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For Akane-san and Kaori-san, it seemed like Alice…… the Phantasmal King being in a costume was quite a surprising matter, as they looked quite stunned.

Come to think of it, its rather well-known among the people I know, including Lilia-san and the others, but for those who dont really know it, I guess they must have been questioning it quite a bit…… Why is the Phantasmal King wearing a stuffed costume and trying to draw customers in

At any rate, Akane-san was shaking with a pale expression on her face, so I followed up with her.



[Akane-san, its alright.

Im generally in agreement with you after all, thinking that her outfit is more on the creepy side than it being creepily cute.]

[Isnt that mean, Kaito-san! Im your cute lover, you know Isnt this the part where you give me a nice follow-up supporting me]

[……Well, in my case, Im just giving my evaluation including the person in the costume.]

[Why are you making it worse!]



Alice started complaining, but I just ignored her.



[Thats why, you dont have to worry about it at all, Akane-san.]

[E- Errr…… Is it really going to be alright Im not going to get killed, am I]

[……Alice, isnt societys evaluation of you too horrible]

[Its a mystery, isnt it I pride myself on being a peace-loving and compassionate being, but it feels like Im being feared a lot.]



The worlds opinion of the Phantasmal King is that shes cool-headed and immediately terminates anyone she deems unnecessary.

Having a different vector in the dangerous image compared to the War King and Death King, she is seen as a cold-blooded Guardian of Order.

In fact, from my point view, she seems rather stupid.

However, considering the power she actually possesses, I guess such a reputation may be justified.



[……Rather, Kaito, what the heck are you making Phantasmal King-sama do! This isnt just on the level of being “bad for the heart”, you know!]

[Inside the stuffed costume is Phantasmal King-sama A- Ahaha, I had a photo with Phantasmal King-sama, Im amazing…… Haha…… My stomach hurts.]

[See what you did! Kaori now holds her stomach and is crouching down over there!]

[No, you might not believe me, but Im not making her do that, and shes just doing it on her own.

I mean, she was usually wearing a stuffed costume……]



I had to clear up this particular misunderstanding at all costs.

It isnt that Im forcing her to wear that costume, shes just wearing that on her own.

However, as for whether they would believe what Im telling them…… Considering that they dont know Alice at all, I guess that would be doubtful.



[T- Thats mean, Kaito-san…… Not only are you forcibly ma————- Ouuuuuuuch!]

[You, seriously, shut up.]



The idiot saw the opportunity and was about to make the situation complicated, so without hesitation, I smacked her head with Shiro-sans special piko piko hammer.

As for whether it has an effect if I hit her on top of her stuffed costume……



[……It doesnt seem like Kaitos lying, so I guess youre being serious…… I mean, youre that heated to explain it after all.

Moreover, treating Phantasmal King-sama like that, youre really outrageous……]

[Hmmm, hes really a stomach-hurting kouhai…… By the way, Kaito-kun.

I had been wanting to ask this earlier, but the people youre with in your stall, arent they also amazing people]



For the time being, Im relieved that I somehow managed to make them understand, but looking at Tre-san and the others, Kaori-san anxiously asked.



[……Errr, these twins are Cento-san and Cien-san, and theyre Count-rank Demons.]

[……Kaori, this guy just said Count-rank as if its something very normal.]

[You become outrageous at the point when Count-ranks become something normal…… Though I guess thats just like Kaito-kun……]



Now that you mentioned it, since Cento-san and Cien-san are Count-ranks Demons, they certainly would be really amazing people in the eyes of society.

This is bad, it feels like the Six Kings and people who should be big names became the norm for me.

Even just holding a Peerage-rank was already quite amazing in the eyes of society, making them really amazing people, so I should really correct my senses here……



[And then, the tall one over there is Tre-san…… Errr……]


Come on, Kaito.

You can always elevate me more with your introduction, you know]

[……What kind of position does Tre-san have in the public eye It doesnt feel like shes a big shot……]



Tre-san isnt a Peerage-holder, nor is she a Six King Executive.

She can use a special magic and do amazing stuff, but those werent really things I can tell others.

In that case, whats her position in society A Demon working in the Seditch Magic Tool Trading Company



[Eh Me Hmmm.

As for my position, Im the “Special Advisor” for Seditch Magic Tool Trading Companys Magic Crystal Department.]

[……Doesnt that make you quite a big shot!]




Tre-san has such a position I had never heard of this either.

As I had such thoughts in mind, I spoke to Cento-san and Cien-san in a whisper.



[……Is Tre-san a pretty distinguished person]

[The top of the company is Kuromu-sama, who is in charge of the entire trading company, followed by the Special Advisors for each department, and then the Chairman…… which is the same position as Esteemed Brother Sechs and the other members of the family working there.]

[The Special Advisor position is a bit special, and I wont bore you with a detailed explanation, but to put it simply, its a position higher than that of the Chairman, Sei Riverstar.]



……Now thats a rather shocking fact.

If anything, that might have surprised me the most today.

I- Indeed, Kuros family is made up of people like Dr.

Vier and Funf-san, so it wouldnt be strange for Tre-san to be in a high position…… Though perhaps, because of her character, I never really thought she would be in such a high position until now.


















Serious-senpai : [Indeed, considering the scarcity and usefulness of her ability, its only natural for her to be in a high position…… but as Kaito said, its surprising how she really didnt have that kind of image.]

: [Well, Tre-san isnt actually involved in the management of the company, and her position is largely based on ability.

Speaking of which, Im changing the subject, but there are surprising people who didnt know that my costume was that of a black cat…… Incidentally, in that Extra Chapter where Serious-senpai first appeared, it was written that Im wearing a black cat costume.

The costume Im wearing in the manga is the usual one though.]


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