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A land of extreme cold where it snows all year round and everything is frozen.

In this place, feared by those who live in the Demon Realm as the Land of Death, stands the only building in this place, the castle of the Death King Isis.

In a corner of the library filled with books, Isis, the master of this castle, placed the book she had just bought…… titled “The Caged Princess and the Blue Flower” on a small table and turned her gaze to the view from a nearby window.

At that moment, the door to the library opened and a girl carrying a paper bag entered.

[Isis, I’ve come to share my newest creations with you~~]

[……Kuromueina…… Unnn…… Thank you…… You can just…… put it down there.]

To the words of the Underworld King…… Kuromueina, speaking to her with a smile, Isis replied with an indifferent voice, her gaze kept outside the window without looking back.

With a slightly forlorn expression on her face at the sight of such an Isis, Kuromueina placed the bag of baby castellas on the table.

She couldn’t help but wonder, since when has she been like this Since when had the smile on her face completely disappeared, only leaving a cold expression on it…… She herself knows why this happened.

But unfortunately, Kuromueina has no way to heal the loneliness that Isis carries.

She was frustrated about this as her family, but as she was unable to say anything more about this, Kuromueina only looked at Isis’ back one more time as she continued to stare at the window, before turning around and murmuring to herself.

[……Speaking of which, I’m looking for Shalltear, but do you know where she is]

[……I don’t know…… She came here once…… about 2 years ago…… but as for where she is now…… I don’t know.]

[I see, thanks…… I’ll see you later then.]



Kuromueina, who walked out of Isis’ residence without exchanging many words, suddenly felt the magic power of someone she knew, teleporting to this place at that moment.

Immediately after, a tree grew on the snow-covered earth and Lillywood, the World King, appeared.

[Lillywood, what a coincidence.]

“Oya Kuromueina…… You also came to see Isis”


I came to see her a bit…… Speaking of which, Lillywood, do you know where Shalltear is]

“No, my apologies.

I haven’t seen her since the last Festival of Heroes, so I don’t know where she is right now……”

Shalltear, the Phantasmal King No Face, is the only one among the Six Kings who doesn’t have a fixed residence, moving from place to place around the world.

In addition, because of her mastery in Transformation and Recognition Inhibition Magic, she’s difficult to contact, and often doesn’t appear before the other members of the Six Kings even once during the 10 years between one Festival of Heroes and the next one.

[Hmmm, I see…… In that case, I’ll have to ask one of her executives to contact her again.

Well then, I’m off then…… I’ll leave Isis to you.

She seemed to be a little on edge lately, but I’m sure she’ll feel a little more at ease with Lillywood.]

“I hope that’s indeed the case…… It’s vexing how my presence doesn’t lead to a fundamental solution though.”

[……You’re right, it certainly is difficult.

Well, after the next Festival of Heroes, we will have a little more time to spare, so I think it would be nice if everyone could get together at least once before the next Festival of Heroes comes again.]

The everyone that Kuromueina refers to is her family who lives far away from her now…… the people who are now called the Six Kings.

The Six Kings’ activities, for better or worse, have expanded since the Treaty of Friendship between the three realms was signed, and they have fewer opportunities to get together than before.

“That certainly sounds great.

As usual though, it seemed like the one most difficult to call would be Shalltear.”

[Ahaha, that’s true.

If we’re not careful, she may just easily disappear.]

After chuckling at Lillywood’s words, saying such a thing with a wry smile, Kuromueina lightly waved her hand and teleported away.


The scene moves to a different place, in the Symphonia Kingdom, Human Realm, the Head of her family, Duchess Albert, was looking at a document with a somewhat nervous expression on her face.

Written on said document are the schedule and procedures for the summoning of the Hero to be held in the near future in great detail.

[Good grief, I understand that they passed an important task to you…… but what are you doing there, being that nervous]

[Luna…… I understand that in my head, but I just couldn’t help being anxious……]

Even as she responded to Lunamaria’s somewhat astounded look, the tenseness on Lilia’s shoulders could be firmly conveyed.

