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After the attack by the War Kings envoys that suddenly appeared, Sieg and Anima defeated Eta and Theta, and Sigma, a Baron-level high-ranked Demon, started to break his silence.

And then, the ultimate idiot appeared as our helper and stopped him.

[Arent your treatment to me too bad!]

Dont send tsukkomis to my inner monologue, idiot……

Anyway, Im grateful that Alice came to our rescue.

Its only my guess based on her actions so far, but I think shes pretty strong.

[Now then, now then, wheres Kaito-sans enemy]

[You dont even know whats going on here!]

[No, I dont~~ To be honest, I was already over there waiting for the “cute furry to make her entrance”…… But when I was thinking of a cool way to make my entrance, I was surprised to see the whole situation change!]


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I dont know if we can really rely on this woman……

Still in her stuffed costume, Alice looked around and when she noticed Sigmas presence, she tilted her head…… no, she tilted her whole body.

[……Kaito-san, isnt that a High-ranked Demon]

[Hes apparently a Baron-level high-ranked Demon……]

[Ah, is that so.

A Baron-level huh, then Im relieved.]

[……The clown over there, what the heck are you trying to say……]

Hearing Alices words she said in a dopey tone while popping her stuffed costumes large hands together, Sigmas expression changed to one of clear displeasure.

I mean, Alice, he just met you and he immediately calls you a clown……

[No, look, a high-ranked Demon about the Count-ranked would really be monsters…… So it would be a tough fight~~~ is what I thought…… but Im glad that Im just fighting a “weakling”.]

[……You…… Are you mocking me]

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Hearing Alices carefree words, his vein popped out on Sigmas forehead.

Even so, he still doesnt immediately slash our way, is it because of his pride as a warrior, or is it because Alice isnt in any stance yet

Against such a Sigma, Alice leisurely turned around and took a step forward…… and crumbled on her knees.



What! Did something happen!

I cant really see any of their attacks, so I wouldnt know if he attacked already……

[W- Why are my old wounds, at a time like this……]

[Old wounds]

I thought she had been hit by an invisible, swift attack, but apparently, thats not the case.

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Still lying on the ground, Alice puts her hand out to the size and makes a sphere the size of a baseball appear.

[A- At a time like this…… if I only I could have “sold this Newest Portable Illumination Magic Tool for 1000R”, I could easily defeat that guy……]


[Sh*t, I cant believe I had to watch you get beaten up, Kaito-san!]

……This f*cking bitch.

She exactly knows what was going on, but shes still messing around.

I silently approached Alice, took the magic tool from her hand and placed a silver coin in its stead.

Thereupon, Alice stood up as if nothing had happened.

[I wont allow you to hurt Kaito-san, even if the Gods themselves allow it, I wont allow it! Come at me, you servant!!!]


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Arehh Alice came here to rescue me, right

But what is this, this budding feeling of mine…… This feeling of wanting to smack her in the head with all my might……

[Are you finished with your farce Well then…… die!]


At that moment, Sigma had already approached right in front of Alice in an instant.

Thereupon, a high-speed strike released from his iaido stance cut Alices body in half diagonally from below.




Seeing that, I reflexively shouted, but for some reason, another voice shouted along from beside me as well.

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[How could this be, for that Alice to be easily defeated…… This is the appearance of an incredibly powerful enemy! Kaito-sa—— Ouch!]

[……What the heck are you doing there……]

Before I knew it, Alice had taken off her costume and was beside me in her opera mask, messing around as if its obvious, so I struck my fist on her head.

Alice rubbed her head and opened her mouth in a somewhat dumbfounded manner.

[But~~ That guy was so slow…… I was bored with waiting until he finally came over here, so I went around and joined the spectators side for a bit.]

[……Im slow Now you said it, clown.]

[Thats right~~ Im a clown after all, and I cant get excited without any fanfares.]

While muttering to Sigma, who has clearly become more irritated and regained his stance, Alice takes out a pocket watch from her pocket while still looking carefree.

[Three…… Two……]

[You, what in the world are you—— Wha!]

