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With stiff expressions on their faces, they arrived at the entrance of the mansion.

When Nebula held her hand in front of the large door, it opened automatically and inside stood Anima, who had been waiting for their arrival.

She wasn’t wearing the suit she had worn when conducting business with Akane, and was instead wearing a military-style uniform, Anima’s usual outfit but a new outfit in the eyes of the two visitors, and she greeted them with a smile.



[Welcome, Akane-dono and Frau-dono, thank you very much for coming.]

[Thank you for inviting us.]



Akane, as to be expected of a woman who carries the responsibility of an entire trading company, doesn’t outwardly show any sign of her internal nervousness, and instead greeted her with a smile.

Frau, who was only Akane’s secretary and escort, didn’t open her mouth, but merely bowed to Anima’s words.



[Nebula, thank you for guiding them.]

[It’s no problem…… but Anima-san, may I have a moment]




After smiling at Anima’s words, Nebula moved quickly up to Anima’s ear and whispered in her ear low enough that neither of the two could hear.



[I’m just making sure, but the main reason Milord invited the two of them isn’t about the commission, but to deepen friendship with someone who came from his world, right]

[Yes, that’s correct……]

[Then, as I thought…… It seems like the two of them were having some kind of misunderstanding about Milord.]



Rather than being strangely cowering…… It feels more like they’re about to make an audience with a high-ranking person I could see a peculiar tension in them, as if they were afraid of being punished if they were rude in any way.]



Needless to say, Nebula has a keen insight, and from the very first sight of Akane and Frau, she sensed a feeling of awe that was unlike the usual nervousness.

That’s why, as she was about to hand over the role of guiding them to Anima, she gave her advice.

If the two of them were to meet Kaito in this state, the conversation would not go well at first due to awe…… a development that Kaito wouldn’t want to see happen.



[If this continues, it won’t be a good development for Milord, and I suggest that we clear up their misunderstanding first.]

[I see……]

[Since they seem to have an oddly large perception of Milord, I think it would be better to explain about Milord to them ahead of time.]

[Ahh…… Perhaps, it’s my own lack of explanation.

Thank goodness, I’m glad I asked Nebula to guide them.]

[It’s no problem.

Well then, I will leave the rest to you.]



When she finished telling her message, Nebula smiled, bowed to Akane and Frau as well, and then returned to the garden.

After seeing her off, Anima slightly bowed to Akane and Frau.



[My apologies.

It seems that my lack of explanation has caused the two of you to misunderstand.]

[Eh Misunderstand]

[Even though I said it had nothing to do with the transaction and was just a personal request, thinking about it, it was inevitable that you would line up Master with myself and may shrink back in fear.]

[U- Unnn]



Hearing Anima’s words, both Akane and Frau curiously tilted their heads.

It seems like things were unfolding differently than they had expected, and from how Anima mentioned misunderstanding…… They judged that there was a difference in perception between them.



[My Master is called Miyama Kaito…… An otherworlder just like Akane-dono.]

[Wha! Ahh, could it be…… Kuromu-sama’s lover]

[Yes, that’s correct.

As for this case, it really has nothing to do with our business transaction at all, and this invitation was from Master, who happened to hear that the head of the trading company we’re conducting negotiations with is also an otherworlder, and wished to meet and deepen relations with you who was from the same world as him.]

[……I- I see…… I- In other words, it’s not like this was to ascertain if you’re going to continue associating with our company……]



After hearing Anima’s words, Akane, who had finished sorting things out in her head for a bit, felt so exhausted that she almost fell to her knees.

At least, she now understood that acting roughly wouldn’t result in their heads being chopped off.

Of course, not all of her questions had been answered.

She was also wondering why an otherworlder just like her lives in such a huge mansion and why someone like Anima is following him…… but she could say that her biggest concern has been resolved.



[S- So that’s how it is…… Rather, it was us who should apologize for having strange misunderstandings.]

[No, my apologies for making you feel uneasy.]

[Please don’t worry about it.

Thanks to this, I could now understand a lot of things.

I could also understand how you were able to prepare a certificate judged by Phantasmal King-sama, considering your connections with Kuromu-sama……]

[Ah, no, Ali———- Phantasmal King No Face-sama is also one of Master’s lovers and she has sworn allegiance to Master so……]

[……Ahh~~ I’m sorry.

My brain just refused to understand what you were saying, so please give me a few minutes……]



Her biggest concern has been addressed.

However, hearing something that was quite strange, something that was definitely beyond the scope of her common sense, Akane looked up to the heavens with a weary expression on her face.
















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