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Amaterasu-san and Mana-san came to my stall, and Amaterasu-san, in her unique outfit, attracted a fair amount of attention, but due to the small number of people around this area, she didnt cause a big commotion, and came to the front of our stall.



[Hello, as we had told you before, were here to make a purchase.]

[Hello, Amaterasu-san, Mana-san.

Do you want to have regular baby castellas or ones filled with chocolate]

[Errr, lets see.

Well then, well have 1…… no, 2 for each kind please.]



I guess that means one for Eden-san and one for hers huh Just as Amaterasu-san was speaking though, it looked like Mana-san glanced at Amaterasu-san for a moment, making her rephrase it though……

As I had such thoughts in mind, I prepared the bags and filled them with baby castellas.

This should make it so that the both of them wouldnt be a problem now, but I suddenly felt some sort of viscous gaze, and turning my eyes towards that direction…… I saw Mana-san looking at me with some kind of scary smile.



No, Mana-san herself is a lovely person, and her smile isnt particularly strange in any way, but for some reason, turning my back towards her makes me feel like a frog being gazed at by a snake…… That was supposed to be a normal smile, but her gaze strangely felt like there was something muddy within it.

Am I just overthinking it



[……Haahhh, my bel———– Igyiihh!]




The moment Mana-sans eyes narrowed and she was about to speak, something hit Mana-sans head, making her bite her own tongue.



[Oops, Im sorry about that.

My signpost accidentally slipped out of my hand.

Well~~ Im sorry, Customer-san.]



Saying this while apologizing to Mana-san is Alice but…… Arehh Wasnt our signpost just an ordinary wooden one just now When did it change into a “giant hammer”-like shape



[M- Mana-san, are you alright!]

[Y- Yes.

Im completely alright…… You dont have to worry about me.]



Lightly rubbing her head, Mana-san wryly smiled as she stood up.

As one would expect from Amaterasu-sans assistant, she must be a lot more powerful than her appearance would suggest, as even though a huge hammer hit her in the head, it didnt look like she was hurt at all.



[……Alice, what are you even……]

[No, the signpost really just slipped out of my hand.

It was a complete accident.]

[Right, right, that was just an accident, so you really dont have to mind it!]



It looked as if Alice hitting her head was intentional, but putting aside if it was just Alice saying it, since Mana-san herself also said it was an accident, then I cant say anything more.



[……Is Alice and Mana-san acquainted with each other]

[Hnn~~ Well, weve actually met each other through our connection with Eden-san.

I havent met Amaterasu-san though.]

[Thats because we had different places in charge after all.

Back when I…… Errr, Miyama Kaito-san went to the beach, the one who delivered the ingredients being sponsored by Eden-sama was me.

We became close at that time.]

[Ahh~~ I see, come to think of it, that was indeed the case.]



Alice mentioned that Eden-san prepared the ingredients we would be using for our meals at the beach, and Mana-san was the one who delivered them at that time huh…… I thought Eden-san would have just created them on the spot, but with her having various detailed agreements with Shiro-san, I suppose that is why she had someone deliver them instead.



[W- Well, anyhow, Im glad you arent injured.]

[You were worried about me! Haahh, you really are my cu——–]

[Ahh, this thing really is slippery.]


[M- Mana-saaaaaan!]



As Mana-san was about to say something, Alice swung that huge hammer she called a signpost, making a sound that clearly shouldnt have been made by a person.

That was a pretty strong blow! Are they sure Alice isnt seriously trying to break her neck!



[A- Alice, you!]

[It cant be helped, dont blame me.

My hand slipped.]

[No, you still claim your hand slipped Its quite obvious that……]

[Her hand slipped! The signpost slipped off her hand from my point of view, so theres no problem at all!!!]

[E- Eeehhhh……]



No matter how you look at it, it looked like she intentionally hit Mana-san on the head with that hammer, but putting aside if it was just Alice playing dumb, if Mana-san is also doing her best to support Alices claim, it makes me confused and unable to say anything.

W- What the heck is this strange scene…… I feel like Im gonna go crazy.

W- Well, if she says shes alright, I guess I shouldnt say anything about this anymore……



[……Errr, well then, Amaterasu-san.

Here are 2 bags of each kind.]

[Thank you very much.

Errr, please pass them to Mana-san.]


Mana-san, here you go.]

[Thank you very much! Do your best with your stall.]

[Y- Yes, thank you very much.]



Im not really sure whats going on, but I feel that thinking about this any deeper will only tire me out, so I saw off the two of them off, with Mana-san waving her hand with a satisfied look on her face, and Amaterasu-san deeply bowing with an indescribable expression on her face.


















Serious-senpai : [I see, because she created that body weak, so she can be stopped by physical damage……]

: [And so, just like usual, Alice-chan holds the role of supporting others.

Alice-chan really is excellent, and I think Kaito-san should reward Alice-chan.]

Serious-senpai : [Stop with the one-man play.]


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