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Immediately after Sigma dubiously looked at her bizarre action, the remnants of the stuffed costume lying at Sigmas feet flashed with light.

[One…… Boom.]

[ ! ]

Thereupon, after a thunderous sound resounded, a flash of light engulfed Sigmas body.

[F*cking clown! You and your little tricks!]

Sigma shouts evasively as he dispels the smoke caused by the explosion.

And then, a few knives come flying in his direction, cleaving through the smoke.


However, Sigma is a Baron-level high-ranked Demon, quickly knocking away the knives that flew at him.

A moment after he was about to move away from the smoke, knocking away all the knives sent his way, Sigma heard a small wind noise and moved his sword on the back of his head.

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[Oya I was blocked huh.]

[……Dont look down on me.

(I cant feel this clowns presence at all Is she a hidden warrior It would be bad to fight her while visibility is poor.)]

Sigma moves away from the smokes, knocking down the knife swung away from his blind spot and keeping Alice in check as her blades return back to her.

Towards such a Sigma, Alice approaches her from the front without any tricks, unlike she did before.

[Got you!]

[Whoa there.]


As Sigma calmly swings his sword in a sideways slash toward Alice, who was charging at him with a fast, but filled with openings charge, but she avoids by sinking her body low…… down on the ground.

She then flips her body around with one hand on the ground, and from that position, she unleashes a kick at Sigmas face.

Its a very tricky move, but Sigma anticipated the trajectory of her kick and quickly avoided it…… but just as he was about to do so, a knife planted on Alices shoes popped out.

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[ ! ]

[Fyuuu~~ Even this attack only made a scratch huh, you have a great reaction time!]

Even the strike with her hidden knife didnt result in a direct hit, and Alice quickly rotated her body to regain her stance and stepped away from him.

With Sigmas physical ability, it was possible to chase after her, but Sigma didnt choose to do so, but stood there and sharply stared at Alice.

[……Youre quite a versatile fellow huh.]

[Why, thank you.]

[…………… (Shes precisely aiming at my vitals.

Moreover, it looked really polished…… An assassin)]

Sigma was measuring Alices strength in that exchange just now.

Her speed was fast, but her power, not so much.

An opponent that was light on her body and could unleash tricky attacks……

[I have a clear understanding of your power already.

I see, you are indeed very fast for a human…… but you are no match for me.

The next exchange will be your death.]

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[You dont sound convincing with that cut on your face.

Or rather, youre just like a fool.]

[You…… fine.

This is the end of the needless talk.

The speed that youre so confident of…… shows your limits as a Human.

Let me show you… the fastest slash.]

With that said, Sigma deeply leans down his body, and takes an iaido stance while boosting himself with his magic power.

A super-fast strike released from the physical ability of a Baron-level high-ranked Demon, a strike that is far beyond the level of human perception anymore, thats what Sigma thought would settle this matter


And then, the distance of about five paces was closed down in an instant, and a strike that would reap away Alices life—— didnt happen.


[Did I even say that was my top speed]

Yes, when Sigma was about to move to attack, Alice had already landed in front of Sigma…… and stomped on the hilt of his sword.

This time, Alice leisurely swings the knife in her hand against Sigma, who looked at her, astonished.

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[Guh! Sh*t!]

[……Was it too shallow]

Sigma leaps backwards to dodge the slash aiming for his neck, but he cant completely avoid it, and blood flows from his neck.

[Your premise is wrong to begin with.

Humans are indeed inferior to most Demons in terms of physical ability if you just look at them as a race.

However, that doesnt mean that there are no Humans who can defeat Demons~~]

As Alice speaks as she flippantly laughs at him, Sieglinde, who was watching this situation which looks like shes completely overpowering this Baron-level high-ranked Demon with Kaito from a distance, opens her mouth in astonishment.

[How…… strong.]

[Sieg-san, is that magic]

[Yes, its probably magic that only increases her speed to the limit…… But at such a tremendous speed, it shouldnt be possible to control it with the kinetic vision of the Humans but……]

[But just now, Alice……]

[Yes, I cant believe it.

