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As I was happily conversing with Tir-san and the Fairies, the time for their performance drew near.



[Aya, it’s almost time to go.

We have private booths upstairs for everyone.

There are various types of booths for two or three people.

Take this card and get on the magic circle over there, and you will be automatically teleported!]

[Is that so You don’t really have to go out of your way to give us special seats…… but thank you very much.]



Apparently, Tir-san had set us up in private booths upstairs.

Moving my gaze, I could see some areas that looked like booths, though I couldn’t really make out any details about it as it seemed that the inside wasn’t visible from the outside.

The private room would allow people to comfortably enjoy the performance and talk about their impressions while listening to the performance.



[Yes, Kaitokun-san.

Please come in~~]

[Thank you.

I just need to hold this and get in there, right]




Tir-san handed out tickets to me and everyone else, so we took them and rode the magic circle as explained.

The view around me changed instantly and we were in a room that looked like a private room.

This room also seemed to be in a good location with a very good view of the stage where the performance would be held.


[……Arehh However, if this place is closed off from the outside, can we hear the performance in this private room]

[Ahh, the front one is something like a magical barrier, so it doesn’t interfere with the sound coming through.

We would be able to hear the performance just fine.]

[Heehhh…… So that’s how it is…… Unnn Kuro]

[Ehehe, we’re together.]



Hearing a voice responding to the words I muttered, I turned around to see Kuro with a beaming smile on her face.



[This was quite a coincidence…… but Tir-san mentioned there are various rooms for two or three people, so I wonder how many people this room would have]

[Ahh, this room is for two people.

I had made it so that this room is for two people.]

[I see…… Unnn “You had made it” so that this room is for two people]



That’s an odd way she phrased it.

It sounded as if Kuro was saying that she had done something that would make it so that this room would only have the two of us, but I’m pretty sure we didn’t talk about anything like that during our chat earlier.

Thereupon, Kuro, looking a little smug, puffed out her chest and gave me a thumbs-up.



[I knew that Kaito-kun and the others would come to Tir-chan’s place next, so I asked Tir-chan in advance.]

[You have made quite the preparations…… Wait a moment there How did you know we were coming to Tir-san’s place next]

[…………………………..Intuition, I guess]

[Seriously, you’re still pushing it to your intuition at this point……]



I know it’s too late to mention this, but Kuro definitely planted something in my necklace.

Probably something that can tell my location or hear the conversations around me.

Well, to be honest, I don’t really care that much about that.

I mean, compared to what Shiro-san was doing, what she’s doing looked cute.



From what I inferred from that incident in Rigforeshia, it seemed that the function is only activated when I’m wearing the necklace, so if I don’t want to be heard, I can just temporarily remove the necklace.

Well, putting that necklace aside, Shiro-san, Eden-san, and Alice, who is always there to guard me…… The concept of privacy has already disappeared in me long ago, so this isn’t really something I should be troubling myself about now.



[Well, that doesn’t really matter but…… there’s something I’m more curious about than that.]

[Unnn What is it]

[……There’s only one chair, you know…… This is a room for two, right]



Yes, I had been wondering about this for a while ago.

According to Kuro, the room is supposed to be for two people, but there’s only one large chair in the room.

When I asked Kuro about this, she answered with a somewhat satisfied expression on her face.



[Kaito-kun will sit on the chair.

I’m going to “sit on Kaito-kun’s lap”…… There’s no problem at all!]

[……Did you also prepare this too, Kuro Why did you even……]

[Because I wanted to listen to the performance while flirting with Kaito-kun! That’s all!!!]


[I- I see……]



Ahh, shoot.

Because she expressed her selfish desires so gracefully, almost to the point of being refreshing, I ended up reflexively nodding my head.



[Now, Kaito-kun.

The play’s about to start.

Sit down, sit down.]

[Y- Yeah, alright.]



I was pushed to sit down on the large chair.

It seemed to be a very good chair, as it was very comfortable.

When I sat down, as if she had been waiting for me to do this, Kuro’s eyes lit up as she “sat on my lap facing my direction”……



[No, stop right there! Isn’t the direction you’re facing strange!]

[This isn’t strange, you know I’m going to be hugging Kaito-kun after all……]

[No, but you won’t be able to see the stage!]

[Don’t worry, I can still hear their performance after all.]

[No, that isn’t the problem———–!]



Just like that, not minding my words anymore, Kuro wrapped her hands around the back of my neck and hugged me tightly.

I reflexively hugged her back, and her petite body snuggled up to mine.


W- We’re quite glued to each other…… Most of all, thinking that the performance was about to begin, I’m really having this feeling as if I’m doing something wrong.



[Ehehe, it’s warm.]



……With a satisfied look on her face, Kuro happily rubbed her cheek against my chest.














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