[Well, Lili is still an inexperienced Duke, so I think this would be a good opportunity to increase your profile.]

[Yes, if I can gain power as a noble little by little, one day…… I would be able to acquire a Fruit of the World Tree……]


Hearing the words Lilia muttered as she stared at the documents, Lunamaria had a complicated expression on her face.

However, her face soon changed to a cheerful one and she spoke.

[Though I say that, being too uptight now won’t help.

Being too serious is also something to think about.]

[Mhmm, that’s certainly true but……]

[In the meantime, I’ll go make you a cup of tea, so please drink it and take some break.

If you’re too nervous, nothing will go well.]

[……I suppose you’re right.]

Seemingly as if talking to Lunamaria has helped release some of her tension, Lilia’s shoulders relaxed just a little bit.

After confirming this, Lunamaria bowed and left the room to prepare tea.

Walking down the corridor under the afternoon sunlight, Lunamaria quietly pondered her thoughts.

(His Majesty the King probably had a hand in appointing Lili to be in charge of this year’s Hero Summoning.

His Majesty probably knows what Lili’s goal is, and is probably taking into consideration her achievements as a noble, even if only a little.)

In terms of simple name recognition, Lilia could be described as a celebrity in the country, no, even in the whole Human Realm.

However, this is only because of her overwhelming fighting ability…… but as a noble, she’s just a newcomer.

At least, at the present time, Lilia doesn’t have the financial resources to purchase a Fruit of the World Tree, nor does she have enough contact to obtain one, so it was imperative that she establish connections.

(……However, that would be difficult, wouldn’t it It’s true that being in charge of the Hero Summoning is a prestigious position, but with next year being the hundredth time the Festival of Heroes will  be held…… it honestly won’t be much of an achievement.)

Yes, the Hero Summoning is done in rotation by the three kingdoms of the Human Realm.

In other words, even if one considers only the Symphonia Kingdom, more than 30 summons have been issued since the first Festival of Heroes.

Therefore, any noble with the rank of Count or higher has been in charge of Hero Summoning in the past.

(Besides, within the country, she will inevitably be underestimated thanks to the prestige of her elder brother, His Majesty.

It would be ideal if Lili’s voice would be strengthened if she could establish connections outside the Symphonia Kingdom, such as with people in the Archlesia Empire, the Hydra Kingdom, or even someone from the Demon Realm or God Realm……)

After thinking about this, Lunamaria arrived at the kitchenette and began to prepare tea in a familiar manner.

However, once she started, the thoughts continued to turn without stopping.

(It could be said that her Flying Dragon Flight and stores are on track to some extent.

If this state of affairs continues in four years, it would seem like she’s keeping up a good pace instead…… but the Fruit of the World Tree, and her other goal, would take a long time to reach.)

Their situation isn’t bad, but it isn’t good either.

The destination is terribly far away, and it may take her a long time to get there.

Lilia and Sieglinde are both burdened with guilt, and their relationship is somewhat strained.

For the past four years, Lunamaria has been between the two of them and has done everything she could.

But even so, she still couldn’t see the light at the end of this tunnel.

(……I wonder how long this will last When will the day come when the three of us can laugh together like in the past without any sort of guilt…… Or perhaps, such a day may never again……)

It’s obvious, but by no means is she…… Lunamaria an outsider.

She’s one of the related party and one who is just as heartbroken by what once happened.

Perhaps, is that why When she’s alone, a sudden feeling of weakness springs up in her heart.

The fear that they may never be able to return to their once enjoyable relationship again clutches her heart.

[……Someone…… Please help us.]

A small voice, as small as the buzzing of a mosquito, spilled out, and a drop of tea fell on her clenched hand.

If she could just cry like a little child, she might have felt a little better.

However, that was a choice she couldn’t make.

After a few moments of looking down in silence, Lunamaria shook her head and changed her mindset.

(……I can’t break here.