Shes…… probably stronger than Lili.

Shes clearly beyond the limits of humanity.]

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Alices combat prowess was unbelievable, even to Sieglinde, who had a large amount of experience as a warrior.

From the tip of his astonished gaze, Alice quietly muttered to Sigma.

[There sure are lots of high-ranking demons that have these so-called “peerage ranks”.

People like you whore overconfident in their own abilities…… who never doubted that their own ability would be surpassed by a Human…… makes a really good prey.]

[……Indeed, I need to change my perception of you.

You are strong…… Anyone who cant keep their head straight would be no match for you.]

[Thats right~~]

[However, you talked too much.

And now, Ive finally calmed myself down.]

It could be said that Sigma had been caught off guard because he thought of Alice as an inferior opponent just now…… and that last exchange and Alices words helped him regain his composure.

Considering the point of pure combat power, Alice was originally greatly inferior to Sigma except for her speed.

If a solid attack was made on her while he remains calm and alert, it would be difficult for her to win.

However, hearing Sigmas words, Alice doesnt seem to be flustered at all, as a smile appears on her mouth.

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[Theres no problem…… “Its already over” after all.]

[What did you say]

[……Since were at it, how about I tell you what they call me “over there”.]

While saying that, Alice throws the knife on her feet.

Thereupon, Sigmas feet……the shadows under them turned into countless spear-like shapes and skewered Sigmas body.

[Ghaa! Haaaahh!]

[……Shadow Edge…… Well, you dont really have to remember it.]

As the skewered Sigma falls down on the ground, she turns away while muttering with disinterest.

Her opponents a Baron-level high-ranked Demon…… He should be one of the high ranks in the Demon Realm, but in the end, Alice held the pace from start to finish, and he was defeated without being able to make a single move.

[Well~~ That was quite a formidable opponent.]

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[……You were actually amazing huh, Alice.]

[Eh Whats with that It kinda feels like youre really surprised though! What did you eve think of me of all these times!]

[Just an idiot.]

[Kaito-san, arent you just being too harsh on me!]

[That guy, is he dead……]

[No, I made sure that I wouldnt hit his vitals.

Otherwise, Im sure Kaito-san will be angry at me~~]

Hearing the words she said with a smile, I let out a sigh of relief.

It may seem like a naive idea to do for people who came to attack us, but as expected, I dont like seeing someone die.

[Well, we just need to find out why they suddenly attacked Kaito-san……]


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[Ahh~ Kaito-san, is it alright for me to go home after all As expected, I cant beat that one……]


Alices expression, which had seemed carefree until now, disappeared, and I could even see a streak of sweat on her forehead.

Feeling uneasy about her unusual appearance, I moved my gaze in the direction Alice was looking at.

Then, from the end of the road, there was someone walking slowly towards us.

A huge old man who must be well over two meters tall, wearing heavy-looking armor.

He had a huge axe in his hand, which combined with the sound of his clanging armor, gave off an intense sense of intimation towards us.

[Geez, I even told them not to rush in acquiring achievements and not to misread Megiddo-samas will……]

[No way…… Could he be…..

the “Ironblood Bacchus”……]

Seeing the old man whose calm voice shows his deep experience, Sieg-san mutters while trembling.

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Ironblood Bacchus…… Looking at Alice and Sieg-sans reactions, I could understand that he will be a tremendous opponent.

Perhaps sensing my doubts who this old man is, Alice nervously answered.

[There are five Count-level high-ranked Demons serving War King-sama…… and each of the five generals under War King-sama…… to put it bluntly, were monsters.]

[……so theyre dangerous opponents huh……]

[Theyre not just dangerous.

High-ranking demons from the Count-level and above them were truly exceptional.

They have the power to wipe out an entire city……]

[ ! ]

A person who is so powerful that he could even wipe out an entire city…… No matter how I think of it, hes a dangerous person.

Within that atmosphere filled with heavy tension, Bacchus turns to me with a wry smile on his face.

[Miyama Kaito…… Im sorry.

My subordinates were rude to you.]


