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【Basic Rules of RINGTOSS】



・At the beginning of the match, each player has 15 rings in their hand.

・Each player has 30 poles behind them, and points are scored by getting through the opponent’s defense and making the opponent’s poles catch the player’s rings.

・The game ends when one of the players scores ten points or when the 5-minute time limit elapses.

If the time is up, the winner is the one who scored more points, and if there’s a tie, the winner is the one who consumed fewer rings.

・When all 15 rings have been used, 15 rings will be replenished after a 5-second waiting period.

・One can’t defend an opponent’s offensive other than blocking their rings.

・Players who have more than a specific amount of magic power (above Peerage-rank) must be registered with their magic power suppressed to a star, and will be disqualified if they use magic power exceeding the standard during a match.

・Even if one uses an ability to clone a ring and hang them on multiple poles, or an ability to enlarge a ring and hang them over multiple poles, the score is considered to be one point.

・The use of Causality Interference abilities, Time and Space Manipulation abilities, any abilities specified as prohibited in the rulebook is prohibited.

・Attacks that severely damage or destroy the venue get the player a foul.






【World Quoits Elite Rankings】


The Ranking of all Quoits Elites based on the results of Official Tournaments, from 1 to 100.

Players who have been ranked are called “Rankers”.

The top 10 Rankers are referred to as “Top Rankers”, and each of them is a Super-Class Quoits Elite with tremendous ability and popularity.




【World Rank-1】

『Absolute One』 Nightmare


The undefeated champion who has reigned at the top since the dawn of RINGTOSS.

She is the symbol of RINGTOSS, and is very popular because of her absolute strength and her captivating style of play that brings excitement to the spectators.

As for her battle style, she likes to use “one-shot techniques”, such as the Shooting Star which she is known for, but she could make use of a wide array of strategies, with occasional solid fights and counter strategies.



~ ~ Symbolic Special Move ~ ~


Shooting Star…… She throws a dozen rings high into the sky, and with a complex trajectory, the rings would be accurately caught by the opponent’s poles.

It’s a move synonymous with Nightmare, and the pose of raising a finger high to the sky before the start of the match is famous as the “Preliminary Announcement: Shooting Star”.

The most powerful special move in the history of RINGTOSS, and has only been destroyed once.


Neo Shooting Star…… A technique developed based on the Shooting Star that makes use of all 15 rings released by Nightmare after she ended up being cornered by Baby Castella Mask.

It’s an extremely powerful move, but it’s a Burst Rush attack that abandons defense.




【World Rank-2】

『The Master』 Baby Castella Mask


She hasn’t been a Quoits Elite for very long, but one day, she appeared like a comet and rose up the ranks with her overwhelming strength.

She is undefeated except against Nightmare, and she’s the only Quoits Elite who may put an end to the legend of Nightmare’s undefeatability, since she has driven Nightmare into a corner many times in their battles.


Although she is Quoits Elite who rarely uses original techniques and fights mainly with basic techniques that can be found in instructional books, each of her movements is honed to the utmost limit and is the embodiment of the saying that even basic techniques can be deadly if mastered, earning her the title of Ideal Quoits Elite and The Master of RINGTOSS.



 ~ ~ Symbolic Special Move ~ ~


The End…… The only original technique of Baby Castella, who uses almost only basic techniques.

She holds 7 rings in her right hand and 6 rings in her left, and simultaneously releases them with the force of an explosion.

The power of this technique is beyond description, and in the past, she has defeated Nightmare’s special move, Shooting Star, with The End.




【World Rank-3】

『Volganof』 Battle King


A Quoits Elite with an ultra-aggressive battle style.

His offensive power is nothing short of spectacular.

Because of his aggressive style, his defense has been a bit lacking, so he ends up being defeated by Nightmare and Baby Castella Mask.

He is very popular because of his flamboyance and the strength that even laymen could easily understand.

Of course, he is also a skilled fighter, but as he has destroyed the venue several times with his excessive power, there have been cases where he was disqualified from a match.



~ ~ Symbolic Special Move ~ ~


Zeed Catastrophe…… A Super Power Throw that crushes the opponent’s defenses with a single throw of tremendous power.

It’s a simple, yet powerful throw that is difficult to deal with.




【World Rank-4】

『Mystic Window』 Friendly Neighborhood Uncle


Despite his joke of a Quoits Elite name, Friendly Neighborhood Uncle is a skilled player both offensively and defensively.

He excels at Wind Magic, and many Quoits Elite find themselves at the mercy of his rings, flying in complex trajectories.

