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In regards to the magic representing the different world, what Lilia-san said and what Kuro just said doesnt mesh with each other.

Lilia-san said that magic was difficult to learn and would take as long as a month to learn, if youre a fast learner.

On the other hand, Kuro said it could be learned in just a few days.

It didnt seem like either of them was lying but……

[Kaito-kun, do you mind if I look through that book for a minute]

[Eh Yeah.]

Im not sure if Kuro had similar doubts, but she wanted to see the introductory book I had.

I didnt have any particular reason to refuse, so I handed her the book, and Kuro flipped through it.

[Ah, I see~ This is how we used to teach the Humans magic…… With this method, it would definitely take some time to learn magic.]

[Does that mean that the method that the Humans are using to study magic is wrong]

[Unnn No, I think its very well done.

Its just this is the method to raise someone into a “magician who can make magic tools” or something like that Its like, you also have to study the theories accompanied by magic, so I think youd surely take a long time to learn with that~]

[Unnn Wait, I dont understand what you mean by that……]

Kuro seems to be convinced of something, but I honestly didnt understand.

Thereupon, Kuro closes the book and gives me a charming smile before explaining.

[If all you have to do is invoke magic, all you have to is understand the feeling of moving magic power…… For example—–]

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[Whoa…… The book is floating.]


I just used magic to make it float, but for this level of magic, regardless of whether youre a human or a demon, if you can make your magic power move, you can do it just by imagining it.

But if you want to make a magic tool that can do the same thing,, it would get a little more complicated.]

[Fumu fumu.]

[A magic tool is a magic formula thats written on the magic crystal, so if you try to do the same thing…… You need to know the method to specify a target, the method to levitate the target, the method to adjust the height, and the method to switch between activation and deactivation—– I guess it will look something like this]

With Kuros explanation, many lines of glowing letters appeared in the air and formed into a magic circle.

Seeing that happen, it somehow looks magical.

[Thats the difference between using magic based on intuition and using magic based on theories.

Look, even Kaito-kun thinks that moving your hands is easy, right However, dont you think it would be hard to write down those principles into a theory]

[……I see, its certainly as you say……]

[For us demons, being able to use basic magic is normal, and someone would only feel like studying it when you want to become a magic tool creator or use more complicated and powerful magic…… Im guessing that for the human race, they felt that a child who could use magic should be equal to someone who can make magic tools.

And thats why theyre making you study the theories accompanied by magic~ That seriousness really is like the human race.]

I see, Kuros explanation is easy to understand.

I think its also clear that humans have a complicated way of thinking.

In that case, I guess its not a question of which is the right answer as its a cultural difference.

As Lilia-san said earlier, for the human race, being able to use magic would be a professional in their profession for a human.

But for the demons, its already a give that they can use magic and only those researcher types who study it in-depth feel like professionals.

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[Well, studying this isnt a waste of time.

You will need a solid theoretical knowledge if you want to use higher-level magic.

Youre also part of the human race, the people who are good at making detailed theories and by memorizing this, I think youll be able to make magic tools~]


However, theres a part of me that cant wait to try my hand at magic.]

[Then, do you want me to teach you]


I know that the theory is important, but Im in a different world and I have a strong desire to use magic.

Unless Im thinking of making a magic tool, when I heard that I would be able to use simple magic in just a short time, I cant help but be inclined towards it.

As I was thinking about this, Kuro suggested with a smile on his face.

[You can just study the theoretical stuff from stuff like that book while I teach you about the intuitive stuff.

Even though I may not seem like it, I think I can use magic quite well.]

[……Is that alright]

To be honest, thats a very appreciated offer, but theres a part of me that feels fearful at the same time.

Kuro is probably… no, Im pretty sure that Kuro is someone who knows a great deal about magic.

Or at least, shes one of the most outstanding among the people I know in this other world.

Taking various things out of her coat, she could create something like that magic tool that searches for people youre thinking about, even soaring in the sky, she seems like shes at a level where theres nothing she cant do.

[Its alright~ I like you, Kaito-kun, and if theres something I can teach you, Ill teach you.]

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(T/N: the like used here is the like for “pleased”, kinitteru.

not “suki”.)

[T- Thank you.]

A smile thats filled with straightforward goodwill, without hiding anything.

I dont know what it is about me that made her like me so much, but shes treating me really well.

Of course, I felt like Im being pushed around most of the time, but theres a part of me that feels strangely feels at ease while talking with Kuro.

Well, how should I say this, Im also a guy…… Although her actual age is much older than her looks, I still get embarrassed when a lovely beauty directs such straightforward goodwill to me.

But at the same time, I began to question myself.

Am I actually a lolicon Then, a strange fear emerged.

N- No, thats not it! Im not a lolicon, you know! Im just confused because Ive always been alone and never experienced having someone emotionally attached like this to me before!!

Kuro, unaware of my emotional turmoil, begins to instruct me with the usual smile on her face.

[Now then, the first step would be the basics of the basics.

Its how to handle magic power.

Do you know what magic power feels like, Kaito-kun]

[No, I dont know.]

[Unn, well, youve lived in a world that has never had anything to do with magic before, so its not strange.

Then, here—-]


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With her exclamation, Kuro spun her finger in front of me.

