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Ariel-san and Tir-san, who seemed to have noticed us, continued to dance and play their instrument without doing anything.

With each of Ariel-san’s significant actions, magic birds resembling hummingbirds began manifesting, and their numbers steadily increased.

Just before Ariel-san disappeared behind the increasing number of birds, Ariel-san struck a decisive pose and the birds simultaneously flap their wings into the air.



However, one of them flew underneath us……



[……Those are…… World coordinates]

[Does that mean she wants us to meet up there]



Cento-san and Cien-san muttered to each other as they looked at the world coordinates displayed after the magical bird changed its shape.

It seemed like calling out to each other here would cause a commotion, so they decided to talk to us in a different location.

This was honestly very helpful.

I felt uncomfortable ignoring them when I already saw them, so I wanted to say my greetings…… but it would be difficult to do that by breaking through that crowd.



[It looks like the dance is over…… In that case, should we go to those coordinates Do you mind if I ask you two to help us out again]

[Yes, please leave it to us.]



Cien-san nodded vigorously at my words, and immediately afterward, a magic circle appeared at my feet and the scenery changed.

The place we arrived in is like a little open alleyway, and there are no people other than us.



[There’s a barrier that wards off people here huh.]

[Ahh, I see, so that’s why there are no people around.]



I remember this being used back in that incident with Dr.


It’s a barrier that keeps people out of a certain area.

As expected, setting up something like that in a plaza or a park would be a nuisance to others, so they chose this back alley-like location

As I was thinking about that, light shone a few moments in front of us and Tir-san and Ariel-san appeared.



[Kaitokun-san~~ Hello!]

[Hello, Tir-san.

Ariel-san too, hello.

What a coincidence, meeting you there.]

[Greetings…… In other words, hello.

Coincidence it may be, but it’s inevitable…… In other words, it may have been a coincidence that we met there, but we were going to go to your stall, so we would have met sooner or later.]



After returning their greetings, Tre-san and the twins also gave their greetings.

However, they said something I couldn’t help but be curious about.



[You were going to go to my stall, does that mean you were planning to go there]

[That’s right.

After Kaitokun-san told us about your baby castellas, we were on our way to your stall to buy some.]

[……How did that lead you to dance there though]

[An inevitable incident…… In other words, there were circumstances that we couldn’t avoid.

It would be difficult for us to make it in time…… In other words, as a result, we weren’t going to make it in time before Kaito takes your break.

Plan change…… In other words, we decided to go in the evening.]

[Circumstances that you couldn’t avoid]



I wonder what that is Since both of them are famous, is it something like people notice them and couldn’t refuse their requests

It seems that there are deep circumstances to it, as Tir-san repeatedly nodded with a mysterious expression on her face at Ariel-san’s words.




We couldn’t avoid it.

Tir and Ariel were on our way to Kaitokun-san’s stall…… when Tir and Ariel’s passion went boom!]

[U- Unnn]



Arehh She started saying something out of my expectations



[An explosion of passion…… In other words, just as Tir said, our passion swelled out so much and exploded.

The magic power in the atmosphere…… In other words, the festive atmosphere around us whispered to us to dance.

No other choice……  In other words, we had no choice but to dance.]

[Right, right! The festival was so lively that Tir and Ariel wanted to join in.

And so, we went to the small plaza over there where people were dancing and playing their instruments as they pleased, and Tir and Ariel joined in.

Then, more people showed up than we expected.]

[I- I see……]



There was no deep reason at all! The only reason they were dancing was simply that the festive atmosphere made them want to dance.



[However, because of that, we unfortunately couldn’t make it in time to visit your stall.]

[Ahh…… I have some left in my magic box, so if you’d like, I can sell these to you.]

[Is that alright That would be great!]

[Gratitude…… In other words, thanks.

Great anticipation…… In other words, I’m really looking forward to eating them.]

[We have regular and chocolate-filled baby castellas, how much do you want to buy]

[Tir can’t eat much, so I’m going to share with Ariel.

That’s why, we’re just going to buy one of each~~.]




Taking out a regular and chocolate-filled bag of baby castellas from my magic box, I gave them to both after receiving payment.



[Kaitokun-san, thank you! I’m really looking forward to eating them.]

[Once again, gratitude……  In other words, thank you for your thoughtfulness.]



A little after thanking me with a smile, Tir-san curled up her body to a ball and her body started quivering.

I tilted my head, wondering what was going on, but Tir-san then spread out her arms, looking like she was about to fly in the air.



[……Uwooooohhh! The passion of Tir and Ariel, I could still feel it in Tir’s body!]

[Agree…… In other words, I agree, Tir.

Unstoppable passion…… In other words, the passion within my body is about to explode.

The throbbing of passion…… In other words, let’s dance the day away.]

[Yes!!! Kaitokun-san, Tir and Ariel will go back to the plaza in the Northern Area to dance again!]

[I- I see, do your best.]

[Yes! I’m going to eat baby castellas with Ariel another time.

Well then, see you later, Kaitokun-san~~ Let’s go, Ariel!]

[Acknowledged…… In other words, I understand.]



And so, the two cheerfully teleported away.

From the way they talked, I guess they went to play their instrument and dance again.

W- Well, if they were exploding with passion, then it can’t be helped…… I guess


















Serious-senpai : [Even they sometimes go out of control huh…… Well, that’s still cute when you compare them to Phantasmal King’s subordinates.]

: [If you compare them with people with poor reputation, of course, they would look cute.]

Serious-senpai : [No, we’re talking about your subordinates here, okay!]


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