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While conversing with Amel-san, I suddenly felt something out of place.

At first, I didn’t understand what exactly that was, but as we continued with our conversation, I noticed that the color of Amel-san’s left and right eyes was slightly different.

Amel-san’s eyes were deep purple, but only her right eye seemed to have a slight yellowish color.

The color isn’t so clearly different that it can be said that she has heterochromia, but her eyes definitely were slightly different in color.



[……Amel-san, your left and right eyes are slightly different in color huh.]

[ ! Fuuu, I see you’ve noticed it huh I guess that’s to be expected of you huh.

The discerning eye to see through the truth of this world and inquisitiveness can sometimes be the key that opens the door to the unknown.]



The moment I mentioned this, Amel-san’s expression clearly changed.

How should I say this…… She looks incredibly happy.

It’s just a guess, but I think she wanted me to notice the difference in her eye color.

Even so, I know this isn’t something I can point out about others, but I think Amel-san is the type of person who wears her heart on her sleeves.

Even now, she may be trying to sound cool, but she can’t hide the smile on her lips.



[In fact, I’ve installed a special magic tool to my eye.]

[A magic tool]

[Yeah, I’ll show it especially for you.

A part of my power……]



Saying this, she excitedly…… as if eager to show it off as soon as possible, Amel-san puts her hand over her right eye.

And then, when she moved her right hand away, Amel-san’s right eye glowed a pale gold.



[When the eye that reflects the world changes, the world that reflects in the eye also changes.

This eye can see things that were previously invisible to me.]




……Isn’t that that freaking joke item Alice made before! I never thought I’d see that again in this kind of place.

I mean, she seriously sold that thing to the public It only glows when you hold your hand over it, but it’s also crafted so that it doesn’t dazzle the wearer, and because it’s a magic tool, it should be reasonably priced…… but there really is someone who would buy such a thing huh.



While I was a little stunned upon seeing an item I didn’t expect to see here, Amel-san’s expression changed to one of anxiety, and as her eyes looked restless, she spoke.



[……D- D- D- Does it…… look strange]

[Ahh, no, it’s not like that! It looks cool.

I was just a little surprised that I froze.]

[I- I see, ehehe, that’s good…… Hrnnn! Well, I can certainly understand how you might feel overwhelmed before its brilliance.

It seemed like I had been a bit hasty for a response.

Your words of praise are gratefully received.]



I have this hunch from the way she speaks to me, but I feel like Amel-san thinks of me as “someone who understands her”.

I don’t really know if it’s because she had some kind of insight into having that same disease back in the past…… but anyhow, when I was bewildered and was unsure how to respond, it seemed like she got quite anxious…… I mean, she looked like she was about to cry.

I’m sure she should be older than me, but looking at her like this makes me feel like I’m looking at a young girl.



[……Errr, to be honest, that magic tool was made by a friend of mine, so I was surprised to see it here.]

[Eh! You know the creator of this! I- It’s actually an item that was given to me by an acquaintance who happened to buy it from a stall at the Festival of Heroes.

I loved it, but I only have one…… Where is it sold Also, does it come with any other colors……]

[Errr, I don’t know about that at the moment, so I’ll ask an acquaintance of mine.

I think it does come with several different colors though.]



Those joke goods weren’t lined up in her miscellaneous goods store after I saw that, and since Amel-san said her acquaintance bought them at a stall at the Festival of Heroes, it’s likely they’re sold somewhere else.

It seems that Nia-san from the Ten Demons is running a big trading company, so there’s a possibility that she’s selling them there, so I will ask Alice about this again later.

Amel-san, who looked happy at my words, held out one hand to me with an intrepid smile on her lips and spoke.



[Through magical birds flying in the empty skies or paper boats floating on the ocean, I’d like you to show me the symbol of the connection between you and I.]




Something unintelligible suddenly came out of her mouth.

Errr, what is this now…… Magical birds flying in the empty skies…… Paper boats floating on the ocean……

Guessing from the flow of the conversation we’ve had so far……



Magical birds flying in the empty skies…… Birds flying through the skies with magic…… was she talking about hummingbirds Then, the paper ship floating on the ocean…… should be letters, right

I guess that means that symbol of the connection between Amel-san and I…… She wants to exchange contact information with me huh



[……Can I take it that…… you want us to register each other’s magic power with our hummingbirds or exchange addresses to send letters to]

[Yeah, as expected of my “sworn friend”.

Our hearts are indeed connected with each other.]



Apparently, my guess was correct, as Amel-san nodded with a happy expression on her face.

Also, it sounds like she just called me her sworn friend in a very natural way.

I don’t remember swearing anything with Amel-san, but she recognized me as her sworn friend.

Also, it’s just a guess, but I can tell from her facial expressions and emotions that this “sworn friend” is a very special position from Amel-san’s point of view.



Seriously…… I wonder why her Affection Meters had risen so much in such a short time.
















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