He is good at technical battles, with rings flying in from the opponent’s blind spots when they least expect it.

However, perhaps because he’s too busy, there are often times when he’s absent from official matches.



~ ~ Symbolic Special Move ~ ~


Invisible Feather…… The rings were thrown randomly, towards various directions without any specific pattern, and after making two large circles over the venue, they would suddenly fly in around the midpoint of the match.

It’s a technique shot that inevitably moves out of a player’s consciousness easily, boasting a considerable success rate.




【World Rank-5】

『Royal Knight』 Royal Runaway Mermaid


A Quoits Elite who excels in very solid fights and is a favorite of experts.

Although it isn’t flashy, the simplicity of her way of battling shows its effectiveness.

Those who understand RINGTOSS well will understand the high level of skill she has.

Although she’s a Quoits Elite with many great fights and is very popular, she often abandons her fights during a match because she still had her responsibilities in the royal palace.

She is rumored to be a Knight in the service of Hydra Kingdom, which is why she gained the nickname “Royal Knight”.



~ ~ Symbolic Special Move ~ ~


Trident Shot…… A simple, but powerful technique in which three rings are quickly unleashed in a straight line.

It has almost no preliminary movement and an excellent surprise technique, where a Trident Shot is unleashed when the player expects a normal attack.




【World Rank-6】

『Earth Guardian』 Tree Dragon


Despite her small stature, she’s a defense-style Quoits Elite with an extremely strong defense.

She prevents the opponent’s attacks and often wins by the difference of consumed rings at the end of the match.

Her defense is truly ironclad, and any half-hearted attack will result in a block.

However, she isn’t without offensive power, as she would occasionally turn to the offensive, which in itself is also extremely troublesome.



~ ~ Symbolic Special Move ~ ~


The O-Viper…… A low, ground-crawling shot that takes advantage of their small size.

Since the ring is considered used when it touches the ground and defense with a used ring is considered a foul, very delicate ring control is required to block her very low shots.




【World Rank-7】

『Volcano Dragon』 Challenger


A Quoits Elite with excellent offensive power, she is especially explosive when her opponent is ahead or has taken the lead, and has pulled off many great comebacks.

Although it’s only a rumor, it’s said that she may be the Sky Dragon Nidzveld, one of the Dragon King’s Executives, and being one of the Six Kings’ Executives, she has a busy schedule and has only participated in a few official tournaments, but her abilities aren’t inferior to the other Top Rankers.



~ ~ Symbolic Special Move ~ ~


Rebellion Burst…… A technique where she unleashes her rings clad in flames.

Perhaps influenced by her emotions, the flames shine more brightly when she’s in an inferior position.

These blazing rings have the property of exploding in mid-air and accelerating after being thrown, and the explosion makes it a blind shot, making it difficult to read which poles those rings are aiming at.




【World Rank-8】

『Black Tempest』 Twilight Wing



This Quoits Elite is widely known as Amel, the Winged Tribe’s Chief, because of her extremely distinctive black wings.

Although she’s extremely skilled, she often loses battles because she sometimes shows large openings, such as making poses that don’t seem related to the battle, or making long-winded speeches before attacking.

Even so, the fact that she maintains a winning percentage that puts her among the Top Rankers is a remarkable achievement. 



~ ~ Symbolic Special Move ~ ~


True Infernal Style: Anti-Fortress Omnidirectional Dark Blast…… This is a special move in which Twilight Wing takes a large leap into the air and shoots at a steep angle from a high altitude.

The angle of her attacks is hard to defend and powerful…… but it’s a double-edged move, as her poles are left defenseless during her attack.




【World Rank-9】

『Spear Maiden』 Lord of Demon


An unusual Quoits Elite who, for some reason, describes the act of scoring points as “skewering”.

She is a highly skilled Quoits Elite with excellent pitching, offensive and defensive skills, but she sometimes loses caution when she scores, saying things like “That’s a nice skewer from a great angle”.

It seems like she’s also a very busy player, as she hasn’t appeared in many official matches.



~ ~ Symbolic Special Move ~ ~


Pierce: Dead End…… A Special Technique with no offensive performance, and when activated, it has the effect of “lengthening the opponent’s pole”.

It might make it slightly harder to defend, and it shouldn’t have any other effect…… but for some reason, Lord of Demon’s scoring ability explodes when she activates this technique, making this technique considered as a Buff ability.




【World Rank-10】

『Cocytus』 Ice Ogre


A very tall Quoits Elite, whose normal shot is difficult to block as it’s fired from a very high angle.

