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Holding hands with Tre-san, we headed toward the stalls in the plaza.

Seeing Tre-san happily walking next to me with a smile on her face, it strangely makes me feel happy as well.

We had just eaten some Symphonia-yaki, and I had also eaten some of the food Tre-san had bought while we were at the stalls, so I wanted to focus on the stalls where we could play.



[Ahh, lets go do that, Kaito!]

[Target practice huh…… Ahh, come to think of it, Tre-san was good at target practice, arent you]

[Fufufu, you can count on that.]



At the White God Festival, Tre-san showed off her marksmanship skills.

Its just, well, its just like Tre-san to give the impression that shes good at what she does, even though she said at the time that it was her very first time trying a stall like that out.

And so, I went to a target shooting stall with her and found out why she was so good at target shooting.



……Her reach is on a different level.

Tre-san is taller and has longer arms and legs, so her gun is obviously closer to the prize than mine.

Well, of course I still need to factor in ones shooting sense, but I think this reach is a powerful weapon.

In fact, Tre-san was hitting the prize just as much as she did at the White God Festival, not quite 100 times out of 100, but she still hits 90% of the time.




You see that, Kaito Arent I great]

[You really are great at target practice.]




Tre-san put the prizes she got in her magic box with a smug look on her face.

The magic box is really convenient for times like this, as it saves us from having to carry our luggage.

After that, we took turns with Cento-san and Cien-san, and as I was watching them play target practice, my hand was suddenly pulled away.



[Look, look, Kaito.

Isnt that a stall from the other world]

[……Target shooting is also from the other world though…… Heehhh…… Isnt that Superball scooping How nostalgic.]

[Oh, youve done that before]

[Back then…… More than a decade ago.]

[Isnt that pretty decent]

[……I guess so.]



Speaking of which, even though she looks like that, Tre-san is well over 10,000 years old.

Of course, if I talk about 10 years ago, that would be something very recent for someone with Tre-sans senses.

Well, anyhow, it was a Superball scooping game.

Moreover, it was a poi scoop…… I remember when I was in grade school, we had to scoop balls with something like a dried rind poi, but this store uses a regular poi.



[Hey, lets try it out.]

[I guess so.

Lets try it once then.]

[Alright, then, Ill go first……]

[Tre-san, isnt that a little too big As expected, your scoop would tear……]

[Its alright, its alright————- Ahh.]

[See that!]



As soon as Tre-san received the poi, she tried to show off and scoop the biggest ball, but a big superball wasnt going to be scooped by that no matter how you look, as it certainly tore her poi scoop.



[……I thought I could do it when Im filled with mysterious power.]

[I dont think its good to go relying on some sort of mysterious power.]

[Its no good huh~~ Well then, go have your turn, Kaito, and let us reflect on our failures together.]

[Please stop assuming like I would immediately lose.]



Im sure I can scoop at least one…… I can, right Alright, lets aim for a smaller one.

Lets go about this carefully…… Arehh Theres something strange about this superball, from the way it feels in my hand, it kinda feels heavier than it looks.

Is it dense, or is it the type with something inside…… Either way, it looks like my poi is going to tear.




[……Kaito, dont get discouraged.

Everyone has times when things around them go wrong, so dont let defeat get to you.]

[Why the heck did you sound like you won, Tre-san!]



In the end, both Tre-san and I scooped zero balls, and the person at the stalls gave us one superball each as a consolation prize.

Hmmm, because of the fact that Tre-san and I are both the same in terms of ability, Im feeling quite heated, feeling some sense of rivalry against her.



[Hey, hey, Kaito]

[Unnn Did you find another stall]

[No, Cento and Cien got lost.]




Tre-sans words made me turn around in a hurry, but they really werent there…… They were supposed to have been behind us just a little while ago…… How did this happen Ah, wait, thats right! The two of them were playing target practice when Tre-san pulled me by the hand and we moved to the Superball scooping stall.

The distance between the stalls was just enough for us to see them, but because there were so many people that they must have lost sight of us and gone looking for us.

Even now, I couldnt see the two of them near the target shooting stall.



I heard that its difficult to detect magic power in such a crowded place, and in the first place, they wouldnt be able to detect my magic power due to the influence of Shiro-sans blessing.



[Well, it cant be helped if we got separated! Well definitely end up meeting up with them soon, so lets just go to the next stall.]

[W- Wait a moment.

Ill go contact the two of them…… Lets go meet them up first before going.]



Fortunately, Tre-san isnt the only one that got lost, and Im here with her.

If it had just been Tre-san, she would have just carefreely gone about and headed to the next stall, but since I was here, I could use the hummingbird to call for the twins and meet up with them.

That was really good.

However, this sure is terrifying.

We should have been paying attention to this, but we somehow slipped through the cracks of our consciousness and ended up naturally drifting apart.



No wonder the two of them, who were that powerful, lost sight of her so often.

In a sense, Tre-sans ability to slip through the cracks of peoples consciousness may be a talent of hers.


















Serious-senpai : [Indeed, a talent for covert actions…… Nah, theres no way huh.

Shes too boisterous.]


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