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Walking towards the humongous World Tree, we arrived at the plaza in front of the castle, which was extremely crowded with people.



[……That’s a large crowd, isn’t it]

[Yes, I guess the level of attention people have to this presentation is much higher when World King-sama herself is singing.]



Lilia-san nodded in agreement to the words I muttered.

There were a good number of people who came to visit the Seven Princesses’ performances earlier, but this plaza was literally on a different scale.

The density of people, especially near the stage where Lillywood-san will be singing, is so great that it’s impossible to get close to the stage.

That is how rare of an opportunity hearing Lillywood-san sing is, so I guess many of the people who came to participate in the Harmonic Symphony were looking forward to it.



[……However, we may have come a little too late.]

[I suppose so.

I guess we’d better give up trying to check if we could get closer.]



As Luna-san and Sieg-san said, we certainly may have arrived a little too late.

The stage is hardly visible from our position.

Well, I guess they would use some kind of Loudspeaker Magic to sing, so I think we can hear her voice well enough from here, but there’s also a chance we may have blundered.

As I was thinking that, the space in front of me split open, and Gluttony-san…… Natasha-san called out.



[Please remain still for a moment.

We’ll conduct a force teleportation from our side.]



Immediately after I heard that, the view suddenly changed and I found myself in a space that was secured by a wooden fence.



[Ahh, you’re here.]

[Kuro This place is]



In that space were Kuro, Raz-san, Funf-san and Gluttony-san, and welcoming us was Kuro waving at us with a bright smile on her face.



[I told her that I would be attending this year, so Lillywood had reserved a guest of honor seat for me.

I thought it would be easier for us to watch her here rather than watching separately, so I invited Kaito-kun and the others here.]

[I see, this really helps.

We can certainly watch the show unobstructed here.]



It seems that this space was prepared for Kuro, who is one of the Six Kings, with the stage right in front of her for easy viewing, and a wooden enclosure around but the front, so we can have an unobstructed view of Lillywood-san’s performance.

There are also wooden benches where we can sit and enjoy the show, which is great.



[Even so, this spot sure is pretty spacious…… It looks like there’s plenty of room even with our numbers.]

[Ahh, when I came to visit Lillywood earlier, I also told her that Kaito-kun was here, so I guess she widened the area to accommodate you I think that even if we hadn’t called you here, I think her subordinates would have led you here if they saw Kaito-kun and the others.]



Anyway, since there were more people than I had imagined and were wondering what to do, this was really powerful.



[……Aoi-san, it’s a VIP.

As expected of Kaito-senpai, he’s completely being treated as a VIP.]

[Still, since Kaito-san hasn’t told her that he’ll come visit her, I think they moderated it.]

[I wonder what would happen if he had told her]

[There’s a chance that one of her subordinates whose specialty is teleportation magic would come and directly guide us here.]



Although I had heard this exchange several times, I was actually given special treatment in some areas, so honestly, if I had told her in advance, it’s possible that I really would have been guided to the event as Aoi-chan said.

Wryly smiling at their conversation, I sat down on the wooden bench and looked at the stage.



[Kaitokun-san, I’m looking forward to seeing Lillywood-sama sing~~]

[Yes, since it’s my first time at the Harmonic Symphony itself, I’m also really looking forward to it.]

[Lillywood-san is a very, veeeeeeeery good singer, you know]



As I sat on the bench, Raz-san came flying towards me and sat on my shoulder with a bright smile on her face…… She’s very cute.



[Kaito, were you and the others able to successfully visit all of the Seven Princesses’ performances]

[Yes, we’re able to watch all of their performances.

It’s thanks to Gluttony-san, thank you very much.]

[I’m not worthy of your kind words.]



While answering Funf-san’s question, I thanked Gluttony-san for helping us with Teleportation Magic the whole day, to which she responded with a light bow.

In fact, putting aside her heavy loyalty, I think Gluttony-san is a pretty decent person.

At least, I think it would be rude to compare her to Phenex-san or Tiamat-san.



[Ahh, it looks like it’s about to start.]



Hearing Kuro’s words, I looked at the stage and saw people with musical instruments who seemed to be World King’s subordinates, and it seemed like they were preparing for the performance.



[Does that mean Lillywood-san would suddenly start singing]


The presentation would start with a chorus of relatively young members of the World King’s camp.

The Harmonic Symphony is a very important event for the World King’s subordinates, so it’s like letting them experience the atmosphere once in a large group chorus.]

[I see……]



I guess it’s that so-called opening performance huh Indeed, many people who seemed like they were Lillywood-san’s subordinates came out and lined up neatly.
















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