If I break, even the things I’m barely holding on to at the moment may collapse.

No matter how hard it is, no matter how painful it is…… I need to keep the smile on my face……)

She…… Lunamaria, too, has been fighting for four years now.

She has kept a bright smile on her face, acted like a buffoon, and continued to support her best friends to keep them from becoming even worse off than they are now.

That’s why, even if she can’t see the future, she can’t give up now.

As Lunamaria renewed her resolve, she heard a familiar voice.

[Isn’t the water temperatuuuuuuure a little too hot alreadyyyyyy]

[Illness-sama! S- Since when have you……]

[I just got heeeeeeeere.]

After answering in her usual tone of voice to Lunamaria, who looked back in surprise, Illness began to inspect the items in the kitchenette.

[……Are you checking the inventory]


I’m going to go shoppiiiiiing, so I’m checking to see what I neeeeeeed.]

[I see, errr……]

[Is there anything you need, Lunamariaaaaa]

She wasn’t sure if Illness had heard her earlier mutterings, but either way, it didn’t seem like she intended to pursue that matter.

Feeling somewhat relieved, Lunamaria spoke.


Milady seems to be on edge lately, so if you could get something that can help her relax……]

[I seeeeee.

Well theeeeen, shall I get her some aroma candleeeees]

[Ah, yes.

Indeed, that would be great.]

[I understaaaaaand.

Well theeeeen, I will take my leeeeeave.]

After checking the inventory, Illness left the kitchenette.

Looking at her small back, Lunamari couldn’t help reflexively speaking.



[Do you think Milady can achieve her goals]

[I wonder about thaaaaat.

I won’t say it’s impossibleeeeee, but it seemed liiiiiike it will take her a long tiiiiiiiime.]


Illness’ answer was almost the same as what Lunamaria had thought.

[Howeveeeeeer, regarding her first goaaaaaal, I think it depends on a fortuitous encounteeeeer.]

[Fortuitous encounter huh.]

[You never knooooooow what fate may lie in wait for youuuuuu.

You can’t say that there’s absoluuuuuuutely no chanceeeeee that one day, you will suddenly meet World King-samaaaaaaa.]

[……I guess so.]

[That’s whyyyyy~~ You shouldn’t brood about this matter too muuuuuuuch.]


Thank you.]

[No, don’t mention iiiiiit.

Well theeeeen.]

Perhaps feeling her emotions getting a little lighter after hearing Illness’ words, Lunamaria smiled and watched Illness’ back as she left.

After that, she put the tea she had prepared on a cart and walked towards the office where Lilia was waiting for her.

(Indeed, the situation may not be something I can optimistically think about, but there’s no need to be overly pessimistic either.

It’s not absolutely impossible that a savior would suddenly appear one day.

I will just do my best to do what I can do “now”.)

Lunamaria, who was walking down the corridor feeling a little lighter than before, suddenly stopped, seemingly having remembered something, and looked out the window.

(……Come to think of it, even with the Blessing of God of Love-sama that Lili was forced to accept in the hope of finding even one good match…… In the end, she never had any good encounters.

Well, it’s all just a matter of fate after all…… Arehh However, if the effect of the blessing works exactly one year after it’s received…… So it should be in effect for a few more days.

It’s silly to rely on miracles, but just wishing for one is free.)

After thinking that much, Lunamaria removed her gaze from the window and started walking again, quietly muttering to herself.

[……May my suffering best friends have a miraculous encounter……]


Walking along the main street of Symphonia, which was filled with the liveliness of the end of the year, Illness, who was shopping in a familiar manner, suddenly stopped and looked down an alleyway.

Then, she suddenly disappeared as if blending in with the scenery, moving to an unpopular back alley before quietly muttering.

[It’s been a long tiiiiiiiime, Underworld King-samaaaaaa.]

As if in response to her muttering, the scenery ahead of her gaze distorted and Kuromueina appeared.

[Unnn, it’s been a while, Pandemonium-chan.

