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Lilia’s group, who had temporarily separated from Kaito, were on their way to Seigi and Cattleya’s place ahead of Kaito.

The staff member led them to the room where Cattleya was first, and after a few knocks, Lilia and the others were ushered inside.



[Elder Sister Lilia!]

[Long time no see, Cathy.

Congratulations on your big day.]



After a brief greeting with Cattleya, who was happy to see Lilia, Lunamaria and the others greeted Cattleya in turn.

After the greetings, Lilia suddenly noticed that there was another person in the room who wasn’t a servant and lightly bowed to her.



[If it isn’t High Priestess Gloria, it’s been a while.]

[It’s been a while, Princess Lilianne…… No, it’s now Duchess Lilia, isn’t it]

[The presence of the High Priestess here means……]


I’m in charge of this wedding.]



Watching Lilia talking to a woman in an elegant priest outfit…… Gloria from a little distance away, Aoi turned to ask Lunamaria.



[Luna-san, who is that person]

[The High Priestess of the Cathedral in Symphonia Kingdom’s royal capital…… In other words, she’s someone among the top.

As expected, the wedding of a princess is a big deal for the church.]



While Aoi and Hina nodded in agreement after hearing Lunamaria’s explanation, Cattleya slightly looked around, and tilting her head, she called out to Lilia, who had finished talking to Gloria.



[……Ummm, Elder Sister Lilia Is Miyama-sama not here]

[Ahh, Kaito-san has gone to pick up his companion.

I’m sure they’ll be here soon since he has his Teleportation Magic Tool……]

[Ahh, so that’s how it is.

By the way, I haven’t asked him yet, but do you know who his companion is]

[I’m sorry, I myself have just heard about it, so I haven’t heard who it is……]

[I see…… If it’s possible, we would like someone among the Six Kings or the Supreme Gods to come……]



Hearing the words Cattleya muttered, wishing for the visit of someone among the Six Kings or the Supreme Gods…… Lilia understood how she felt.

This is because Lilia also used to struggle with making connections and foils when she was just starting up the Albert Duchy.

She made far more tremendous connections than she had sought through Kaito’s influence, but as a fellow noble, she understands how Cattleya feels.



[I know how Cathy feels.

When you’re a member of a new noble family, you would need connections and foils, right]


Especially since Seigi is an otherworlder and doesn’t have many friends here yet…… If it’s possible, I would like to have one or two connections I could rely on in this ceremony.]

[I know how you feel, because I’ve struggled with it before…… but for this event, what Cathy hopes might not end up happening.]


I knew that, but Miyama-sama and we don’t have too many mutual acquaintances.

I have met Phantasmal King-sama in Miyama-sama’s presence but……]

[……Alice-sama is, well…… I think she will be here…… but I don’t think she’ll show herself.]



Although she had a disappointed expression on her face, Cattleya seemed to have expected this to some extent.

Incidentally, Alice would usually be guarding Kaito, so if Kaito is there, she would surely be around…… but considering her character, she will not attend the wedding…… or at least, she would not attend as Phantasmal King.



[But then, who is this companion who would be attending with him]

[……It’s just my guess, but since Kaito-san has recently become acquainted with people who used to play the role of Hero and emigrated here, it’s possible that such people would come to attend but……]

[……Elder Sister Lilia]

[Cathy, please wait a moment.]



Stopping mid-sentence, Lilia approached Lunamaria with a slightly pale expression on her face and whispered to her ears.



[……Luna, this has completely slipped my mind…… but what do you think is the possibility of Neun-sama attending]

[It’s possible…… but I don’t want to imagine that happening.]

[If First Hero-sama really came to attend, a huge panic would occur! Only a few people know that she’s still alive……]

[……Any chance that it could be Eden-sama]



As Sieg called out to them and approached, Lilia and Lunamaria were reminded of a possible big name who one wouldn’t think would come…… someone who, in some cases, maybe more important than the coming of the Six Kings or the Supreme Gods, and became flustered.




[……Is it even possible However, that person seems to think of everyone that isn’t born of her world as little more than insects……]

[As Mitsunaga-kun could be considered as her child, I don’t think it’s impossible…… but it would be hell on earth if she really came.]



And there, another existence came to their mind…… an incredibly dangerous God.

Compared to Neun though, she is less likely to come.

It’s unlikely that Eden would go out of her way to visit a place where there are large numbers of what Eden refers to as lumps of flesh…… But they also couldn’t dismiss the possibility that Eden, who loves her children dearly, would come to see Seigi’s big event.



[……It’s only a rumor, but it seems that many nobles were given hell by her at the Six Kings Festival, and she has become a trauma for a good number of nobles.]

[Luna and I don’t know much about the rumors about the nobles…… but was it really that bad]

[Yes, it seems that there are even a few people who have been…… “forced to experience firsthand” what happens when they harm Kaito-san.]

[……I guess she could do that, I heard she’s a God comparable to Shallow Vernal-sama, isn’t she She should be able to easily make you experience the possible future ahead of them, and with her character, she wouldn’t hesitate to do that…… Milady, it’s a disaster.

I don’t feel relieved at all anymore.]

[……I should have asked him who he was bringing with him.]



With the calm expression she had until a little while ago going somewhere unknown, Lilia placed her hand on her aching stomach and looked up to the heavens with a pale expression on her face.
















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