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Even when Kaitos group was still in the early stage of preparations, the information that Kaito was going to open a stall at Symphonias Founding Festival was already known by those Kaito knows.

At the castle of the Death King Isis, Land of Death, Demon Realm, Isis has a distressed expression on her face.



[……Kaitos stall…… I also want to eat his food…… but going there…… is difficult.]



Isis has the magic power of death, and since Isis herself is very happy these days, the intimidation her presence exudes on others has eased to some extent…… but its still impossible for anyone below Baron-rank to get within a few meters of her.

As it was obvious that a panic would ensue if Isis were to be found in a crowded place, it was difficult for Isis to head directly to the festival.



[In that case…… Why dont I go and buy them for you]

[……Spica will]

[Yes~~ I wasnt famous at all, so Im sure Ill be able to get it for you without any problem.

Moreover, I havent met Kaito-san yet, so this would be a perfect opportunity.  If you wait for me at the ceremony site, Isis-sama, Ill be able to immediately bring it to you.]

[……Then…… can I…… leave it to you]

[Yes~~ Please leave it to me~~]


[Ohh, Eul would also help Isis-sama In that case, shall we go together then]



The conversation came to an agreement that Spica would go to Kaitos stall to buy there as Isis proxy, while for the time being, Isis sent a letter to the Symphonia Kingdom stating that she would participate in the Founding Festival ceremony.






In another town in the Demon Realm, the War King Megiddo heard the same subject that Isis had heard from their subordinate.



[Hohh, Kaitos setting up a stall huh…… Now aint that interesting…… Oi, Bacchus!]


[Convey my words, that Ill be there for Symphonia Kingdoms Founding Festival.]




Megiddo, who was intrigued by the story of Kaito opening a stall, decided to participate in Symphonia Kingdoms Founding Festival…… the festivals ceremony, and instructed Bacchus to inform the other party.

Furthermore, Megiddo themself generally doesnt participate in any countrys Founding Festival ceremonies, usually sending Bacchus or Agni as their proxy, so their participation this time was quite unusual.






At about the same time, in the mountainous region in the Southern Demon Realm, Magnawell was talking about the same topic.



“……Sounds interesting.

I did have that clone prepared for me, so it would be easier for me to visit places like Symphonias Royal Capital.”



Magnawell, partly because of his size, so much so that the Royal Capital would be overshadowed by Magnawells huge body if he doesnt position his body properly, doesnt participate in the past Founding Festivals and needed to have someone stand in for him.

This time, however, hes able to participate in a humanoid form because of the special clone he obtained through a deal with Alice.



“Now, this would be the first time Im able to participate in a Founding Festival ceremony.

I suppose Ill visit Miyama Kaito along the way.”






There was no way that the Phantasmal King…… Alice, who has access to information from all over the world, not to be aware of the movements of the other Six Kings, so she naturally received information about the Six Kings future actions.




Now what should I do…… This would normally not be a problem, but theres always the possibility of a certain sh*tty gorilla doing something strange…… This would be quite disastrous for Ryze-san, but Ill have my clone also participate and see to it that they dont act strangely.]



Lillywood, which originally has close ties with Symphonia Kingdom, always participates every year, so Alices decision to join the event has determined that the Six Kings will gather for this years Symphonia Kingdom Founding Festival.

However, Alice was only sending out a clone, as her main body is fully motivated to help out at Kaitos stall…… For the time being though, she intends to watch the movements of the other members of the Six Kings while restraining Megiddo, who seems to act without thinking, so that Kaito can enjoy the experience of setting up a stall.



[……I wonder what the Supreme Gods will do though.

That would be dependent on Shallow Vernal-samas actions…… but for the time being, Shallow Vernal-sama doesnt have the intention of heading to the actual site, so its unlikely that they will move.

As for the possibility of Fate-san willingly participating in a festival with many people…… Well, doesnt seem likely.

She would probably just ask Kaito-san to make baby castellas separately for her later.

As for Chronois-san, she has her connection with Lilia-san, so she may participate.

As for Life-san, unless Shallow Vernal-sama makes a move, its unlikely that she would participate…… In that case, all thats left would be that God.]



Alice, who hypothesized the movements of the people that needs special attention to some extent, thought of constraining Makina, who would likely start rampaging even before the festival starts in advance.

Using a special cogwheel, Alice headed for the place where Makina is located.






Meanwhile, at the Royal Castle in Symphonia Kingdoms Royal Capital, Ryze was preparing for the festival as usual.

Since the Founding Festival is always held except for the years when the Festival of Heroes is held, its something that Ryze, the King, is used to, and this year, he was slowly making preparations while guiding the Crown Princess, Amalie.



[……Your Majesty! I bring important news!!!]

[Unnn Whats the matter]

[In addition to World King-sama who has already announced her participation in the Founding Festival ceremony…… Underworld King-sama, Death King-sama, War King-sama, Dragon King-sama and Phantasmal King-sama…… All of them have informed us that they themselves will participate in this years ceremony!!!]




It was that moment when the usual Founding Festival ceremony transformed into one unprecedented in the history of Symphonia Kingdom, a Founding Festival ceremony with the participation of all the Six Kings.


















【Underworld King】 I heard Baby Castellas!

【Death King】 I heard Kaito opening a stall……

【World King】 Been participating every year in the first place.

【War King】Felt like it would be fun.

【Dragon King】 Grandpa got a bit excited to be able to move around in his clone.

【Phantasmal King】 Participates with the intention of being the stopper for Kuro, Megiddo and Magnawell.

Just as usual, shes Kaitos devoted lover who supports him beneath the shadows and under the sun.



【Mechanized God】…… hasnt even done anything, but for some reason, got scolded by Alice.


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