I’m sorry for suddenly calling out to you with magic power.]

[No, noooo, please don’t worry about iiiiiit.]

[However, I’m glad I found you here.

This saves me the trouble of asking around in the royal castle.]

[About four years agooooo, I was reassigned and noooooow, I work for the Albert Duchyyyyy.]

[Eh Is that so! In that case, I’m really glad that I encountered you nearby by chance.]

[Well theeeeen, how may I be of heeeeelp]

When Illness asked with a slight tilt of her head, Kuromueina smiled and told her the main issue.

[I’ve been looking for Shalltear, but I can’t find her.

I’m sorry, but could you contact her for me]


After nodding in response to Kuromueina’s request, Illness produced her magic box and took out a stick-shaped magic tool with five holes in it.

It was a communication tool for direct communication to Shalltear, her King, which was given only to the Phantasmal King’s Executives, the Ten Demons.

Thereupon, from inside her magic box, Illness took out a huge bag and opened it.

Inside the bag, there were hundreds of colorful magic crystals neatly arranged in a row.

[……Did the number of magic crystals increase again]

[It did increeeeeease.

Shalltear-sama is a very wary person after aaaaaaaall.]

The Communication Magic Tool given to the Ten Demons is used by attaching 5 magic crystals.

Yes, communication is connected to Shalltear only when 5 specific magic crystals are attached in a certain order from among the hundreds of magic crystals given to the Executives.

Incidentally, the combination and order of the magic crystals also changes “irregularly and frequently”.

With familiar movements, Illness took out five magic crystals, attached them on the magic tool and channeled her magic power into it.

“Yes, yes, what’s up”

[Shalltear-samaaaa, Underworld King-sama wants to contact youuuuu.]

“Oya, Kuro-san does Oh my, I wonder what this is all about~~”

Hearing the words coming from the Communication Magic Tool, Kuromueina looked somewhat astounded, and letting out a sigh once, she spoke.

[You’re as mean as always.

You already know what I wanted, right]

“Ah, well…… Yes, I do.

I’m going to clean up a few things…… I will be over there in 30 minutes.”

[Alright, I’ll be waiting then.]

After a brief exchange to end the call, Kuromueina let out a loud sigh once more before turning to Illness and speaking.

[……Thank you, Pandemonium-chan.

I’m sorry for troubling you.]

[No, please don’t worry about iiiiiiit~~]

[Seriously, that was really mean of her.

Even though she already knew I was looking for her, she wouldn’t show up unless I contacted her.]

[In a waaaaay, that’s just like Shalltear-sama, isn’t iiiiiiiit]

[……Well, you’re right.]


After thanking Illness and parting ways with her, Kuromueina took a short stroll around the area.

Arriving in one of the royal capital’s plazas, she sits down at the edge of the fountain in the center and pulls out a paper bag.

[……You want some]

[Well then, I’ll gladly have one.]

As Kuromueina held out the paper bag to her left, the view around that area blurred and Shalltear, dressed in the robes of the Phantasmal King, appeared.

Although there are quite a few people in the plaza, no one is aware that the two are there due to Shalltear’s powerful Recognition Inhibition Magic.

Shalltear took off the hood of her robe and putting the baby castellas she had received into her mouth, she sat down next to Kuromueina.

[Rather, Shalltear.

Isn’t it about time you properly set up your base of operations It’s troublesome to look for you every single time……]

[I’ll give it some positive consideration and handle it carefully.]

[That reply means you’re not gonna do it, right]

[Now, now, can I ask what your business with me is]

[I have some information I’d like to sell……]


The two exchanged some information, and when that exchange was over, Kuromueina looked at the city people and muttered.

[……Hey, Shalltear.]

[What is it]

[Lately, I feel like a lot of things just don’t quite mesh.

Not personally or anything like that, but the world as a whole……]

[Ah~~ It’s been almost a thousand years since the Treaty of Friendship…… but the stagnation that comes after development has shown itself, right]


It could be seen a few times back in the Demon Realm…… but at best, it would just be the situation turning stable.]