She often unleashes attacks clad in cold air, and as the battle progresses through the middle and end-game, the opponent’s movements slow down due to the cold and their performance declines.

Her opponent’s gradual weakening made it look like they were prisoners caught in a cage of ice.



~ ~ Symbolic Special Move ~ ~


Cross Freeze…… A simple technique of throwing two rings at the same time, but the rings are clad in extremely cold air, and if you carelessly defend against it, the rings can even freeze your hands.








【The Legendary Match】



The first match between the undefeated and strongest Quoits Elite, Nightmare and the up-and-coming Baby Castella Mask, is a legendary battle that is still talked about to this day.

When Nightmare brought out the Preliminary Announcement: Shooting Star, as if she intended to crush the up-and-coming newcomer, the crowd was convinced that the match would be decided immediately after the opening bout.


However, in response to the Shooting Star, Baby Castella Mask, who until then had won the tournament using only basic techniques, unleashed her original technique, The End.

Rather than canceling it out, The End even defeated Shooting Star, scoring Baby Castella Mask 5 points at once.

The audience was shaken by Baby Castella Mask for completely defeating Shooting Star, a feat no one had ever achieved before, and while Nighmare’s defeat crossed people’s minds…… only Nightmare acted immediately.


She “threw away” the 5 remaining rings she had instead of throwing them.

This was because even if she had gained 5 points herself, she still couldn’t reverse the situation, so she discarded her rings and chose to restock, exposing a five-second opening.

In contrast, Baby Castella Mask was somewhat slow in her initial response.

It’s speculated that because Baby Castella Mask is a very good player, her mind is caught in the preconceived notion of “she should leave her rings in hand to defend against the attacks of the opponent with 5 rings in hand”, so her initial response was rather delayed.


As if she was chasing after Nightmare’s movements, Baby Castella Mask also abandoned her 2 remaining rings.

The difference between the two sides was only a few zero-point-something of a second, but it would prove to be the difference between the two.

The moment their rings were replenished, Nightmare unleashed Neo Shooting Star using all 15 rings.

Baby Castella Mask reacted immediately, but the slight difference in the initial response was still too much, and although she blocked 5 rings, Nightmare managed to score 10 points, making it a reversal victory for Nightmare.


However, it’s not the case that Nightmare gained an overwhelming victory.

In fact, it’s fair to say that she was so backed into a corner that she had no choice but to take a desperate gamble by unleashing all of her 15 rings.

If Baby Castella Mask had managed to block one more ring, Nightmare would have an opening exposed in front of Baby Castella, which had a large number of rings in hand, and the result of the match would have been the opposite.


After this battle, Nightmare would opt to fight against Baby Castella Mask with a steady match instead of aiming for a flashy one-shot technique such as the Preliminary Announcement: Shooting Star.

Their battles are always so close that they’re always fighting for a point, and although Nightmare has so far won all their battles, it’s expected that the day when Baby Castella wins will not be far off.








【Mysterious Supernova】


It happened at a medium-sized tournament that was open to pro and amateurs alike.

It was a tournament that also served as an event where the winner could fight against the World Rank-1 Nightmare, and there were many participants, both pros and amateurs.

Although there were no Top Rankers who participated, there were many participants who were well-known in the rankings, and a shocking event occurred at the tournament.


A completely unknown amateur…… A being dressed in a costume that appeared to be a cat full of patchwork all over its body won the tournament by overwhelming all the participants 10 to 0, and earned the right to fight Nightmare.

Furthermore, in her fight against Nightmare, they showed tremendous strength, becoming the first person other than Baby Castella Mask to score 9 points from Nightmare, the undefeated champion.


However, the mysterious amateur hasn’t been in any tournaments since then, and her true identity is still being whispered about.




【World Rankings: Extra】




『Unknown』 Mystic Cat


This being of wonder appeared at the tournament on a whim and knocked out many participants, without allowing them a single point, and snatched the championship.

Everything around them is shrouded in mystery, and there are no rumors that they had been seen since that tournament, so there is a lot of speculation about them.



~ ~ Symbolic Special Move ~ ~


Lord of Legion…… It was unknown who named it, but those who have seen their overwhelming battle said: “It was as if victory had been decided from the start”…… Mystic Cat’s opponent was unable to defend even once against their attacks, and every attack the opponent unleashed was casually blocked.

It was as if the path to victory had been opened in front of Mystic Cat’s eyes from the beginning, and seemingly as if he was just walking toward such a path, it was a way of battling that could truly be described as a March of a King.


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