yes, well, quite a bit……]

[I knew it! Yes, of course! It must be a familiar sight for Master and his friends after all!]



……No, not at all! I’m not familiar with even a splinter of whatever that is, so that’s why I wanted to directly ask you that.

Blossom-san, without regard to what I was thinking, continued to speak, clenching her fists in a somewhat excited manner.



[……Yes, in the world of Master and his friends, it’s one of the venerable events that’s also a tradition at the end of the year…… It’s a “singing battle”!!!]

[ [ [ ……That’s kinda different.

] ] ]




The fact that Aoi-chan, Hina-chan and I voiced out in sync is probably not a surprise.

I mean, yes, there’s such a thing as singing battles, and putting aside calling that an event, she isn’t mistaken in saying that it’s a tradition at the end of the year.

However, there’s one fatal mistake she probably made.



I mean…… From the shape and the atmosphere of the venue, and with the way the audience seats are designed…… It’s clearly built not for battles through songs, but “for serious battles”.

It’s just a guess, but the misunderstanding she made was probably that they thought it was a “battle while singing” instead of “battle through singing”.
















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