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The next day, Αναμνήσεις became available again.

It seems that rather than the ability being available again when the clock hits midnight, it’s more like it has a 24-hour cooldown time.

Thereupon, in the sense of improving my proficiency with my Heart Tool, I decided to call Alyssa again.

(T/N: Memories)

Alice also appeared, perhaps interested, and looked intently at Alyssa who had appeared.




She certainly looks like me, but she isn’t me nor my clone.

It feels strange.]

[My original, as to be expected, is a transcendental beauty…… but the current character coverage is terrible.

I suppose I’ll change my hairdo……]



Indeed, their faces looked exactly alike…… Well, Alyssa was originally created based on Alice, so it’s inevitable that she would resemble her.

The only difference is that one of them is wearing a mask, while the other is wearing sunglasses.

The two of them were also concerned about this, as after Alyssa muttered a few words, her body was enveloped in light and her hair was shortened to about semi-short length.



[Ohh, that feels rather refreshing.]

[I think I’ll go like this from now on.

If Eri-chan-sensei also changes her hairdo, it will be possible to distinguish her from the original.

Our original seems to be quite famous in this world, so it would be better if people can clearly see how we’re different from them.]

[……Hmmm, how nostalgic.]




Hearing Alyssa’s words as her hair became semi-short, it was indeed as she says, as Erina looks just like Kuro, and Irys-san also looks like Isis-san, so I agreed that they might need to have their hairstyles changed.

At that moment, Alice muttered in a heartfelt tone, so I asked her back.

(T/N: I translated it before as Iris, but I hadn’t really expected they would make a reappearance again, thinking it would just be Alyssa, so I would have to distinguish her from Apocalypse Iris.

Therefore, I’m now changing the name of Dream World Isis to Irys.)



[Well, my hair used to be that long.

It was that length when I was traveling with Iris for a while.

I’m already used to my hair being this long, but seeing myself with hair that short feels nostalgic.]




Come to think of it, I feel like I remember hearing something like that.

She used to have semi-short hair for a long time, but since she tried a makeover and tried letting her hair grow longer, she thought that having long hair suits her skin so she kept it that way……



[……Putting that aside, how is it like with you and the others’ memories, Alyssa]

[Hmmm, what I remember is basically what was in that world.

I remember being in the same class as Kaito-san in high school, and I feel like everyone else also remembers the setting of that world.

I also remember all the blunders Kaito-san made back in high school perfectly.]

[……That’s strange.

A black history that shouldn’t have happened is somehow being generated in my memory……]



In fact, I also have memories of living in the world Shiro-san had created.

In other words, I remember being friends with Alyssa since high school.

I don’t know what the principle behind this is, but since I clearly distinguish my memories in that world from my other memories, I don’t confuse it with my original memories…… Somehow, among those memories were relatively embarrassing failures, so I’m kinda feeling like I’m being falsely accused.



[Ahaha, well, that’s basically how we feel.

Currently, it’s a problem that I can’t manifest for a long time like this, but if I can manifest for a longer time, I’d like to make a newspaper!]

[You’ve always been wanting to become a journalist, haven’t you]

[Yes, my journalism is on the verge of exploding!]

[Journalism isn’t something that explodes though…..]



How should I say this…… Seeing Alyssa being the same as ever, I couldn’t help smiling.

Although her face is similar to Alice’s, there are some differences between the two of them.

It’s something natural, but compared to Alice, Alyssa’s personality seems a little younger.

Well, it’s inevitable that there would be such a difference between Alyssa, who is in her 20s, and Alice, who has lived a vast number of years.



[……I wonder why.

It feels like I’m looking at my old self who hasn’t been twisted yet, so looking at her makes me feel somewhat ticklish.]

[Since we have such a similar face…… How about you become my Big Sister]

[Unfortunately, I already have a little sister in my heart……]

[The heck is with that phrasing.]



Speaking of which, Alice did claim she has the cutest little sister in the world…… No, should I have said “had” there From what I’ve heard, it sounded like she has quite a deep personality……



[Come to think of it, you had a little sister huh.]

[Yes, I will introduce her to Kaito-san one of these days.]


[Ahh, I can call her up with Αναμνήσεις.]

[Ahh, I see.]



It’s just a guess, but up until now, she had probably refrained from using it so that I won’t be spoiled what my Heart Tool is.

After all, whenever I asked her about my Heart Tool, she always said “You’ll have to wait until it awakens to find out”.

However, now that I can use Αναμνήσεις, Alice no longer has to hide it from me.



[……Oops, it seems like time’s almost up.

Well then, Kaito-san, original me, let’s meet again~~]



At that moment, it seems that Αναμνήσεις has already reached its limit, as waving her hand goodbye with a smile, Alyssa disappeared as particles of light.

How should I say this…… She’s just as bright and cheerful as I remember.

With a light chuckle, I’m looking forward to the next opportunity to talk to her again.


















Serious-senpai : [Ah, that hardcore siscon imouto huh……  What, are the only people related to you people who won’t shake others up in some way]

: [……It’s hard to deny it.]


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