My body suddenly got enveloped in a faint light and I felt a gentle warmth around my body.

[I wrapped Kaito-kuns body with the magic power that I made visible but…… How does it feel]


It feels like soaking in lukewarm water…… It feels warm]


That feeling is important.

Thats the basic state of using magic.

Today, lets just feel around it a little and try to remember exactly what magic power feels like!]

Dear Mother, Father—– I have a magic teacher in a different world.

However—- Im not a lolicon.

Lets go back in time for a bit, to a certain building in the Demon Realm.

While Kuromueina leisurely watching the demons celebrating the New Year, a demon wearing a ceremonial mask made of bones and feathers approached her.

[Kuromu-sama, you have received an invitation from the Symphonia Kingdom.]

[Unnn Invitation…… for what]

Throwing a baby castella into her mouth, Kuromueina looked back with a heartfelt curiosity.

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[It seems to be an invitation for a party celebrating the New Year.

Perhaps, it also serves as an introduction to the person who holds the role Hero this year……]

[New Year ……Why did they just send it to me this year When was the last time I went out again]

[No, I dont think thats it.

Its probably because Kuromu-sama visited the King not long ago]

Kuromueina is a demon, and so, she basically spends her New Year in the same format as the Demon Realm.

As a result, she has never participated in any of the parties that the humans hold on the fourth day of the New Year in various countries, and even the Human Realm understands that they have never sent an invitation.

However, this year, they have unusually sent an invitation, and the masked demon said that the reason was probably due to her visit to the castle the other day at the request of the King of Symphonia.

[……I only went there because I happened to be in the neighborhood~]

[Ah, by the way, you went to buy some jam, didnt you Did you get a good one]

[Unn, its very sweet and goes well with baby castellas.]

[Hohou… Thats good to hear.]

Hearing the happiness from Kuromueinas words, the masked demon repeatedly nodded as if he was pleased himself.

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[……And so, how should we reply]

[Im not interested, so tell them were not coming~]

[Hahaha, I should have known.]

Thereupon, sending just a glance at the extravagant invitation stamped with the seal of the King of Symphonia that they sent once again, Kuromueina simply stated that she isnt interested.

It seems that the masked demon knew that this would be her reply that he just nodded without any questions asked.

[However, just in case, couldnt you see the person acting the role of the hero this year]

[I dont think Id be interested in the one acting the role of the hero this year~ Ive also found my “favorite” child……]

[Oya oya, my my…… It seems that Kuromu-samas extremely lucky to have found this person.]

[Yeah, thats right! It has truly been a long time! I felt that spark just at first sight~ I feel like its fate!]

The expression of disinterest on her face just now has changed, Kuromueina now have a big smile on her face.

As if he likes the person in front of him so much, The masked demon happily looked at Kuromueina, whos clearly in a good mood.

[Well then, Ill reply that Kuromu-sama isnt attending.]

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[Unnn, yeah.

Im just really engrossed with this child right now, so Im not interested in anything else.]

[As Kuromu-sama wishes……]

[Ah, also…… Can you write a letter to “Shiro”]

[To “Shallow Vernal”-sama, is it I respectfully obey, what would you like me to write]

(T/N: シャローヴァナル / sharowvuanaru)

Hearing the name that Kuromueina had mentioned, the masked demon looked a little surprised.

There was only one person that Kuromueina would call by that nickname.

Shes such an existence that she especially calls with a nickname, but for the masked demon, shes at least an existence higher than the clouds.

[Just keep it simple~ If its Shiro, I think shed understand even if you just say “Please give Kaito-kun your blessings~”.]

[……I respectfully obey.]

The masked demon nodded his head, but hes inwardly surprised at the contents of what Kuromueina just said.

At the same time, Kuromueina, who was lying on a luxurious sofa, vigorously sprung up.

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[Hah! I feel like Kaito-kun is calling me! Im going out for a bit~]

[Eh Ah, yes.

Have a good day……]

Quickly saying her goodbyes, Kuromueina was engulfed in a deep-black glow and disappeared, leaving the masked demon whos somewhat confused in that place.

A little while later, a knight wearing jet-black armor approaches the masked demon.

[Oya Wheres Kuromu-sama]

[Oh, “Neun”-dono…… I was told that she felt Kaito-kun calling her……]

(T/N: ノイン)

[Kaito-kun Ah, the otherworlder who has become Kuromu-samas favorite.]

Hearing the words of the dumbfounded masked demon, the knight in jet-black armor called Neun nodded in agreement.

[Good gracious, she really seems to like him…… Shes even requesting for Shallow Vernal-samas blessings……]

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[Shallow Vernal-samas blessings! Thats another terrific person for her to ask for requests.

I dont know if I should say that its to be expected from Kuromu-sama……]

[It would also become extremely difficult for the otherworlder……]

[……Well, as soon as Kuromu-sama likes you have also decided your fate of being pushed around by her…… Thats “also what happened to me”, after all……]

Unbeknownst to the person himself, his outer moat is already being tremendously filled up, while the masked demon and Neun could let out a sigh of sympathy for the favored human…… He will be pushed around by their “lord” who has been wearing the words “unrestrained freedom”, and they could only imagine what his future may be……


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