It’s now evening, and Kuromueina looks a little sad as she gazes at the somewhat melancholic scenery dyed with the reddish tint of the skies.

[……Shalltear…… Is the Summoning Magic Circle still in the same place as it was in the past]

[Unnn Yes, the location has never changed.]

[……When would the accumulation of magic power for the magic circle end]

[It has already ended.

I say one year for clarity’s sake, but in reality, the magic circle will be available for use again in about 350 days.

Asking about that, is something the matter]

[……No, it’s nothing.

I was just…… a little curious.]

[……I see.]

Seeing Kuromueina’s expression, which seemed to be filled with various thoughts, Shalltear seemed to have realized something…… She didn’t speak of it though, but just silently watched the same sunset that Kuromueina was watching.

A few days later, Kuromueina’s hand poured an excessive amount of magic power into the Summoning Magic Circle…… and the “World’s Singularity” appeared.


[Twenty-one years old! Are you sure]


Since the information came from Pandemonium, there should be no mistake……]

Hearing the report from her subordinate, Pandora, Shalltear asked back with an unusual look of genuine astonishment.

Of course, her reacting like that isn’t that strange.

In the past thousand years, not a single otherworlder in their 20s has been summoned.

The Summoning Magic Circle, regulated by the God of the world, Shallow Vernal herself…… Not only an increase in the number of people summoned, there’s also an Irregularity that should never have appeared.

And because she knows exactly what caused this incident to appear, Shalltear is a little troubled.

After gathering her thoughts for a few moments, she called Pandora.

[……Pandora, I will take care of this matter.]

Phantasmal King’s Head Subordinate, Pandora…… is the only one whom Shalltear, who has more than a billion subordinates, has allowed to act on her behalf.

She has a few personality problems, especially with matters regarding her private life, but other than that…… Especially when it comes to her professional life, she’s a very capable person.

Therefore, she understood exactly what she needed to do with only a few words Shalltear told her.


Well then, until instructed otherwise, I will act as the Phantasmal King No Face.]

[Yes, I’m counting on you.

Also, this matter is of the utmost importance.]


I will make sure that no more information than necessary is conveyed to the executives.]

Pandora doesn’t need detailed instructions or explanations.

Hence, Shalltear told only the bare minimum before disappearing from the scene, and Pandora, clad in the robes of the Phantasmal King, began to act as No Face.


Kuromueina was walking down the streets of Symphonia’s royal capital with a slightly guilty look on her face.

The reason she’s visiting Symphonia’s royal capital is to get information about the otherworlders who have been additionally summoned this time.

She intends to support the otherworlders to the best of her ability that had been summoned due to her own selfishness.

Depending on the situation, she was even thinking of bowing down to Shallow Vernal and making arrangements so that they can return to their original world without having to wait for that one-year period.

As soon as the chaos on Symphonia’s side calms down, she intends to meet with the country’s King and ask him about the situation of the otherworlders, so she’s currently walking around the royal capital, waiting to hear from the family that came with her.

In the midst of her walk, Kuromueina…… sensed the presence of “a fragment of her own magic power”.

As if guided by it, she moved and arrived at the plaza…… where, by chance, she found a young man sitting in the same place she had been sitting when she had her conversation with Shalltear a few days ago.

Her first instinct was to feel guilty about the young man who held a fragment of her magic power…… but that feeling was soon overshadowed by another emotion.

She, Kuromueina once told Shallow Vernal…… that “among her baby birds, a special child to which she would feel that spark will appear”, and that “meeting with him will feel like destiny”……

Yes, she certainly felt it at that moment.

She found it difficult to describe…… but she had a feeling that the young man in front of her could be the “special” person for her.

[What’s wrong You look like you’re in trouble.]

And thus, the world that had been on the verge of stagnation began to move in a big way, gaining a gear known as the Singularity…… “Miyama Kaito”, the Heart of the Story……


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