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[Good gracious, its troubling how youngsters these days are hot-blooded…… On behalf of my subordinates, please accept my apology.]

[Ah, no……]

Seeing him not looking particularly dangerous at all, I hurriedly nodded at Bacchuss words, who spoke to me as if we were just making small talk.

[Geez, no matter how many barriers there are that can block Death King-sama and World King-samas detection…….

If they harm you, they will be killed afterwards, but they dont know that…… I should have warned them a bit more.]


[……However, the fact that it happened cant be helped.

I know that its our sides fault because they did as they pleased but…..

Im sorry, I cant just go back after having my subordinates be defeated.]

[ ! ]

Magic power like surging winds released from Bacchuss body as he slowly muttered.


[Im sorry, shall I have you fight against me as well…… Warriors of Humanity.]

[……Kaito-san, this is bad.

Theres no way we can win.

Cant you somehow use your lucky power to call for a super-powerful reinforcement or anyone like that]

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[If I could do that, I would have done it by now.]

Seeing Bacchus, who is easily holding that large axe, Alice sounds flustered, while Sieg-san and Anima stiffened because of nervousness.

The other party is an existence that is so powerful that it can wipe out a city…… Theres no we could do anything against him.

And although I wasnt conscious of my actions, before I knew it, I had stepped in front of the three of them, protecting them behind my back.

Im not sure I could ever come up with anything to defeat him…… but I didnt want the three of them to get hurt.

However, seeing my actions, Bacchus looked somewhat impressed.

[Hoohhh…… I thought you were just some youngster, but for you to still advance before my magic power, you have quite the spunk in you huh.

And, it is as you perceived…… I would certainly be troubled if you were to stand before me.]


I didnt know what he was talking about.

I didnt come forward because I had such ideas, but Bacchus was telling me that he would be troubled…… and that I had perceived something…..

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[Megiddo-sama told me to bring you to him…… but he hasnt told me that I may harm you.

If I harm you, and do something against Megiddo-samas will…… I will be killed.

That is to say, I cant attack you……]


[However, if I were to follow his will…… It will be fine for me to attack anyone aside from you.

Good grief, its quite tough being old but…… I guess Ill have to be nimble and quickly slip through you.]

[ ! ]

I thought I had seen a ray of hope, but that doesnt seem to be the case, as Bacchus carefreely walked towards us.

The other party is a Count-level Demon…… Hes probably much faster than that Sigma earlier.

I cant see any carelessness or openings at all…… Theres really nothing I can do about him……

[Everyone, run……]

[I will have to decline.]


[Even though its masters order, thats something I wont follow.]

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[Then, good work out there…….

Ah, no, its a lie.

I will stay, yes.]

I was ready to give up and be taken to War King-sama, and just let the three of them run away but…… They refused.

No, there was that one who tried to leave normally, but after Sieg-san and Anima glared at her, she flusteredly stood in front of me.

[Kaito-sans lucky power didnt make explosions yet huh…….

I guess I can only prepare myself.]

And now, Bacchus and the three of them…… Just as the unwinnable battle was about to begin, a quiet mutter rang out in the silence.

[……I see, calling it lucky power may really be quite fitting.

I was just passing by this area by chance, but I may actually be led here by Kaito-samas summon.]



Hearing that familiar voice resounded, before I knew it, a shadow stood in front of us.

She, who seems to be on her way home from shopping and leisurely standing in front of us, holding a paper bag, quietly spoke to Bacchus.

[As you may know, as a maid who spends every moment in accordance with her duties, I hate doing useless stuff.

Therefore, I will only give you one warning.]

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[……Ein…… -san]

[……I suggest you surrender.]

Dear Mom, Dad—– Its often said that lightning strikes twice, and this time, a Count-level high-ranked Demon appeared, and it certainly was a desperate situation.

However, I guess luck still hasnt given up on us——– As the strongest (maid) appeared.

Spoiler alert, the maid wins.

Maids are the strongest profession in the otherworld after all.

T/N: 10/13

Lol, beware~ The author gave a spoiler~~


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