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After finishing our tea, Olivia-san guided me through the Cathedral.

The Cathedral is quite large, but it doesn’t seem too crowded, and we rarely pass by other people.



[Until what time is the Cathedral open]

[The prayer room is basically open until 7 pm.

During the year of the Festival of Heroes though, it’s still open until 10 pm.]

[Are there many people who come to pray]

[It seems that most of them are tourists who come to the Friendship City and stop by the Cathedral at least once.

They offer a brief prayer in the prayer room to commemorate the occasion.]

[I see……]



The Cathedral, taking up a large area located in the center of the Friendship City, really stands out, so this place must be quite the tourist attraction.

It’s true that if one comes to the Friendship City, they would want to stop by the Cathedral, which can be seen from a distance.



The prayer room that I was guided to seemed to be the main part of the Cathedral, and had a very spacious and solemn atmosphere.



[This is the prayer room.

The totem on the altar resembles the shape of the God Realm, and by dedicating our prayers to this totem, our prayers can reach the Gods of the God Realm, and by extension, Shallow Vernal-sama…… or so, that’s how it feels.]

[Heehhh…… I certainly saw triple-ringed totems like that in churches.]

[It’s the symbol of Godism, so many places enshrine this totem.]



I guess it’s something like the cross in our world.

Crosses do exist in this world too, but they are mainly used as grave markers, as was the case with the crosses in Dr.

Vier’s church.



[The only place other than this prayer room that is open for tourists is the Great Bell Room on the third floor.]

[Great Bell…… Is that something you ring]

[We ring the bell three times at the beginning of each month.

Those three rings indicate the Human Realm, God Realm and the Demon Realm, signifying the beginning of a new month in each of the three Realms.]

[Fumu fumu.]

[At this time of the day, there should be few people in the Great Bell Room, so let’s go there next.]



I followed Olivia-san as she started to walk away.

As expected, Olivia-san’s appearance is a perfect match for the atmosphere of the Cathedral, and I think just her walking around looks very picturesque.

And unlike that time when we went to visit the Hero’s Hill, Olivia-san has the power comparable to that of a Supreme God within the Friendship City, so she doesn’t look tired even when we’re climbing a long staircase.



[……Miyama Kaito-sama, is something the matter]

[Ahh, no, I was just thinking that Olivia-san looks magnificent and your atmosphere was a little different than before, so I thought it was refreshing.]

[W- Was I being disrespectful]

[No, no, it’s not that…… I was just thinking you look cool.]


[I- I see…… M- My apologies for having worldly thoughts……]



I wasn’t really sure what was going on when the perplexed Olivia-san shook her head before walking forward, but I somehow felt a slight smile rising up my lips.








Olivia-san showed me around the Cathedral.

Olivia-san even offered to show me the original copy of the Treaty of Friendship, which isn’t open to the public and is kept in strict safekeeping, but I declined.

After a while, I started feeling a bit hungry, so we decided to move on to Kaori-san’s restaurant.



[Olivia-san, have you been going to Kaori-san’s restaurant often since then]

[I don’t go there every day, but I do find the time…… Just a bit more and I’d have ordered everything on the menu twice.]



……She’s been going there a lot.

She’s completely become her regular customer……  Her saying just a bit and she’d have ordered everything on the menu twice means she already tried out everything once, and I feel like she might know more about her meals than I do.



[Then, I suppose you already know much more about the food at Kaori-san’s restaurant than I do Since we’re at it, I’d like to try Olivia-san’s recommendation today.

Do you have any favorite dishes]

[P- Personally…… I think the Chicken and Tomato Stew Set Meal tastes great……]

[Ahh, it sounds delicious.

Then, I’ll order that today.]



The Tomato Stew would certainly be delicious and it goes well with chicken meat.

The sourness of its seasonings will probably go well with rice.

However, it’s probably not an item I would easily choose if I went alone.

My eyes would probably end up getting drawn towards the Shogayaki or Tonkatsu Set Meals, so in that sense, I’m glad I asked her here.
















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